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Gazzarrini Leather Jacket

Even Gazzarrini participates in the largest show of Milan Fashion Week for next spring-summer 2012. Many fashion brands that in these days of the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan we have proposed the trends for the next hot season. Trend to be reckoned with if you want to be on top and to have a glamorous wardrobe, to show off the most important occasions. Songaah in this way came to our rescue, proposing a series of clothing and very fashion accessories that will appeal to all the glamor boys who like to dress fashionably.

The calendar of fashion shows in Milan Menswear Fashion for spring-summer 2012 is now enhanced by the new fashion collections presented by very important fashion brands. Continue reading Gazzarrini Leather Jacket

How to Organize Magazines

A lot of people love to read! Read part of the lifestyle of many people. Why don’t you think of a decorative object that matches with this style? How about keep your reading items organized?

The biggest challenge for those who like to read is to keep everything in place.

Door magazine, support, basket, bucket …The ideas for decorating and organizing are many.

Arrange things in a House can be very easy when you find products that can be tailored to the needs of the environment and the person. The market offers various types of “containers” for storing newspapers, magazines and make life easier.

What kind of space do you have? That place you want to put the magazine? Living room, bedroom, bathroom, loft …

It doesn’t matter if it’s a large space or small, everyone can receive a magazine! Is a kind of decorative object that looks good anywhere. Think of the material, in color and in combination with your space. There are no rules! Get out the obvious, invent your way to decorate and leave the House with your face!

Of course, who owns a small apartment needs to choose an object to store magazines/newspapers that suits well in space. For those who have space limitations, need to push our creativity! An attractive and fun way to organize and decorate small spaces.

No one need spend a lot of money! I once saw one of those aluminum buckets of garden as a magazine. Simple, practical and versatile! Combines with many environments and was cute. Without a doubt, a cheap decoration. You can enjoy a beautiful paper box, those wooden boxes, a basket … Invent, create!

Particularly, I like the idea of a minimalist magazine port, the basic type. The basics can be surprising. The idea of using something that is all around us and turn in a magazine is also something fantastic. We can try to spend little money to decorate.

If the person has a space to receive customers, a door magazines is essential. Salons, doctors’ offices, clinics of aesthetic … In this case, you may need a larger magazine, since the volume of magazines can be great.

What is your decorating idea to organize the magazines of a voracious reader? Some? Share! All we learned a lot together!


Why are the Buttons Different on Men’s and Women’s Shirts

The buttons are men’s shirts in different parts of the historical reason.

If you’ve ever lent the opposite sex buttoned shirt, you know, that shirt etumuksessa waiting for a surprise: the buttons are men’s and women’s shirts in various parts. But why?

Women’s Shirt …
… And the men’s shirt.

Placement of buttons is listed a number of reasons. One of the reasons are the weapons: the man had to get quick access to your weapon, and therefore, buttoning a shirt or jacket is still on the left side. Science Magazine as the place for men buttons stabilized in the second half of the 1800s tailors “unwritten rule”.

In women, buttons place could be determined according to the church officer. In ancient times, women were sitting in the church on the left and men on the right side. Breasted had to protect a woman’s breast, so that the men would see mistake “too much”.

Other reasons may be: a place buttons have been able to be determined by gender to separate or to facilitate breast-feeding.Another reason could be the scene buttons horse riding: because women were sitting sideways on the saddle, buttons placement drink too wind chest area.

Buttons may have shirts in different parts, as in the old days especially wealthy men and women are clothed yourselves no clothes themselves. It was usual that someone helped the nobility to put on. The buttons were placed so that they are help used, although religious writings gives expression to another person.

Now you know!

Dipped in the Apple Ecosystem: the Advantages of Using iPhone and Mac Together

I was preparing to write about the experience of using a Mac and iPhone tripe, what Apple sells as ideal and makes a point of view in their product presentations, when a wave of criticism iOS and OS X took over foreign sites.

Critics say that Apple’s software is not at its best. In addition to occasional bugs and some very serious in certain scenarios, polishing and leadership in innovation, the company’s brands have been left out. What is going on?

