The Danes Are Afraid of Runaway Cell Bill in the Holidays

When holiday journey goes abroad, many Danes worried about mobile Bill.

Most know that it is more expensive to use your mobile phone outside the country’s borders, and many Danes have experienced over the years, to come home to an extremely unpleasant greeting from their telephone company.

Although a lot has happened on roaming fees in the mobile telephony sector, some telecommunications customers still so nervous that the cell phone only will be switched on when it is most needed.

The European Commission is working to reduce its high taxes on international calls, and from this month, the maximum cost 2.70 dollars per minute, to call home from abroad. Also the price to receive calls, send text messages and browse the Web, is on the way down.

Special Video Player Android: Comparison of Applications

Our special video player on Android comes to an end. In him we have seen different types of players such as VitalPlayer, QQ Player or MoboPlayer among others. All of them with characteristics in common, but also with differences that make them unique.

As we have seen a number of players we wanted to make a comparative table where we collect the main features. In this way you can see quickly what each player has to offer and what conforms more to your tastes and preferences. Continue reading Special Video Player Android: Comparison of Applications

The Consumption of Mobile Data Has Exploded

The Danes’ mobile data usage has exploded, and it is especially the business community, which pulls the heavy read.

Data usage on mobile phones has exploded from 2006 and forward to 2011. The figures cannot be compared completely since the national IT and Telecom Agency (since Business Agency) several times has changed the way the figures are compiled in the displayed period.

The early years (2006 + 2007) were the numbers specified for both Edge, UMTS and GPRS, which means they also contain up-and download of mobile broadband via USB dongles. That is why the 2007 figure is also higher than 2008. Continue reading The Consumption of Mobile Data Has Exploded

Shortz, an Application for Lovers of The Short Films

The short, small film parts that condensed stories of all kinds in a few minutes. From authentic geniuses to abominations works file is huge and many directors, whether novel or veterans are encouraged to tell us their stories in a few minutes.

To see shorts in our Android, we have several options. Download them and use one of the many video players that exist, navigate on YouTube or by resorting to specific applications such as Shortz, a file of all shorts. Continue reading Shortz, an Application for Lovers of The Short Films

Buy Covers for iPad Mini

The device is not yet officially confirmed by Apple, but already now you can buy covers for the 7-inch iPad Mini.

The company K & L Electronics sold before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III covers for Samsung’s top model, which they now use as a selling point – then they are credible.

Credibility, there must also, in order to purchase a product by a company to a product that is not official yet. K & L Electronics advertises just now in their newsletter with covers for iPad Mini. A product which, as I have said, is not confirmed officially and thus even only a rumor.

Whether you dare to buy a cover for iPad Mini must be up for a while, but in spite of it is the main news in the newsletter, we could not find anything on the company’s website. It writes our site.

Android Video Player: Mobo Player

One of the most interesting options of Android is be able to play videos. Unlike other operating systems, the management of these is quite simple. There are many players in the market of applications and therefore we bring you a special to talk about the best options that are available today.

I would like to begin this special talking about a very popular player and has been earned be installed on many phones and tablets. I am speaking of Mobo Player, an application that I already spoke on his day but which I would like to review and update the content now that finally I have been able to try also in tablets. Continue reading Android Video Player: Mobo Player

3 Pressed to Restore Cell Grants

The interest in instalments is decreasing at 3 because Elgiganten and Danish supermarket have aggressive prices. Therefore be reintroduced now mobile shots.

The Danish telecommunications companies have for a long time sold mobile phones with instalments of up to 24 months. The strategy sells many expensive phones, because the monthly cost for the customer is low, but now one company goes a different path.

3 has once again decided to sell mobile phones with subsidies, which in the past has led to aggressive deals, with prices as low as a penny. The new approach, however, means far from bargain prices on the phones. Continue reading 3 Pressed to Restore Cell Grants

Pixlr-O-Matic, Possibly More Complete Fast Photo Editing Application

Retouching photos is fashionable and Xataka Android we’ve talked more than once of these applications that allow us to apply filters and then save to the SD card or you share them with your contacts on social networks or email. The fact is that fashion is not trivial and is that There are really interesting applications as PicPlz, Molomo or DrCrop.

Within this range of applications in the Android Market Pixrl-o-matic, a well known application of retouching a few days ago made his debut by his wide variety of filters and effects. After having previously tried the web version only can say that its adaptation to Android will not disappoint fans to photography: Let’s see what offers. Continue reading Pixlr-O-Matic, Possibly More Complete Fast Photo Editing Application

Mobile Grants Be Reinstated-Buy iPhone for 199 SEK

Buy Galaxy S III for 399 USD, or an iPhone 4S for 199 kr. After a break, gives one telecom company now again customers, cash grants for the purchase of a new mobile.

The last long while telecommunications operators have focused on selling mobile phones in instalments, so that the customer pays a small amount every month, for up to 24 months.

But the phone company 3 will now go back to give customers mobile grants at the time of purchase of new phone. The advantage is that one is not bound to pay for many months. The downside to be paid more money each month. Continue reading Mobile Grants Be Reinstated-Buy iPhone for 199 SEK

Collage!, a ResultóN and Easy Way of Making The Same

On more than one occasion, either because we have seen the need to do it to make a small gift or simply by pure boredom and mental neglect, we have had to make a collage easy with a couple of photos and a sticker to grace. For all those who have so debatable sense of style, we have an easy way to do it with the application Collage! for our Android.

Collage! is presented as an application very simple and functional ARA do those simple Assembly of which we speak. After a simple and explanatory tutorial, we can start with our collage. The application has two versions, that of payment and the free, being this last with advertising. Furthermore, are we limits the use of images and seals to only 3 of the collage and the final size of the resulting image to half size to the paid version, a few limitations that although hard, make that buy the paid version does not make us especially face if you like us and we took advantage of the application. Continue reading Collage!, a ResultóN and Easy Way of Making The Same