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What Type of Clothes to Wear During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in the life. During this phase the body undergoes physical transformation and requires soft and comfortable. On best clothes for pregnant women is one that allows the abdomen to expand as it is imperative for mother and baby.

In the old days, most pregnant women choose to wear old clothes, and did not even consider buying maternity clothes. What concerns about their appearances is less, mainly because they tend to feel “out of shape” in during the stage of pregnancy.

However, this is not the case here, where many pregnant women work, communicate and sometimes even travel abroad and do not have to stay both comfortable and attractive. Naturally most appropriate dress code today expecting mothers are different.

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Kate Moss Autobiography Review

Kate Moss is one of the most famous supermodels of all time, a true character, a ‘style icon that despite a life of excess was able to recover and get back to the fore. Now his turbulent private life, almost rock-star, will be told by the same Moss, recently rose to the altar with a beautiful John Galliano dress, in a ‘autobiography. A decision encouraged by the Jamie Hince, neo hubby of Moss and guitarist of The Kills , that would suggest to tell everything. It’s a way to turn the page with the past? Continue reading Kate Moss Autobiography Review

Leather Shoes For Him And Her

Elegant, classic leather shoes are long since no pure business Pieces more.

The timeless Essentials show up today at the feet of countless stylistically confident men and women and are now a matter of course also be combined with jeans and shirts.

When I search even after casual Derby Shoes or Chelsea boots, my eyes always fall on the latest models from the house of Melvin & Hamilton. If the It-fire has barely touched upon you:In the following article you learn everything worth knowing about the stylish successful brand and its most popular shoe models!

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Lauren Conrad Airport Style

Lauren Conrad was photographed at ‘Airport LAX in Los Angeles with a comfortable and cute look, perfect for traveling. I must admit that the style of Lauren Conrad do not mind, it is always kept and pretty and never exaggerated, put chooses suitable occasion in which is located and also to travel opts for a casual but nice, very convenient, as it should be. I am strange to see star to fly and travel with the heel 12 and miniskirts inguinal, for Lauren luck is different! Continue reading Lauren Conrad Airport Style

Fluo Makeup Tutorial

Excesses and colors: during the 80 fluorescent shades reigned, and now have returned both in fashion and in make up.

For the spring summer 2014 neon colors are a trend that we find both in clothing and in make up. There are fluorescent colors regarding the makeup that are also visible in the dark with UV lights and can be found for example among them the proposals of Make Up Forever.The trick I have created in this tutorial video is simple fluorescent colors, which can be found easily.

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Glamour Magazine Lady Gaga Cover

Glamour, a little ‘ fetish and signed Louis Vuitton, this dell’istrionica the look and chameleon Lady Gaga recently raised in the streets of New York. The eccentric pop star ialiana origin always gives the look above the top but all strictly designer. If the last sighting of Miss Germanotta included a chic Versace and Louboutin, this time Gaga becomes decidedly original and the merit of the new autumn winter collection 2011 2012 of the French brand that explores very dear to the American transgressive atmosphere. Let’s find out her amazing look! Continue reading Glamour Magazine Lady Gaga Cover

How to Decorate the House in Nordic Style

Furnish a Nordic-style house means to focus on clean details, elegant and sober at the same time, but that quality in warm and cozy. Finally you can play the same qualities and characteristics of this type of furniture also in your home: you have to do is follow the letter of our insider tips.

First of all, remember that the predominant color of this style is white.

We are talking about a place where the daylight hours there, especially in winter, so they try to boost the brightness by using light colors, can reflect light.

Consequently, choose the white and all shades to paint the walls, but also to refine the details of tiles and floors; even the wood will have to be chosen in the lighter tones available, from brushed to the lacquer.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Chanel

Sarah Jessica Parker and Manolo Blahnik, it seems that these two names are intended to always be associated, is not it? The beautiful actress who shouted her love for Manolo Blahnik shoes from the set of Sex and the City has not in fact made ​​to miss this opportunity to participate in the ‘opening of the stylish new store in Moscow opened by the shoe designer, so here it is immortalized as signature patterns and passes them in review, even though we know that shoe-addicted actually has them all in his closet, right? Continue reading Sarah Jessica Parker Chanel

Model Helicopters Radio Controlled

The reading is a hobby that covers the design, creation and piloting a helicopter in scale. The specimen is similar as both features that as a real airplane, so the handling is quite difficult. Read our guide to find out more.


Model airplanes, model railroading, model cars, car modeling and reading: here are some of the types of modeling, considering only the means of transport. What here now we analyze is the reading. First of all, starting from the shape of these small helicopters, this is very similar to the larger ones have two or four blades arranged at right angles that enable model of com-piere several movements, right, left, up, down and even rotation around the propeller, so that you can move in very small spaces, just as the helicopters. Continue reading Model Helicopters Radio Controlled

Kristen Stewart Photoshoot

Kristen Stewart again the star for the cover and service dedicated to Glamour US, it seems that the former clumsy girl from Twilight and followed is finally learning to use his charm, what’s not completely obvious if you take a look at the interviews and the first services that have been dedicated, unlike younger stars like Emma Watson who have managed in just a few years to become the icons for their most elegant and tasteful clothing choices, Stewart has always had a tendency to never take away sneakers and jeans is not bad occasionally see it differently, no? Continue reading Kristen Stewart Photoshoot