Vintage Crosley Cruiser – the Record Player’s Suitcase

The Crosley Cruiser turntable is basically a player of vinyl that has a touch of retro type reminiscent of the decades of the 70s and 80s.

It is also extremely comfortable, practical and very light when moving it from one place to another. This is because that belongs to the portable type and surely to use it that will be the source of attention anywhere where you are because your design is striking ultra.

Turntable Crosley Cruiser

Main advantages of the CRUISER CROSLEY TURNTABLE

This player that gives us a number of advantages, among them are the following:

1. Unique and suitcase design

It would not be appropriate to continue this analysis without making mention of their design.

It is true that the main thing on a players is that their sound quality is the best, but in this case as well, the design is one of the reasons why this retro turntable is among top sellers.

It is also made to be transported because that becomes easily in a suitcase.

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Christian Louboutin Plus Size Model

There’s always a first time, also for French luxury brands such as Christian Louboutin: the launch of a new line of lipsticks, the brand has chosen a plus size model, Clementine Desseaux, a stunning 46-48 size. “I want this – said the model – is the first step so that all women feel represented in fashion”. Good!
Even the brand Christian Louboutin (finally) has done it: the French fashion house has broken his last taboos and launched its first model plus size in a promotional campaign for the new lipsticks. The luxury shoe brand, known for its soled shoes in red lacquer, has laid the choice on the model Clementine Desseaux, swinging cuts between 46 and 48  (the sources differ in this sense) to make the star of the new campaign created by the company for its line of lipsticks, naturally in red lacquer (or almost).
The 27 year-old French model, who took part in the documentary in output Straight / Curve dedicated to increased demand for models plus size in the fashion world, told the Daily Mail.

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How to Make a Wool Scarf

The wool scarf is the most warm and comfortable accessory to use in winter. We discover how to make a plain or colored. In simple way you can create an original and economical wool scarf DIY.

The winter season is almost upon us and is coming the great cold, what better way to deal with it than with the beautiful woolen scarves, maybe homemade?

  1. Wool Scarves Grilled – tutorial

To achieve a wool scarf homemade enough irons and a ball: it is the first time you work the big irons started buying wool and wool yarn often, in this way the work will be easier. Most big irons are used to create the widest points, the little needles are instrumental in forging closer points.
To create a multicolor scarf skein you will have to change, if you do not want to do it you can try using a melange yarn that will give many shades to your creation .

Working wool can also take many hours, then used an armchair or a fairly comfortable chair, choose also a good light in which to work.

Begin by mounting 10 points with the color you want is at the base of the scarf if you are novice made ​​a small scarf. If the scarf will outgrow the lead times are very long.
You work 12 laps with the first color (you are not obliged to use more colors). If you use two balls of two different colors, at the end of the twelfth iron cut the yarn with scissors, leave a tail of about 12cm. If you have used one color skip this step.

Past the second ball of yarn, using more colors wool scarf will be more trendy and versatile. Align the final part of the first yarn with the initial part of the new one. Keep them joined together in keeping left hand separated from the rest of the thread you will be working. Take another 5 points and stop.
Release the wires that were holding in your hand, you will have to insert them in the scarf with a knitting needle or a crochet hook. It is more convenient to do knots during the ball change while you knit or crochet, you should avoid so as not to leave marks on the scarf.
Now, you work other 12 rows with the new yarn, always try to stay focused and not lose points, if you cannot make it there more you can leave the job and resume it in my hand when I hear it again.

Continue to alternate the different colored balls, you always do 12 rows for each color until your scarf has reached the length you want.
When you have finished close the work, hide the exposed wires using the hook and not tying.

2. Measures to achieve the wool scarves

Make a scarf, especially by beginners might take a long time, so if it’s a gift for someone trying to optimize the timing by taking in advance.

Do not throw the advanced wire, it can always be used for some other project.

Not even throw the labels of balls, so when you go to buy back the yarn you’ll know what type you used and especially what color, if finiate the ball in the middle of a job the color of the yarn must be exactly the same.

If you only use a color you do not count the 12 rows but work up to that your scarf will not reach the length you wish.

3. The function of the scarf

The scarf serves to warm up first, but this is not its only function. Scarf, especially wool, serves to draw attention to the upper part of the bust and creating volume in that area of the body. The short attention will be on the face and décolleté.
The scarf is in fact also to illuminate the face: it is important to choose a color to bring out your complexion.
The wool scarves can also serve to enhance an outfit “too easy” or sober, creating a little more movement.
There are also many ways to wear it and value it, the choice is up to you and the effect you want to create!

RC Motorcycles

In the previous article, RC motorcycle – part I, we saw some general characteristics of the RC motorcycle. We will now know more interesting details, which may be useful when choosing yours.

We have seen that the Motorcycle RC can be electric or combustion engine. The latter have two possible sets of boot: shooter, or “rotostart”. The handle system is based on a kind of rope, driving the bike. Some users say this system removes some power to the motor. Rotostart system consists of two engines: one electric, 6 batteries, which gives boot to the combustion engine.

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Which Cell Phone to Choose: Galaxy S III or iPhone 5?

As we mentioned in the last article, where we raise the question of whether there is real need for change every smartphone market launch, many of these trades and acquisitions are motivated by one simple factor: ostentation.

For some people is a reason enough to wait for hours in line for a new release or pay sky-high prices for the newest device. Regardless of the reasons that lead consumers to act in this way, the fact is that at the moment there are two releases that divide the preferences of crazy about technology: the latest release of Samsung, the Galaxy SIII and the latest innovation from Apple, the iPhone 5, which hit the market this month.

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Best Gift for Your Child

The holidays arrive and a lot of people go into despair when it comes to gift-giving children. Children’s day, Christmas, birthdays … The question that always comes up is the same: what present to give to a child? Play is important to the development of a child, in addition to cause the child to learn a variety of skills that can prepare for adult life. So, choose the appropriate gifts mean be educational, creative and fun for the child.

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How to Make Floral Pants

The idea was that in this next post I told you a little bit with the wonderful weekend spent with friends. It was, however, so that today the sun was shining for a long time, so I decided to take the joy out of it, and make the most of the beautiful by sledges! Indeed, I couldn’t wait any longer, that I will get to present you one of the funny pants, which I’ve tuunannut quite a new faith.

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Sunglasses As a Fashion Statement

Sunglasses are often used as a fashion accessory, but their true function is to protect the eyes from sunlight and from the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays. So do not buy the first free glasses should carefully treat their choice to protect your eyes.

Ordinary sunglasses as a fashion accessory can be worn in the evening and night. For day hikes in the sun, you have a real sunglasses.

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Leather Jacket for Woman

Leather jacket for woman. Leather jacket never goes out of style and can be used in any occasion. Therefore, it is highly recommended for a woman to have at least one leather jacket in his closet.

How to combine it, short or long, color… are questions that most women make when they think about buying a leather jacket. Below is the answer to those questions:

How to wear a leather jacket

The first thing you need to know is that the leather jacket is a versatile garment that you can use it with all styles and at any time. This garment is fine if you have a wave of hippie, chic, elegant, sophisticated, sports, alternative, Bohemian etc. Leather jacket is really suited to all styles.

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