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Yet Rumors about Sony Adopts a 4 k Display on Smartphones

A few days ago appeared on the network an indiscretion on the possible adoption by Sony 4 k display to its next smartphone, news that we have not reported because there were too many details to make it “credible”. Today, however, seem to get confirmations from internal sources at the company that would speak of a debut by 2015 of a smartphone equipped with 4 k technology.

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Facebook Buys

Some rumors have pointed to that fact. Today confirmed the purchase of company specializing in facial recognition technology for Facebook. The announcement was made ​​at page, where the company provides explanations about the “incredible news”. It could not be more obvious that the social network designed by Mark Zuckerberg intends to do with the intellectual properties of the latest acquisition.

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How to Use Thermal Water for Face

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Often you hear of thermal water…many people combine a few days off with the thermal treatments, going in popular areas such as Salsomaggiore, Chianciano, Bormio, Abano, Merano and many other places to do the bathrooms. This water has proved, in fact, a panacea for the health and for the skin. L ‘ thermal water is rich in copper, zinc, iodine, chlorine, iron, vitamin E, calcium and many other elements , it comes directly from a spring and is used for therapies and beauty treatments. Many brands have made ​​it much easier to use this water for making spray bottles to take with us into a purse or travel bag beauty. Let’s look at 5 very good reasons to  use the thermal water in our routine:

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Yeti Sleeping Bag Review

Yeti sleeping bag

This version of a sleeping bag springs from a collection, which is suitable for high loads. It is the Yeti sleeping bag to a high – tech – product with high innovation rate for extreme outdoor activities. The basics of making are based on the objective of providing an extremely water-repellent, windproof and warming generation of sleeping bags for the users. Of course, have different sizes, and a wide range. In addition, is another basis for selecting turn the temperature component. Within the women’s or men sleeping interesting forms of processing are offered. They are characterized by an ankle-length-sectional shape and a so-called Wämekragen.

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Video Surveillance Installation Basic Guide

We now know three systems of video surveillance : analog, digital and hybrid (analog + digital). If we talk about analog systems, it means that the video signal goes from the camera to the DVR or video acquisition card through a coaxial cable. The connection is made ​​with BNC connectors. If we refer to the video surveillance digital, in general we have IP cameras. The connection of these chambers is made ​​directly to the network through a UTP cable network. If we talk about a hybrid system, it leads to combine analog cameras with IP cameras.

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Movado Bold Black Touch Screen LED Digital Display Watch 45mm

Maybe not so obvious, but the technology giant HP is also involved in the segment of portable technology, though it does with different ideas and design solutions. In 2014. we saw smart device MB of Chronowing (recumbent clock in the image above) offer smart features and insensitive monochrome touch screen. This project was developed jointly with the popular designer Michael Bastian. Now HP is merged with the Swiss manufacturer the Movado , and the result is a stylish analogue clock the Movado the Bold the Motion (more black in the image above), which is actually a smart connected device undercover. In fact, Movado has a rich portfolio of watches with smart functions, while the manufacturer calls them “smartwatches”.

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Accessorize Collection Spring Summer

Today I present the new collection Accessorize for Spring Summer 2010, beautiful bags, fresh and fun characterized by a mood of delirious joy.New Accessorize bags are designed for women of all ages, are colorful and bright and mostly characterized by affordable prices so they do not remain just a wish but that may become your faithful friends and companions of adventures for years and years . Accessorize The new collection is inspired by Mexico and in fact it is precisely in this quirky country that the photos of the campaign have been realized. Continue reading Accessorize Collection Spring Summer

How to Prepare a Fly Fishing Line

Fly fishing is a very effective technique for fishing trout, Chub and Grayling. Discover in this Council, the basics you need to know to prepare well for fly fishing.


In the practice of fly fishing, rods are an especially important accessory. These rods are differentiated by its size and its more or less flexible action. The length of the rods is indicated in feet (1 foot = approximately 30 cm)

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