Backpack Search Made Easy

For Fjällräven can you not quite inspire you? You’re somehow too old for Burton and Dakine? Are all other backpacks outdoor? Then you’re like me. I wanted to have a backpack (Yes, my bag has for the first time break), but under the well-known brands I’ve found none. But then came the day when SANDQVIST here is bashed in the Office like a bomb. Everyone wanted to have a look, it was extensively carried sample, with the help of mirrors and jacket tried the various colors and finally decided. Yes, it must be a backpack by SANDQVIST. Continue reading Backpack Search Made Easy

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

If there’s one mysterious party or nobody knows where it comes from or why it exists really, it’s Halloween or Halloween as say our Canadian cousins. We will not go in heated debates or in a complex explanation of the origins and meanings of this festival since we are all agreed on one point: we dress for Halloween! Whether large or small, October 31 is the day when we allow to let go a bit and this is the opportunity to bring out the monster in all of us. Because we do not all have the time to prepare for the big day, we reflected, for your convenience, a small selection of costumes for the type of joker you are, the more sober the more frightening.Trick or treat? Trick or Treats?

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Free Apps Have Taken Our Mobiles

Nine out of ten downloaded apps are free. The amount will be greater, so developers must make money on in-app-purchases and advertising, according to the forecast.

Our mobile phones are almost been swamped by applications through recent years. Some are free, others cost money, but the trend is pointing in the direction of most free-label.

Analysis the House Gartner predicts in a new report, that the statement of app-download the lads in the course of 2012 is going to show that the entire 89 percent are free programs, write our site. Continue reading Free Apps Have Taken Our Mobiles

Android Wear: Google Shows the Way

After having invaded the vast majority of smartphones, Android is tackling dress computing. First target of the Green robot: watches, on which many manufacturers were broken teeth wanting to add connected functions. Name of plan of attack: Android Wear. Is more Android in his hand, with the risk to escape, we wear now, hung to his wrist. What Google have to offer so that it is accepted to arm the body? Continue reading Android Wear: Google Shows the Way

Modern Oriental Style Interior Design

Who thinks 2014 the refurbishment of residential premises, which can draw on a wide variety of styles. It pays to ask yourself before which pieces one at home has particularly liked and which you can not miss. Perhaps it then comes to the conclusion that silken pillows, brocade and ornate carpets like especially while in the comforting scent of cedar one or another story from the from Arab palaces1001 Nights pursued eagerly. Then it could well be that a consistent oriental style device would increase the well-being in the living room especially.With the right lighting equipment allows the style to apply to the last detail-with products of this type have a particularly prestigious.

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Miu Miu Spring Summer 2015 Collection

For the Spring / Summer 2015 Miuccia Prada was inspired by a woman who knows daring, unexpected fantasies approaching, fabrics and proportions, but never forget the bon ton.

During the last day of chermesse of Paris fashion shows, our lady Miu Miu, aka Miuccia Prada, has illuminated the Palais d’Iéna with a collection for Spring / Summer 2015 in the name of the most authentic anarchy by dress code. All stylistic barriers seem indeed shattered in front of a new use of proportions, the fabrics, the prints and color choices.

First of all the lines of the outfit : a large coats double-breasted three-quarters, clearly inspired by Sixties , have paired crop top, like shirts cut and adorned with ruffles and jabot with ruffles, or mini-jackets  tuxedo men who leave discovering his belly, and sensual Pencil knee waistlines are squeezed from above by wide belts that can cover the navel. The edges of the top, as well as those of large skirts Sixties are left frayed, irregular, as it is left without the whole collection rules.

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Can You Tell the Difference Between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5?

A smaller American unscientific testing shows that users cannot tell the difference between iPhone and iPhone 4S 5.

iPhone 4 and 4S had such a small physical differences to the human eye barely could see it. But how is it with the iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5?

If you knew there was an iPhone 5, but had never seen it and then got a iPhone 4S in his hand, but was told it was an iPhone 5, you would then be able to know the difference?

A small unscientific test, carried out by an American TV show shows that several people could not know the difference, even thought they firmly that they stood with the brand new iPhone 5.

In this video below, you can see how the test was carried out, and what people were saying about this “new iPhone” they held in the hand.

Toys and Games: My Child Won’t Play

If all children need to play, all fun in the same way. Some play only and others are never satisfied with their toy “trendy”… But that hides this indifference to the games and toys? Explanations.

Play is a sign of good moral and physical health. When a child is ill, feverish or unhappy, he didn’t want to play. If you feel that your child plays rarely, ask yourself these five questions. Continue reading Toys and Games: My Child Won’t Play