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How to Properly Wash Underwear

Having already shared with you some tips on male underwear, it is now time to emphasis on one of them, namely his laundry. As we mentioned in our blog post on this, it is important to increase his durability, but also ensure you’ll always clean and ready to use male boxers , men’s cotton wedges ( short or long ), men’s cotton shirts and other representatives of men’s underwear.

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Lingerie Spring News

A sensual and seductive lingerie, bright colors, characterizes the intimate trend for Spring / Summer 2015. trendy-chic collections, composed of simple garments that enhance and promote the forms, whose fluid and light fabrics represent particular graphic motifs and floral print, perfect to be worn at all times.

Intimissimi offers us a feminine and sensual collection that wraps the body of see and not-see, with transparent babydoll, embellished with fringes and lace, push-up bras with padded molded cups, enriched with metallic reflections that have as the basic color black and briefs or panties in tulle doubled with lacy openwork nude effect.

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Ermanno Scervino Army Jacket

The men’s collection spring/summer 2014 Ermanno Scervino expresses the elegance of denim, a fabric exalted in its contemporary and that, with the creations of fashion designer, exit out of any scheme to be revisited in a new key.This time the designer’s path was illuminated by large male stars, seducers of the past but also today, as Marcello Mastroianni, Steve McQueen, James Dean but also the actual President Obama (see what does the acronym coat stand for). From famous icons Scervino has created a collection that reveals the essence of the seducer.

Even the men’s collections reserve several innovations. During Milan fashion week, one of the most important in the world, were outlined new trends for next season. The line by Philipp Plein was unveiled in his character, playful and rebellious; Dolce & Gabbana that, instead, is the clear and fair tribute to Greece, cradle of culture; Zegna revives the classic chic, with its coordinated outfits that have made la maison; Etro has dusted off the style made in Mexico, offering, in addition to many ethnic prints, pointy boots too tight embroidered leather accessories, and big hats. Continue reading Ermanno Scervino Army Jacket

The Best Leggings for You

From fashion catwalk in the closet. Leggings are in vogue. The skin-tight, elastic pants conquer the fashion world of the catwalks. In everyday life, the leggings make a highlight and find an increasing role in the domestic wardrobes. The small pants can be combined versatile and with a variety of accessories.

The leggings stresses the body, is especially because of the many possible combinations in any wardrobe

From fashion catwalk in the closet. Leggings are in vogue. The skin-tight, elastic pants conquer the fashion world of the catwalks. In everyday life, the leggings make a highlight and find an increasing role in the domestic wardrobes. The small pants can be combined versatile and with a variety of accessories.

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Ladies Fashion Coats and Jackets

Designers in the season showed us fashion coats that can be worn like a lot of young girls and adult women. Coats, with a coat again become the subject of an elite outfit that is selected for a well-known fashion.

The Length of Women’s Fashion Sheepskin

Photo showing new models sheepskin tell us that at the height of fashion and ultra short versions of this warm clothes with sheepskin. Although many models were presented, but most attention was paid jackets to mid-thigh or higher, and “The Aviator” barely reaches to the waist. These coats do not look too bulky and heavy, but in severe frosts will warm not reliable as they are encouraged to take a basic thing for winter and comfortable clothes for girls who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

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The Discreet Charm of the Maps

Holiday time: time of itineraries, new roads, maps to follow. Maps that can be extremely various, lending itself to countless expressions which vary according to the points of view. What charm in these symbolic representations of reality!

Now famous is to Palomar of major European cities, which shrivels up and put in your pocket as it is is, hello, and hello to the folds which must always be careful. On the site they areon sale until August 31 for those in the mood for shopping.

Who does not want to give up the paper but has now mental maps based on the touchscreen thought Map2 , map zoommabile on paper: smart invention that contains more detailed maps under the folds of the paper.

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Leather Jacket with Fur Collar Womens

Jacket – one of the most versatile clothing. This item of clothing can be found in the collections of each season. In addition, designers often offer flexible 2 in 1 model are suitable for both hot and cold periods. During this winter season are the most fashionable leather jackets with fur. Overall, stylists say that any natural skin leather jacket adds a modern style. However, the fox is the most versatile skin type. This is because he has long hair and a classic combination of black and white.

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Makeup Colors for Winter

You always want to be fashionable, even as regards the catch? Discover what are the trendy colors for this winter lipsticks!
The lipstick is the one thing that can give a special touch to the makeup of a woman
That touch is sensual, funny, irreverent and ironic matters little: the lipstick is the perfect ally for a make-up of impact.

In the myriad of colors that fills the shelves of perfumeries, it is not always easy, and in particular to limit the almost compulsive desire to take them all (or almost).

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How to Make Makeup Lasting

What a nuisance when the makeup disappears or starts to drool after only a few hours after its application! But with our advice you can prevent this from happening!

There are some mornings when makeup on us requires a considerable effort; maybe it’s a very important day’s work or we have an exam at the university and then we want to be impeccable: we are willing to take several minutes to sleep just to be able to put the’ eye shadow just as we wish and to give a special touch with a lipstick.

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Swimwear From Yamamay Calzedonia

The summer 2014 swimwear most beautiful are the work of some of the specialized brand in the young fashion-conscious industry. Most loved brands we fashion victims have won their success over the years thanks to a tip of the study dictates the most interesting of the moment, replicated along the seductive forms of bikinis, but also due to the desire to experiment with new details and more details a season after the other.

Like every year, the summer is the kingdom of bikinis, the two-piece costumes and more present on the beaches around the world, that in about 50 years have been proposed in female versions and spirited, hand in hand with the evolution of the concept fashion and modern femininity.

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