Pronovias Formal Wear

Pronovias presents the 2017 collection of vestments, one of the most feminine and sophisticated proposals between those realized by the famous fashion house in recent years. In the upcoming season, the brand has designed a rich selection of models long, short, midi and asymmetric, more classic creations in dark colors, in pastel tones and sorbet for everyone. Let’s find out the news of the Pronovias 2017 collection. Continue reading Pronovias Formal Wear

All You Need to Know About LED

About LED

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and called Swedish for LED. It is a kind of semiconductor that when sending electric current through it emits light. LEDs have been with us a long time and has been used in electronic appliances, cars and all sorts of applications. A few years ago it began to appear as products used as standard bulbs.

In today’s products, there are a few different types of diodes often seen:

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Night Table Reading Lamp

The bulb is heated and begins to blur even more confidence limits, shows not only the objects of the present, but also those of the past and future, of the past and the future that could or could not happen in reality. The room dissolves as seen through a kaleidoscope, its colors overlap and corners fade and blur. Suddenly your head weighs and scale very, and emptied her feel like a cork and anchor at the same time you sick and effort collapsed in his chair to the chest, covered with soft white fur. Feel how yesterday and tomorrow cross of dim light of the bedside lamp because tablecloth on which you sit, soil change, then freezes and tiny icicles suddenly they prick, and the next moment they remain only a pair of teeth and skin namakva a Siberian tiger that may be, and may not have been her former owner. Just think at resignedly: “This is the end” when the tiger melts and proved on the floor – but not the beige linoleum with gray spray and a wooden floor littered with overlapping one another, multicolored rugs. Shake head violently and try to find another cause hallucinations, the cause of the sudden onset of stable foundations of the world. Even curse tea with both grapes and went so far as to blame for all this nonsense.

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Moto G Mobile Phone

Posted some photos of the retail box that confirms many rumors about hardware features including 16 GB of onboard memory, resistance to water and dust, Gorilla Glass and 1.4 GHz quad core processor.

Appointment next 28 July for the official announcement. Our site will attend the event which will follow with a LIVEBLOG to be followed by video and insights.

Will probably be more chameleon-like smartphone ever able to embarrass even the most “recycled” Samsung Galaxy. Moto G 2015 was anticipated in every aspect but among the many rumors and half confirmations there are also many doubts. Maybe today these doubts will be clarified given that the new middle range of Motorola will be accomplished in a number of different variants that could exceed 10 models without counting the possibilities offered by motorcycle Maker. Continue reading Moto G Mobile Phone

Infinite USB Hub

InfiniteUSB is a cable that is no USB port. That is, it is already one, but is on the back of the USB connector at the same time a connection is available.

The InfiniteUSB cable brings with its own hub. Although this has only one port, but enough already made. This is the port in which the plug of InfiniteUSB is, for other devices. Especially practical is InfiniteUSB for users of laptops, which are indeed usually not very lavish with USB hub ports (

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Scary Halloween Decorations Ideas Homemade

As promised, here is the second part of this year our articles for Halloween. Today, the day before the long-awaited night of the terrible masquerade offer you some ideas on how to turn your home into a real spooky landscape. Most decorations you can make yourself completely, so cook a list of necessary materials and get to work.

And because we have very much time rush straight to execution:

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Twitter Debut Easily Upload Photos

Now just appeared a special message on my Twitter. From that moment, I’m more of a user who can send send images without resorting to third-party service. Apparently, the service microblog found an interesting and easy way to offer upload photos. The technology is provided by Photobucket, an old acquaintance of ours that allows you to share images on the network.

To use the feature is simple: write your tweet normally. Then realize that an iconcamera photo appears below the text box. By clicking here, the operating system already carries the window to choose the image that goes to the servers of Twitter.

Tweeting the message, the picture is presented by the link that begins . That is, since the implementation of the resource, the new official Twitter address for image storage.

When a user clicks the tweet, the image is sent along with the message on the bar to the right (I’m talking about the web interface of the service, which is final and binding since yesterday). If the link is accessed directly, the user reaches a page that contains the tweet (with a font size than needed, who knows why), with the uploaded image below.

The question is: what will happen to services third parties that provide the same functionality? Has yFrog and TwitPic, just to name the best known. Many others are available in this great network – just look at the various options that are presented in clients like TweetDeck.

This change was expected. When iOS 5 was introduced for the first time, Apple has shown that a special integration of the platform with the microblog had even upload images without relying on external service. Now we have the result of this decision on the Twitter web interface.

I liked. I think it makes life easier. Is that you?


How to Decorate the Bed with Pillows

Thinking about decorating the living room, we tend to spend more time thinking about the options for a large-scale comfort and forget about the little intriguing detail that can create a whole new vision of the room. It is impossible to ignore the decor elements that are commonly used as a complement of accessories in the interior, namely decorative pillows. They will be able to instantly transform your living room, without the need to completely rework the design of the room. All you have to do – throw on the sofa a few colorful pillows.

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Homemade Halloween Decoration Ideas 2016

Halloween is not far off-the graves, so prepare for it should start right now! We offer you to take matters into their own hands and to decorate the house and yourself to the holiday of the dead!

Let’s start with the ideas for the home. Halloween pumpkins, an essential attribute of the holiday, it can be from cans and lamps. Cover them in orange, inside the hocks candle or lamp – light and dark is ready:

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