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Software, the Part You Curse

Before the merits, one must understand the nature of software. Coldly speaking, it is a handful of lines of code executed on a machine to perform a particular function. It is very simple, even for lay programming, understand an algorithm that takes the simple average of some values. But the other extreme, an operating system, involves more complexities and is out of reach for most. In this way not only is the understanding that is more difficult;maintenance and adjustments, too.

There are other dilemmas involved in creating software. Unlike hardware, “the part that you kick”, it is more difficult to climb the production of software. Hardware constrictions may occur in the production lines, as we have seen happen with the iPhone, suppliers that give pipe investments affecting cash flow and put the operation at risk. These and other barriers, however, are more difficult to reach and have solutions that, while not always easy or cheap, are quite clear: add more employees to the payroll, raise a new plant, increase and/or diversify requests with suppliers. Result: more hardware to sell.

All this logic does not apply to software. Doubling the amount of programmers do not necessarily translate into double lines of code produced. And with more hands fidgeting with something as sensitive to errors, they substantially increase the chances of problematic software into the hands of consumers.

Finally, and returning to Apple specifically, rarely the software walks with his own legs after ready. It is necessary to maintain, fix bugs, provide more resources in order to remain competitive and to the extent that the hardware expands and costs, over creating software, all this applicant increasing workload.

After nine versions of iOS and eleven great OS X, with more devices than ever had using both systems, not to mention watchOS, tvOS and all apps that populate these systems, Apple has enough software to run. The annual cycle of self-imposed updates generates a pressure which, in some cases, results in earlier releases. The golden rule of Windows, upgrading to a new version only after the first service pack is available somehow became effective for Apple in recent years – only migrate version after X.0.1 leave. It is not the only parallel to that historical Microsoft, almost caricatured, and the current Apple.

There are individual cases of disasters that have occurred in the use of Apple’s software as well as small complaints everyday functions, corrected, would make life more enjoyable users. There is no denying that problems exist in the same way that a lot that can be improved. The good and at the same time, bad software is the ability to trigger updates to fix it (or so it promises) and/or improve it. That’s what we all hope not only Apple, but all that produce software.

My idea of ​​the original staff still applies. When I found myself using the Mac and iPhone combo on the day I decided to try what Apple offers in its fullness. I wanted to dive into this ecosystem and found that if there is nothing of this world there is no very overwhelming advantage of what Google, Microsoft and third-party apps also offer at least everything works well and, occasionally, with some features really tip, she is able to show why, despite the fame it has today with its hardware, Apple is still able to surprise with software as well.

What Apple Has?

Apple’s app collection is quite complete. Who is willing to do what I’m doing, feels well served without many gaps to fill in app stores and download sites. For the most mundane tasks are native apps both OS X and iOS; in many cases the same on both platforms – and this is important in order to provide a good integration between the two.

I wrote this entire text in Pages. I surf the web in Safari 1, my access emails in mail and checking my calendar for calendar, quick notes and lists will the apps notes and reminders respectively. The photos started to organize the photos and with a cheap upgrade space in iCloud, plus a good dose of patience, migrated all of them from Dropbox to the cloud of Apple.

Some native apps just dropped. IMessage has little appeal in a place where + 90% of smartphones sold are Android and WhatsApp is kind of ubiquitous. Our location also kept me from giving up Google Maps in favor of Apple Maps on the iPhone. ITunes accumulates dust streaming time and the cost Spotify ends up being more advantageous than the Apple Music. The reading list of Safari, although it more or less the same as the Pocket, is much worse way, does not justify the change.

Overall, though, I’m using more Apple apps than third for functions that are already covered by factory iOS and OS X systems

The greatest compliment and at the same time, major criticism to be made is that they are competent and functional but not much more than that. Apps are contained without many juggling without really advanced functions except one or two exceptions. Mail, for example, lacks screening functions in apps like Mailbox are the core of the experiment. But it works consistently and without the risk of being discontinued tomorrow or later. This is also one of the great advantages of first-party apps: the guarantee of a future.

In some cases this restrained style is a virtue – the famous “do not mess with what’s working”. Safari has all the advanced features that Chrome offers, but that even remotely makes him an inferior browser. Sometimes saying “no” to a function is better in the big picture and the long term. If the goal is anything other than use the browser as symbiont operating system, a role that Chrome has already taken and well declared ways in the past, the list of priorities changes. In my case, render common pages with speed and without impacting the overall performance and the battery life is up to run the latest web apps that perform heavy tasks via the web. For this scenario Safari is better.

