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Swag Fashion Trends

For his first article on Our site, Dana Beretta (no relation) tries a high-flying exercise: decrypt modesque swag for different presidential candidates.

Foreword by Fab-ATTENTION: this is a post shielded Mode references but also and especially to big shots. We can’t stand the clichés about mad, considering that when they are taken to the thousandth degree, it can sometimes make laugh. Do not hesitate to leave your thousandth degree and laugh (or not). There is little doubt that this post will be gnashing of teeth but as 1 / it hit everyone 2 / he divided the editorial, we publish anyway, leaving you with judges. And of course, if you want the presidential processed in more serious mode, we do that too, here.

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Brigitte Bardot Summer Style

Summer fashion going to surf in full-on wave fifties, and it’s the whole panoply of Brigitte Bardot at St Trop’ who resurrects. How to concoct the look of BB pre-baby seal? Some tips with a nice selection by the way!

Brigitte Bardot time St Tropez remains a reference in fashion. Located in the ’50s, making a Holy revival this summer, all the little outfits to the BB have been invented to allow us to show off, that we’re at St Trop’ or Dunkirk also.

Petticoats, skirts and petticoats

The most pleasant to wear summer skirts are also those we love twirl like little girls. In the BB style, gives you the choice between noon (kneeling) length skirts, Tulip skirts that come to mid-thigh and petticoats retro dresses-pleated.

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Peplum Top Style Guide

Ave Caesar, those who will die wearing the peplum trend greet you! And to face the arena, better tips to adopt the Gladiator of the season look.

The trend known as ‘peplum ‘or’ Basque’ hit on the red carpet. Not very new-Thierry Mugler and Yves Saint Laurent have widely abused in the years 80-but finally re-creator by creators and the mass market this year, after a long time in the wilderness.

Why ‘peplum ‘?

Before being a any trend or a kind of cinema that you know well, with its Gladiatoror Ben Hurcult movies, “peplum” is latin derived from the Greek word former “peplon” meaning “tunic”. It is close to the fashion but this isn’t quite it.

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Pin Up Style Tips

Your childhood idols were not the sleeping sleeping beauty and Cinderella, but Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit? A few tips for concoct you a style OOP-EEP-doo.

That’s it: the courses are completed. It’s the perfect time to daydream in front of the TV and carry things (a little shorter) than usual. And if you leave you tempted by a bit of glamour with the pin-up style?

Betty Boop

  • First appearance: in 1930, in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes.
  • Its look: The style of Betty is based on the ‘cute’ and sexy side. To do this, choose a dress (very) short, preferably black or red stockings with a pattern on the top (those will be very well the case), and a pair of black heels. For jewellery, Betty never leaves its two rushes and his Golden creoles. On the side of make-up, prefer a red red lipstick. Continue reading Pin Up Style Tips

How to Find Your Style of Clothing

You want to work in fashion, but you don’t know what studies to start? Get your slippers and follow the guide!

Okay, September is a good month and I’m already here to talk of studies, it’s not cool to oil.

But If you want to work in the wonderful world of fashion and its glitter paved after the bin, this is not always the Yippee-joy-to find the info. So, that’s some explanations and a small guide schools. All this stuff is far from comprehensive, but is rather aimed to to clear the forest of higher education.

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How to Dress When You’re Petite

Molly contacted Emilie. to ask a little fashion Tip: how to dress when you’re small, Petite but with a (very) large breasts? Here’s a solution

Originally published December 2, 2011

“How do you dress cheap, when you a 90H, a 38-40 pants and 1 m 60 size.?
I’ve seen subjects on round women, women with big breasts, but in the eyes of the world, but a D-Cup busty. I literally wear a burden 🙂 I rarely find things that fit me. […] It is important that all physical can be taken into account when it comes to fashion. » Continue reading How to Dress When You’re Petite

How to Look Like a Disney Girl

After the first part of our guide for to looker as a Disney girl, this is the sequel to revisit your classics of film animation.

For the second time, put in the closet nincompoops dresses frozen of the bulb, to revisit the style of Disney heroines. Here, only the active my little Princess’ Lady of the current girl shaking booty without sighing in the flowers. So If girls of our cartoons were a little trip in the time to come and have fun in the 2010s, that’s probably what they would choose to wear.

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Ways to Wear Little Black Dress

To start in beauty school, Josephine offers a series of articles on the 4 fundamental pillars of a wardrobe: the little black dress, white blouse, dark slim jeans and black jacket. They are a bit like the fantastic 4: when you have them, it can’t hurt you.

Begin this series with the Roll’s of the dressings, namely THE famous dress black. Invented by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, she is” the base of the base of the style ” says Uncle Karl Lagerfeld. What is this magical dress like? Already, easy, she’s black. Is neither too long nor too short. Not too simple (it’s a dress, not a t-shirt!), not too complex either. The middle way, what!

Under your dazzled eyes will now take place the magic basic: you can wear the same dress every day for any occasion! Just change a few accessories, hop and a new outfit. From a little black dress any beast unearthed at Pimkie, I have created four very different styles. Hold on, it’s going to shake.

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Fashion Trends Autumn Winter 2012 13

The fall fashion trends winter 2012-2013 are coming with winter and his white coat. Explanations and (great) drawings of Josephine!

Couture fashion shows are a bit ‘the oracle’ fashion: they announce strange things that happen in real life. Even if you wonder sometimes (often) if the creators turn to acid when we see the result on the catwalks. Whence them all this inspiration? Decoding of big trends of the fall / winter 2012-2013:

Forward the cavalry

This trend shyly pointed his nose winter last with the appearance of the “interview” (contraction of “bobo” and “boring”) donated to the taste of the day the blouses buttoned up to the neck and silk Hermes scarves. A small bourgeois style to take the twelve thousandth degree, changing this winter with a touch more military.

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New Gothic Fashion Trends

The ‘dark’ of Gothic inspiration style is one of the trends for autumn / winter 2012-2013. Josephine decrypts him for you, and you offer its shopping selection!

The average fashion designer is often seen as a separate species that feeds on champagne bubbles and Snort marker all day long. I design so that it is not always easy to adapt to their delusions more perched than the other.
Here is a selection more affordable (and portable), for each trend story to avoid seizures to your neighbors and a letter from your banker insults.

Let’s start with the style of Gothic inspiration. (And don’t miss the report trends autumn / winter 2012-2013 !)

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