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CyanogenMod: Free Android Protects Your SMS from Fellow Readers

Tired of data Scout? Those who use CyanogenMod, should soon get more protection against unwanted spying: in the future simply encrypt SMS thanks to CyanogenMod to let – and without a complicated setup.

Who does not want that others read his SMS, should continue reading quiet… The CyanogenMod programmers want to encrypt just a feature of SMS. To do this they have teamed up with open whisper systems. The company created apps with ample source, Backup SMS and phone calls. Who pulls in the future so CyanogenMod on his Smartphone, can send automatically encrypted his SMS the integrated TextSecure feature of open whisper. So far, the encrypting of messages is not so easy. It will be easier if certain precautions in the operating system are anchored. The only catch: the other must also use the technology. Thereby, it is irrelevant what SMS app is used by the user. “We want every access to advanced, secure communication. This with methods that are so easy and reliable to use as a normal telephone call or a regular text message”, stated that Moxie Marlinspike, a open-whisper co-founder. A disadvantage however remains: before the espionage of metadata is also not immune the encryption of CyanogenMod (the metadata show and others, who sends a SMS who where and when).

The security feature from CyanogenMod to be included by default in CM 11. 10.2 CM is currently running on almost 700,000 devices, CyanogenMod but specifies that it is installed on almost ten million devices and happen every day 15,000 new installations. As the user not to capture need their devices, it could be but still much more.

ASUS Transformer Book Duet: a Windows 8 and Android Hybrid.

Asus has again launched a tablet and laptop can run both Windows and Android 8, transformer Book Duet called hybrid.

In the autumn of made ASUS transformer Book Trio. A 11.6 “hybrid that may be a Android tablet and laptop, and Windows 8 portable and stationary. It came by to Android “screen” has an Intel Atom and “keyboard” an Intel i5 or i7. The problem for some is that you don’t have a Windows tablet and the trio is relatively expensive.

With transformer Book Duet has ASUS increased hybrid to 13.3 “and settle for a single CPU, Intel i5 or i7. It means that you can now use both as Windows 8 tablet and Android tablet, at the same time will be 4.1 Duet something cheaper. In the Duet, the Tablet is the resolution of 1080 p, of course, touch, 128 GB SSD, 4 GB of ram and the customary just Bluetooth and WIFI connections. In the keyboard there is an extra hard disk up to 1 TB hard drive, USB and HDMI connectors.
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Sports Goods Guide

One of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is diet, but another factor which we can not forget is sport. Practice every day some sport not only helps to keep fit and in good health, but also allows us to release tension and disconnect for a moment the stress of everyday life. To make the sport more fun can we help sporting goods.

We can not agree more with the famous quote mens sana in corpore sano and so you can find in our campaigns a wide variety of sporting goods. From articles to keep fit as weights to all kinds of accessories designed for sportsmen, such as microfiber towels or sports bags. Besides yoga enthusiasts and other eastern sports will find mats and a comfortable zafu to practice them.

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The Samsung Galaxy Touch 3 is World’s Coveted

Galaxy Sold 10 Million Note 3 Around the Globe

All caution: Samsung itself would have probably not imagined, how well his Galaxy worldwide sells note 3. So far, note 3 over the counter went over ten million copies of the Galaxy.

The Samsung Galaxy sells excellent Note 3. And with over 10 million sold phones that were sold in only two months, it is the most successful Galaxy-note model of the Korean Smartphone manufacturer. You look at the latest numbers, so it is even nearly as popular as the Samsung flagship Galaxy S4 – it took just ten days less, to get to these sales. But why is the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 so hugely popular? The Galaxy note 3 is the third generation of the Samsung Phablets now – so called this big smartphones. Is it the trend with its giant screen size of 5.7 inches and with its full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) is super suitable for the sketches and taking notes. The camera of smartphones has 13 megapixels, image stabilization and extras, so you can play, for example, the image of the front camera in postage stamp size in the main picture. With the camera, you can make panoramic pictures and record even images with sound. The Galaxy has a very good touch 3 and Samsung has this model actually managed, very well to sell the operation with the pen and accommodated also the PIN into the housing of the Smartphone.

You have a brand new Samsung Galaxy like to note 3? We touch 3 with a mobile finance get the Samsung Galaxy. And the great thing here: you can even choose note 3 in our mobile financing your monthly payments for your Galaxy!

LG and Netflix Gives You 4 K Movies and Series

LG unveiled 12 new 4 k televisions and a Netflix account, inter alia, cooperation. want to stream series like House of Cards in 4 k.

