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Fashion Clothing Consumption

To spend less or more usefully, here are a few things to know about your clothes.

In the ideal world I dream (sometimes), the clothes would be at the cost of a nut shell, we do more never hurt the planet to follow fashion, and the jeans fit at all with the flexibility of the Candyfloss. But this dress utopia rubs against the implacable heels of reality, where the clothes are rarely free.

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Consumer Clothing Behaviour

No, this article isn’t really a thing & trick about fashion, but rather a book that just came out… and it can be interesting to read if you’re not-what would be by far the clothes and what they represent.


Whether you’re a neurotic fashion victim or a chick that does not support the mode (for all that she represents), this book’s for you. This book is in fact, for all who are interested so gradually the fripe self.

The title of the book is misleading on the intention of these authors. Psychoanalysis undeniably refers to Freud and the image of dirty old man obsessed with the seske and everything that surrounds it. And yet… the two authors of this book are two women, retro, promo girls become all two psychiatrists and psychoanalysts.

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Japanese Fashion Street Style

Imagination and originality!

Most of the time, looks among these teenagers are very colorful and unique, with a ton of wacky Accessories: multicolored bracelets Recalling often those of our childhood and little characters, figurines, necklaces all too colorful and worn all at the same time, not to mention glasses, barrettes, hats, caps, bonnets, bags, stuffed animals… All in a tone more Kawaii (it means ‘cute’). Not to mention the haircut quite unstructured and sometimes as colorful as the rest!

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What Shorts to Wear This Summer

That’s several seasons of summer and winter the jeans crash our wardrobes. Starlets love him, leggings

make it accessible to all or almost and yet his descendants
are already there, ready to compete for their share of reign. How short this
summer: a question at not less than € 48 000 in Jean-Pierre Foucault and
madmoiZelle there nothing for you. Decryption and advice.

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Mini Skirt Fashion Trend

In winter there are sometimes want to curl in a big duvet (I propose a new fashion: giant poncho), layering tights, leggings more pants, and sometimes to stay squarely at home, until spring (personally, I’ve already booked a cave, I expect just because I come and settle the Internet connection). The return of the miniskirt this season may therefore appear as nonsense, a paradox, an oxymoron, in short, a debility. Porter of the course, when he does (7) afternoon, in full non-soleil, going for a girl who is expected to conclude in the evening, and again. Yet, the facts are there… Timidly appeared last winter, short skirts are invading us by cloud. Presentations:

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Ways to Accessorize an Outfit

Hasu rescue, is the crisis. The pockets are empty, and the approach of the holiday season, nothing more depressing than a account in red and the anguish of the taxes looming-Yes, because there are some here who pay taxes, madmoiZelle!

Then we spend less, but fortunately we have ideas! Because there is always the possibility to afford a new wardrobe, it shows her little black dress and we accessorize it to give it the dog, style, short of the stamp, and all that for a budget almost zero. Lesson of style for a few euros.

They tend and inexpensive but we still not dare them quite often. Rectify it for the holidays: we have the leap and we slide our legs in colorful tights (purple, orange, pink,…), of opaque, patterned (leopard, lace) or in the treggings (black glossy or flashy, fuschia, silver or gold).

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How to Wear a Panty

If you’re looking for a reason to start dieting, and this is one. The shorts, pants, skirts and dresses it’s over, now to shine in society (after 10 pm) we wear a panty or a body. Yes, one panty what.

They are all made, I must say that it’s the crisis and that everything is allowed to sell records: Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Britney Spears, Madonna, the dolls, Rihanna, in short, everything that is more profitable and fashion at the singers + Victoria Beckham, the exception that proves the rule.

On the catwalks as we showed her panties. For the Spring Summer 2009 shorts are very short and the skirts or dresses hide nothing. Option number 1, the very hot pants: it’s chic, it’s sexy, but not sticky and with a BMI above or equal to 20 it’s unmanageable. Option number 2, under a transparent skirt panties:… and where like that?

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Click Clack Clothing

In fashion, you think you saw everything, tried everything? I don’t think so. You have a field to explore, a field that feels the crumb, the vomit of the cousin and the dodo of the guests. What is it? Get your butt and you will find the light, as was the bread by raising the seat when we were little. Yes, it is, get up and get dressed… as your Click-Clack.

To throw yourself on this article as Jeanne Calment threw herself on his square of chocolate daily, you’re warned: this selection will take you more than you’ve ever been. Hang on and clicks on next page.

Description of the reason: cover lagoon on a foam 20 kgs / m3, with framing wood (OB) and patterns woven Tahiti. Cushions recovered at Sylvie.

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Epaulette in Fashion

I remember my mother and his epaulettes. In jackets, dresses, pullovers. Y’ had of the epaulette to everything going a couple of years ago! I have never found it nice and today… nothing has changed. Today, there ‘ a problem: the epaulette, marked shoulders, on which we stick ruffles and a frilly back on the front of the stage since last winter and are completely for the coming winter.

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