And there are the cases of simple apps that would benefit from advanced features but without them doing well. I completely understand who needs lists more complex tasks, prepared for GTD and related methods, or apps notes with automatic image search via OCR or integration with third parties. For me, however, only the basic already meets. To put into perspective, before the Notes and Reminders I wore Simplenote (and Notation Windows) for all – it is just a notepad with advanced search and cloud data sync.

Against the best third-party apps for the same functions, Apple often lost in amount of resources and the progress made on these. Interacting elements is also rare to have something from Apple that stand out and dictate trend. The path is usually reverse: when something really cool appears in a third app, a next update of OS X and/or iOS this (no longer so) new just implemented.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with that. Today, with frantic updates sent to production environments in ever shorter intervals, greater among the apps that use more day to day it becomes desirable. Are minimal chances I opened one of them on any given day and confronted me with something radically different, potentially harmful to my routine, what happens to a web app, or Google or Microsoft apps. Of course, the other side has: usability problems and lack of resources take the same measure to be solved. There is no perfect approach.

Photos, Continuity and More

In those few months of use, some features caught my attention. I’ll try to list the coolest.

In the photos app, simplicity reigns. It has some simple editing tools, but it’s good even organize and maintain saved images. Something that can be seen as an advantage or is not the way the photos appropriates files. When importing images into the app, they no longer appear in the Finder as sparse files. In return, however, the photos organize photos according to several useful features, such as albums, dates and faces, and allows easy navigation of large collections.

Combined with iCloud, the photos is even better. There is a way to automate the local space used by him in the devices, so if your iPhone has only 16GB, the app will set the space used according to how many gigabytes are available – my 15GB of photos, for example, convert 2GB on the iPhone. Instead of having the images and videos in full, the photos takes just a thumbnail, much less to display in the gallery; to open one of these partial images in full screen, the app low a higher resolution version. It is a similar use of placeholders OneDrive in Windows 8, only to exclusive photos.

The back-and-forth between Mac and iPhone also reserves some facilitators. Since the Yosemite and iOS 8 Apple offers a number of features sheltered under the name of “continuity”. Having the two devices registered with the same Apple ID, you can switch between them without losing or start whatever one is doing. With Handoff, I keep writing an email, for example, on the Mac, the exact spot where I left off when I was on the iPhone. This is true for most native apps, although not exclusive of them.

Obviously unique features of the iPhone phone, calls and SMS messages can be performed by Mac also thanks to continuity. When you receive a call, it plays on the Mac via notification and can be met there, using the microphone and notebook sound output. Messages can be sent and answered the same way.

The last resort Continuity is the Instant Hotspot, which shares the mobile connection iPhone with your Mac without my having to do anything. It is practical, but you must be careful – a distraction and Mac, which usually consumes more data than the iPhone, you can end the franchise data.

Outside continuity, but also useful in the use of two devices (and others, too), there is the Air Drop. Some may argue that it is reinventing the wheel, that Bluetooth was doing it in Windows XP with smartphones running Symbian, but … ok, it’s true. If there is some merit in this solution from Apple, it is that it is much more fluid and easy to use. It is a direct deal without complications and that the little use that do, usually to transfer photos quickly between iPhone and Mac (instead of waiting to sync photos) works exemplarily.

ICloud puts the cloud in the mixture and is the glue that joins less direct parts of the iPhone and the Mac. In addition to photos, apps like Notes and Reminders are synchronized via real-time without any delay or problem.

Quality, Insight and Tranquility

The wave of criticism of Apple’s software provoked reactions. Many say, and seems to me a consistent response, it is more a problem of perception than of quality. There is no perfect software; how complaints are very comprehensive, they make room for all sorts of minor problems that go beyond the bugs, that these are new product design decisions that in the end not like the most passionate users. This comment caught by Alexandra Mintsopoulos in Medium, summarizes the idea:

There is a reason why the post “Functional high ground” Marco [Arment] took off is because it was vague enough that anyone can design any bug that was happening to him.

