Apple’s Passbook Tested in Action-Denmark Limping after

Digital tickets and cards store easily in the new Passbook-app for iPhone-If you so are Norwegian, watching baseball in the United States or flying with Lufthansa.

Apple has released the latest version of iPhone and iPad operating system, known as iOS 6, and among the news is an application named Passbook.

The idea is that you can collect his tickets, membership cards, boarding pass and the like in electronic form in this app, so you won’t have to trench around with paper editions. However, it requires that providers ‘ applications support Passbook-function. Continue reading Apple’s Passbook Tested in Action-Denmark Limping after

iPhoto for iOS Updated with New Features

iPhoto to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now updated to handle 36 megapixel images, as well as new features.

Do you have a newer iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then there is good news for photo-loving Apple users.iPhoto has just received a major update.

The update offers several news, perhaps the biggest is the possibility of being able to handle images up to 36 megapixels. Continue reading iPhoto for iOS Updated with New Features

Overview: All about Windows Phone 8 x and 8S by HTC

Stay updated on all the news about the new Windows Phone phones from Microsoft and HTC.

The Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC presented yesterday, together with Microsoft, two signature phones for Windows Phone 8 platform.

Thus, it is also clear that HTC does not only bet on Android platform with their smartphones. Continue reading Overview: All about Windows Phone 8 x and 8S by HTC

The First Prices on Google Nexus 7 in Denmark

The popular tablet Nexus 7 from Google is on its way to Denmark, but are you impatient – so is the first Danish prices here.

The goods are still a little before that, Google’s much-acclaimed tablet Nexus 7, put on sale officially in Denmark. But already now you can acquire yourself a copy of the popular tablet.

ASUS, who is the producer behind the Nexus 7, has stated to our site that Nexus 7 lands in the Danish stores on 5. October for a suggested retail price of $1,999 dollars for 16 GB version.
Continue reading The First Prices on Google Nexus 7 in Denmark

IOS 6 Update May Cause Network Problems

Phone company Call Me report about possible problems with data network after updating to iOS 6.

Are you considering updating your iPhone, or have you already done so, you run the risk that iOS 6 update causing problems with data network, writes Call Me on their Facebook page.

According to Call Me there are two things to be aware of after the update.

YouTube is no longer standard on the phone, it must now be downloaded via the App Store, as well as one’s data connection and the ability to send and receive MMS, can be deleted.

We therefore recommend that you use the Call Me their guide via the link here, to reconnect to the data network, but only if you Call Me customer.

What Windows Phone 8 Is Your Favorite?

VOTE: HTC and Microsoft have just launched two new signature phones, but what Windows Phone 8 smartphone is your favorite?

Microsoft’s new operating system for mobile phones, Windows Phone 8, is imminent and the producers Viewer in this time their first bid on smartphones, with Windows Phone 8.

Samsung was the producer who first launched a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Thus were their Ative S, in other words, the world’s first Windows Phone 8.  Continue reading What Windows Phone 8 Is Your Favorite?

It Costs iPhone 5 with Our Site

Apple’s iPhone 5 hits stores on 28. September. Now Our site ready with prices. Over 7,000 dollars to you by with the great model.

Do you want an iPhone 5 with 64 GB of memory, and the telecommunications company our site is you have chosen, you must get rid 6,900 dollars as the minimum price, in one of price models.

Monthly price including a 5-hour speech-subscription and redemption on the cell phone is 385 kroner. You will have free data and SMS/MMS comes a subscription to these products on top of. Continue reading It Costs iPhone 5 with Our Site

Danish iPhone 5-Sale Starts Tonight

At midnight of Friday, 21. September, starts the presale of the iPhone 5 in Denmark.

Danish iPhone fans can from in the coming night, pre-ordering the iPhone 5, which first comes plain sale Friday the 28th. September 2012.

-“Our site initiates online sales of iPhone 5 from 21. September 2012. Opens at midnight for bookings. Our customers on the interest list will be contacted in the order they are written up, “says our site. Continue reading Danish iPhone 5-Sale Starts Tonight

Our Site Ready with Prices on iPhone 5

Prices of iPhone 5 with our site is now released. Up to almost 7,000 dollars for the large model, plus subscription, you must reckon with. But it is also cheaper.

If you want to buy the iPhone 5 with 64 GB memory with our site, of 6,819 crowns, if the popular smartphone be bought on an installment scheme over 24 months.It is equivalent to 280 kroner each month plus a start-up fee of 99 dollars. Continue reading Our Site Ready with Prices on iPhone 5

Subway Surfers Finally Ready for Android

The popular Danish developed mobile games Subway Surfers have huge success on iOS platform and now it’s finally ready for Android.

The Danish mobile game Subway Surfers have developed over the summer has been a huge success on both the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

The popular game has just rounded 25 million downloads, but Android users have had to look far after the successful games.

But now the wait is over, and the popular mobile game is finally ready for download in on Android devices with version 2.2 onwards.

Subway Surfers are free to download in Google Play Great, but it is possible to buy the coins to the game for real human money.

Our site graded earlier at the end of august, the Subway Surfers, as this summer’s best mobile game.