Alessia Marcuzzi H&M

The Big Brother is back with its twelfth edition and Alessia Marcuzzi is already the first surprise of the evening. First, the beautiful blonde presenter is back in all its glory despite having given birth recently his little Mia had with his companion Francesco Facchinetti, and it seems that in his case there are no signs of imperfection on his always perfect body. Then comes the novelty regarding the look chosen for the first night of the reality show’s most beloved TV: Alessia Marcuzzi has chosen to wear H & M! Continue reading Alessia Marcuzzi H&M

Elizabeth Olsen Karl Lagerfeld

The Chanel collections are beautiful and very applauded and celebrities do not miss a chance to show off these clothes dream especially on social occasions. But Chanel is a particular label and multi-faceted that can switch from one style to another keeping its charm intact, something that just can not all! Today we see two stars who rely on the skilled hands of Karl Lagerfeld, but opting for completely different styles. Continue reading Elizabeth Olsen Karl Lagerfeld

Details of His Life Will Help Facebook Make More Money

More than 1 billion people are on Facebook. Although it has a huge audience, the social network can not produce as much money as they would like its shareholders. To change this scenario, now they have decided to launch an advertising network that goes beyond the domain Yes, Facebook is preparing a competitor for AdSense advertising program that guarantees most of the revenue Google.

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Mobile Technology, the Villain of the Enem 2012

Vestibular was never easy. Both for those who make as to who organizes.

Just as happens today with the Enem (Exame Nacional high school), bizarre events gave the keynote of newspaper headlines, TV and radio in my vestibulanda times. Late students, sick or pasting were never new. However, the so-called “electronic glue” was very sophisticated: it involved a lot of people and required cutting-edge equipment. Almost 20 years ago, when I made ​​my entrance exam, technology to circumvent the system was for the few. Continue reading Mobile Technology, the Villain of the Enem 2012

420,000 Formspring Users Passwords Leaked on Web

You received an email Formspring’s last night, requesting password change? It was not the only one: the social network of questions and answers that was successful for some time and today no one remembers most had their servers hacked and 420,000 passwords leaked in a forum. The flaw is similar to LinkedIn occurred last month, when 6.5 million passwords were accessed without authorization.

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Charlize Theron Vogue Us June

Charlize Theron returns to its origins model with a cover and a photo shoot for Vogue USA in December 2011 in which it shows in all its breathtaking beauty and its charm. After beginning in the dance and in the fashion world, the beautiful Charlize has staked everything on film. A very appropriate choice her that, in 2004, brought her to the victory of the ‘ Oscar for Best Actress for the film Monster. Here is the South African actress on the magazine cover emerging from the waters like a super glamorous siren with a strong and sensual look. Continue reading Charlize Theron Vogue Us June

Megaupload Creator Back to Active and Will Launch Music Sharing Service

Kim Dotcom not crossed his arms. The German businessman, who is serving house arrest for committing copyright infringement crime, prepares new to the internet. This is the Megabox, a new service of online music. From what has been presented, the Megabox resembles iTunes Match and Google Play Music. You can load your library music and store them in the service and can listen to them from anywhere via streaming.

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Nikki Reed from Twilight Movie

Nikki Reed as his colleagues continued to travel the world for the presentation of the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, the last film of the saga Twilight taken from the last book in the series by Stephenie Meyer, a worldwide hit as many of you know that sanctified actors before almost completely unknown how movie stars – only a few days ago Kriten Stewart , Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner marking their official entry into the world of Hollywood, leaving their footprints on the Walk of Fame! – Continue reading Nikki Reed from Twilight Movie

Simona Ventura X Factor

Who saw X Factor 5 last night? Dear friends of Fashion Pour Femme you saw the look of her ladies of the jury? The look that has not gone unnoticed is not in yellow Arisa as that of Simona Ventura who chose for a total look in houndstooth… and what designers aimed whole new collection on the crow’s feet? The answer you know, I’m sure partly because we talked about it so many times … Salvatore Ferragamo! Simona Ventura dared enough for a total look houndstooth is challenging enough, but she dressed Ferragamo and irony, was convincing. Continue reading Simona Ventura X Factor