The above post is January 2015, which shows that this agenda is cyclical and not nearly new. Months after the Arment himself admitted that much of the motivation for writing that post was a bug in the OS X network interface, fixed in version 10.10.4.

Perception or quality aside, the only decidedly bad aspect of playing in the Apple ecosystem is that the way back is difficult. Not only are the pictures that are “stuck” without the loose files are to the user reach through the Finder. The Notes app text files are also not exportable or saved in a simple format 2 , the contacts saved in iCloud only work with Apple devices, file formats iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) are proprietary. There come out with all your data is not impossible, but it is certainly more difficult than other less oppressive solutions accordingly.

It is an investment that goes beyond the (high) cost that have own equipment. In exchange for convenience and advantages of integration, it is necessary to give a good chunk of the autonomy of your data. They are yours and there is no reason to believe that Apple or any third party go make silly with them, but it gets more nebulous in formats and proprietary apps. It is necessary to give a vote of greater confidence and to get used, it’s kinda strange feeling of having less control over something that was always there, within reach of a pen drive and exportable to any other system.

If you indicate that to someone? Yes. Just as I indicate the equivalent solutions from Google, Microsoft and many third-party apps like Dropbox, Everalbum (for photos), Simplenote (notes) … We have never been so well served systems that automate and facilitate the capture, access, guard and protection of our data. So much so that the greatest difficulty today is to choose between so many good options. Place your bet, work a little bit in order to set up these systems and relax – if you can do that will have been a good choice.


Trendy Pants for Ladies 2016

This week it came back happy occasion, when the mail slot popped something more than just bills: new rough June trend. 🙂 If you have already had time to browse the new number, you may spot a familiar face page of the magazine – this month was in fact once again my turn to present one current trend. And whatever so funny that I fell upon my personal favorite vuorolleni this spring craze: short and wide culottes pants.

Culottes-type trousers are made during the spring rushing in joining, as well as the shelves and their wardrobe. I see myself in some ways this trend culottes, a bit like a more refined version of last summer midi skirt-boom: measurement is about the same and a number have something in common, but this version is just a skirt instead of legs. And culottes are no longer the largest part, the spring sartorial favorite for several reasons: they are, above all, real comfortable to wear, waist high and narrow but downward flared model flatters figure little bell skirt ways, housuiksi they are very feminine and ankles revealing leg length (especially high-heeled shoes with) makes the whole light and in spite of the wide model slim trousers. And after all, this is now a lovely welcome change just a damn long-standing whistle legs supremacy.

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Magazine Stand for Home 2016

Each of us has had times where mail is clogged by magazines, newspapers and flyers that are not able to read the time. Today we decided to show a few custom solutions for magazine stand as part of practical ideas for furnishing the living room or hall. You can make a place in your home where you store this type of securities until it came time to pay them due attention.

  1. Shelf, mounted on wall

This option allows you to mount it, as in the hallway of his house and the front door to the office even. It can be used not only for brochures and advertising materials and even books and records in office space according to Abbreviation Finder website.

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Gala Beach Wear Reviews

Gala Beach Wear launches its collection of swimwear made ​​in Italy for the ‘Summer 2015, a lively and colorful line ready to introduce very interesting trends this year. The brand was born from the collaboration between the designer Fabio Lucarelli and footwear brand Lecrown thinks a series of bikinis and swimsuits in intense shades that conquer at first sight.

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Short Fashion Dresses

Short prom dresses are an alternative very important when choosing costumes when you go to an important event, whether a party, a cocktail party, a gala dinner or even a wedding.

But even being a very valid and interesting, alternative often costs blood, sweat and tears to find a dress short within the collections of the designers.

Although, in recent times, increasingly will find more models, already not so only short, but also of medium length.

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Ladies Shorts Dresses for Holiday

Fashion does not always have to be for the young, as always the older people also seek to look with the latest fashion trends.

This time I’m going to show some dresses for ladies with whom, despite the age, will be very beautiful and elegant. Making them feel and see very young.

With these dresses the ladies can get to see with an appearance of a 30-year-old woman, or perhaps less, in such a way that can look their attributes in a subtle and elegant way.

Prom dresses designers offer a wide range of models, from which can you choose which best suits your preferences and your way of dressing.

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