Windows Phone 8 Reported as Ready

It has been delayed and Microsoft have fought for, to get Windows Phone 8 finished, but now it is clear to the producers.

After a delay, the Windows Phone 8 finally reached the RTM status (release two manufacturing), which means that it is now ready for the producers. It writes our site.

Windows Phone 7 reached the RTM status of the 1.September 2010 and the first units arrived in stores in November, while Mangoes reached the RTM status of 27. July and the first phones were in stores in October. So are we going to believe the story, so the first units will probably come during the month of November at the earliest.

Reuters has previously been out with an announcement that Nokia Lumia 920 should be to find in stores in the last half of the month of november.

The official Windows Phone 8 launch is expected still to take place on 29 October. October.

Apple Won a Second Share-Win Over Samsung in Us Court

Partial decision of the lawsuit: Apple has not violated Samsung’s patents.

The tug of war between Apple and Samsung, for patent rights have given even a small victory for Apple.

At the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), Samsung has brought a case against Apple for infringement of patent rights. Now there is a share-a decision which says that Apple has not broken Samsung’s patents. The decision must now be approved by the full Commission.

The decision of the Court of first instance put up by the decision in late august gave Apple’s favour, and sparked a compensation of over one billion dollars.

If we want to win over Apple this must be done in another country, where Apple does not have the same clout and influence that it has on ITC or the Northern jurisdiction in California,” said a lawyer at the law firm Duane Morris Rodney Sweetland to Bloomberg, according to our site.

Select the Right Mobile Subscription and Save 2,400 Crowns

Big price differences on the most expensive and the cheapest subscription. Select true and spar about 2,400 crowns.

Telecommunications companies serve a very large number of mobile subscriptions, and often, consumers can not see through, where to buy, to get the cheapest solution.

An investigation our site has carried out shows that the same type of subscription, with the same amount of airtime and data, can fluctuate by up to 100 percent.
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Whatsapp Has Serious Security Flaw

The safety of the popular sms service is too bad. Hackers can easily take over your account.

The popular sms service WhatsApp have too poor security, writes our site.

Whatsapp makes users able to send text messages without going through telecommunications companies, and thus avoid sms tariff.

Do you use WhatsApp over a public wireless network, you can run the risk of getting your messages were intercepted and misused your account.

Using available tools, hackers can easily take over your account and send and receive messages, in addition to you discover this. Is your first account was hacked, you will not be able to restore security.

Whatsapp handles daily over two billion messages and both Android and iOS devices should be possible targets for hackers.

Here Is the First Promotional Video of LG Optimus G

Promotional video for LG’s upcoming flag closet Optimus G, has been put on YouTube. Watch it here.

The Korean electronics giant LG has an event on the way soon. Prior to the event, the company has posted a video on YouTube showing an advertisement for their new flagship: LG Optimus G.

It must therefore be regarded as overwhelmingly likely that the LG Optimus (G) will be presented on that occasion.

According to our site, LG Optimus G will be an Android device with Ice Cream Sandwich, quad-core CPU, 32 GB internal memory, 2 GB RAM, 4 g, 8 MP camera and NFC.

The video itself doesn’t tell as much news on the phone, but reveals, however, that the device is on the way: LG’s event: “Live without boundaries” will be held on Wednesday, 19. September.

New Application Helps to Fill up the Car

A new application for smartphones gives you the possibility to have a commute with the car and even make a little money on it.

If the trip goes from Odense to Copenhagen, for example, and you have free space in your car, so it is now even easier to get the obsessed and even make a little money on it.

Statoil has made an agreement with our site, which is a social commuter service based on smartphones. This cooperation makes that Statoil’s many petrol stations will be marshalling Centre for “social transport”. Continue reading New Application Helps to Fill up the Car

Google: I Have Copied Android

Google accuses Chinese Alibaba for, having copied Android, with the operating system, which is widely used in China Aliyun.

Last week postponed the Acer surprising their launch of the smart phone, which has 800 Mobile Cloud the Chinese regime system Aliyun. This should have happened after pressure from Google, which threatened to terminate the licence to use Acer’s Android on their devices. Continue reading Google: I Have Copied Android

Google + Collects Facebook

Google + is in a rapid development, in fact so good that they have started to catch up with Facebook so it can be seen.

Google + are among the world’s largest social services, a title they have achieved in just 12 months.

It celebrates the Google + team now with a disclosure of how big they are about to be, and it is not little things Facebook now must worry about.

Google + has achieved all the 400 million users worldwide, a number that Facebook can easily beat with a total of 985 million users, but that shows that there is a long way to go to Google + if they are to sit on the throne.

At the same time, Google + 100 million active users per month, it tells Vic Gundotra via its Google + account.

Google + can be downloaded to Android and iOS.

The Year’s Best Application?

Have you made the year’s best application? This year’s application was crowned in before long – you can still manage to nominate.

Are being developed all the time applications in Denmark, and they get better and better. The time is now also know to be time to kåre the year’s best.

Danish App Awards will be held for the second time, and the jury are looking for the best looking and best applications throughout the country – and this year will be chosen there for even more categories.

In 2011, there were three categories and two special awards, this year has grown to all the 11 categories and five special awards.

More and more are living in the day of, developing applications for smartphones, but it all started with a lot of hobby-programming, which hailed the new category of “Independent”. This is also the only category for which it is free to set the applications to.

The jury consists of the President and So Ein Ding-host Nikolaj Sonne and some of the winners from last year, for example, Danske Bank’s Mobile banking.

Deadline to nominate is the 1. October – you can nominate here.

Apple Doubles own Record

Last Friday was pre-ordered more than two millions of Apple’s new iPhone 5, which is twice as many as pre-ordered 4S.

The number of “iPhone 5 orders have shattered iPhone 4S’ previous record, and the reception of the iPhone 5 has been phenomenal,” so says the Apple marketing chief Philip Schiller in a press release. Presale which started in nine countries last Friday, rounded on 24 hours more than two million copies. It writes our site. Continue reading Apple Doubles own Record