LED Lighting of the Future

Why the Leds Will Be the Lighting othe Future

Fifteen years already that the high power LED and white LED made their appearance on the market of lighting of individuals, but also on the workplace or in outdoor lighting. And this is only a beginning as the light-emitting diodes are bound to improve their energy performance. So it’s not for nothing that society René electrician, electrician for over 10 years, recommend it to most of its customers to install LEDs, and you’ll understand why. Continue reading LED Lighting of the Future

Tips Wireless IP Speed Dome Camera

The Wireless IP Speed ​​Dome Camera eliminates the use of network cable so your installation becomes much easier and faster just turn on the camera’s power and configure it.

Tips Wireless IP Speed ​​Dome Camera

The IP technology allows direct connection to the internet without the use of devices such as capture cards or DVR, simply connect to a running network and power supply. There are in the market modules for 3G and Wireless technology to order depending on the model of the camera Speed ​​Dome IP. Continue reading Tips Wireless IP Speed Dome Camera

Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work

We receive many emails and comments from young men who work at companies that do not require a formal dress code, but who wish to, even though casual, let your more elaborate visuals, perfecting the combinations of everyday life in this article we will talk about parts that can give an “up” on your work look and still ride a relaxed combo, see below: Continue reading Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work

Swimwear Summer 2014

With each new season, the fashion world brings new trends arriving to take over the shop Windows and streets across the country. Summer is the season of choice for many Brazilians, since that’s the time of year more propitious to enjoy beautiful beaches, clubs, swimming pools and other refreshing and fun rides. But to take advantage of the hottest days of the year in style, most women care about fashion beach each year. Continue reading Swimwear Summer 2014

The Right Plus Size Looks

There are several style tips for anyone who is overweight (too much or too little) and wants to wear well, even though we’re at a disadvantage by not having the same amount of options in stores, but there are those who follow and there are those who throw it all away and still get a result impressive, our example this week shows that very well! Continue reading The Right Plus Size Looks

The Search For the Dream Wedding Dress in 3 Steps

Wedding blogger Sandra celebrated her wedding in July 2015 in her dream dress. With us, she reveals, with which simple steps you also find your perfect wedding dress.

“To find the perfect wedding dress for your own wedding, some may be complicated and exhausting.I myself have feared that I must try at least 100 dresses, until I have found the right.But with a few tips, the search for the perfect wedding dress can be a little easier.” Continue reading The Search For the Dream Wedding Dress in 3 Steps