During the presentation of LG’s television admitted to their LG SmartTV had become too advanced and awkward, so they took the consequences and has now launched a new and more manageable system which is based on the webOS. Yes, the webOS as HP scrapped after trying to deploy on laptops and tablets.Now get webOS as a new birth under LG’s wings and wing span appears to be large enough to be able to carry 4 k streaming and have the app as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. Continue reading LG and Netflix Gives You 4 K Movies and Series

How to Choose the Right Size TV Stand

For aesthetic considerations, for convenience, for lack of space and the need for organization, the use of media for television is common practice in many homes, commercial environments, among many others.

In order to ensure a correct choice, you need to scan the wall structure that will support the entire house: masonry, plaster, drywall, etc. For the drywall, you should notice whether it can hang the TV, because this type of wall is less resistant and does not support much weight. Usually a steel blade is used as a reinforcement, which will enhance the height from the floor to distribute the weight.

A standard is set by the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), which is the distance between the holes whereby each TV is fixed to the wall. Thus, it is essential to check that the VESA support is the same standard VESA television. Continue reading How to Choose the Right Size TV Stand

LG Introduces LG Life Band Touch and Earphones to the Heart

In addition to an impressive linup of new televisions have LG also given their take on “wearable” fitness devices.

We have previously heard rumours that new LG is joined by smartwatch, but even the company would not comment further about the case. However, they have previously confirmed that there was a “portable product” in the pipeline.

Now, LG presented their LG Life band Touch, which may be said to be a competitor to Nike’s Fuelband. It writes our site. Continue reading LG Introduces LG Life Band Touch and Earphones to the Heart

Smartphones Sweep Phones from the Market

More Smartphones as Mobile Phones in Germany in Use

Modern smartphones are now more widespread than conventional mobile phone in Germany – this is from a new study of the industry association BITKOM. Expressed in numbers: 55 percent of Germans make phone calls, surf and play every day with Smartphones.

Believed to be the study of the industry association BITKOM, so now more German use one of the new smartphones than an ordinary mobile phone – according to the survey, there are 55 percent of Germans from the age of 14 years, the Smartphones use. Last year, there were 41 percent – an increase of 14 per cent so. The Internet-enabled smart phones enjoy in all age groups of enormous popularity: in the age group of 14 to 29 increased the number of smartphone users from 65 to 78 percent, with the 30-to 45-year she rose from 49 to 70 per cent in the 50 to 64 from 40 to 47 per cent and at the senior citizens aged 65 years of age from 7 to 17 percent.

52 percent of Germans still use a classic phone, 8 percent of Germans over 14 years of age feel quite comfortable even without cell phones or smartphones and use neither the one nor the other. If you use smart phones or mobile phones or does not use, much of the age group depends, to which it belongs. So, every fifth senior even has no mobile phone or Smartphone, the under 30 years, it is, however, only one has.

According to BITKOM, more and more people to the Smartphones access because there are now in almost all price ranges and for the needs of a wide variety of devices. Another reason is seen by BITKOM in it that the Germans even if they are on the road, quickly and want to have access to the Internet.

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Skirts in Plus Size

Women who are their grandiose XXL form, show courage and can enjoy dreamlike fashion from a pool of equally large and imaginative.

Skirts in XXL are particularly popular with luscious ladies skirts can swing the femininity. Skirts in large sizes are the stars in each season. They fit on all occasions, can be wonderfully combined with blouses, shirts and blazers and are thus everyday and job-ready. Skirts in XXL is characterized by flowing fabrics. High-quality materials are recommended because they keep their shape and an elite mark on the outfit. Spat- and baggy contours are out, but the cuts may be loose and of course fame styled. Tight skirts in larger sizes should be made of solid cloth woven and a perfect fit. Narrow skirts in XXL look best if they end up just below the knee. This style a flirtatious note conjures without losing elegance. Continue reading Skirts in Plus Size

Parrot Presents New Toys for Smartphone-the People

Are you looking for outright toys for your smartphone, so you will no doubt be interested in the new from Parrot.

To start with was the flying drones that could be controlled by using a smartphone, nothing but pure and simple toys. It is no longer the case, since several logistics Giants are testing them for transportation.

The company Parrot which also is the creator behind the popular AR. Drone, is now back at CES with entertainment for both land and air. It writes our site. Continue reading Parrot Presents New Toys for Smartphone-the People