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Analyst: iPad Mini Can Inhibit the Sale of Windows 8 Units

Apple’s new iPad Mini, according to an analyst can be the cause of that sales of Windows 8 units is hampered.

Apple’s launch of the iPad Mini, may very well be the cause of decreasing sales of Windows 8 units. That is the opinion of the analyst, Shaw Wu, from the Sterne Agee.

-“We believe still that the iPad Mini is its rivals’ worst nightmare, and it will probably inhibit the sale of competitors’ tablets,” said Wu in a note.
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Microsoft Tests the Self-Produced Mobile

According to the our site Microsoft is working with component suppliers in Asia on its own smartphone.

Microsoft is working with a component supplier in Asia, and test their own smartphone design, claiming the Wall Street Journal.

Spokespersons for some of Microsoft’s component suppliers are telling the our site that Microsoft is testing a smart mobile design, but that they are uncertain about whether the product will come into production. Continue reading Microsoft Tests the Self-Produced Mobile

Windows Phone Got 2% Market Share in the Third Quarter

Windows Phone has only two percent market share, but is still the fastest growing mobile operating system.

In a new market study from our site shows Windows Phone itself, as the fastest growing operating system for mobile devices. Windows Phone has gone forward with 140 percent from the third quarter of 2011 for the third quarter of 2012.

In the third quarter 2011 Windows Phone thus had a market share of 1.2 percent, while the proportion in 2012 is at 2 percent. Continue reading Windows Phone Got 2% Market Share in the Third Quarter

Three out of Four Smartphones Have Android

Google’s Android system is the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide. The Green robot is on three out of four smartphones.

While Apple with iOS focuses on a strategy with few units sold in many copies, it is the opposite of Google’s Android system, which according to figures from IDC, found on three out of four smartphones.

The figures, covering the third quarter of 2012, also shows that Google has had a prospering to 75 percent from 57.5 percent the year before.

Apple’s market share during the same period went from 13.8 to 14.9 percent.

Although Android’s share of the market for smartphones is impressed, so with that, according to our site, over the past six months, registered up to 4,000 different Android devices.

By comparison, illuminates the Apple that basic can be found 11 different iPhone models worldwide, which has now been issued with different amount of memory and colors.

iPhone-Customer Loyalty Is Decreasing

Apple’s customers have always been very loyal, but a new report shows that this loyalty is decreasing.

A new report from analyst firm Strategy Analytics shows that loyalty with iPhone owners is decreasing, which means when choosing new smartphone, as a growing proportion of them will look for other brands than Apple.

This is the first time that the House has registered a declining loyalty analysis with iPhone-users, even though they regularly conducts opinion polls. Continue reading iPhone-Customer Loyalty Is Decreasing

Birthday: Android Fills 5 Years

Google’s mobile operating system Android fills years. It is now five years since Google unveiled the Open Handset Alliance.

It is now five years since Google and 33 partners announced the Open Handset Alliance. At that time, there were many rumors that Google would come with a handset, which was supposed to compete one-on-one with the iPhone. It was at that time under the name “gPhone”.

But Google chose to bet bigger and on “open source”, and it is, therefore, been to the platform Android. The announcement was the first phone would come on the market in the first half of 2008. Continue reading Birthday: Android Fills 5 Years

Apple Sold 3 Million iPads in Three Days

Apple has just announced that they have sold three million iPads since the launch of the iPad and iPad Mini on Friday.

Apple today announced that is has sold three million iPads in just three days. iPad and iPad Mini, with WiFi, was launched last Friday and has, therefore, on the first weekend sold 3 million copies.

This is a doubling of the sales on the new iPad, which came on the market in March. It writes Apple today in a press release. Continue reading Apple Sold 3 Million iPads in Three Days

Apple Has Removed Øvig-Book in iBooks

After several days of wrangling, Apple has now removed Peter Øvigs book from their ibookstore.

To start with the required Apple to author Peter Øvig Knudsen censored pictures in his books the Hippie 1 and 2 for naked people. It meant 47 photos were decorated with red apples.

Edition with censorship, however, reached only, to be on the shelves of Apple’s ibookstore in four days – both books is now removed from the store. It writes the publishing house Gyldendal in a press release.

-“The case was already absurd, and now it will be hard to find the words: Will Apple ban that uses apples to perform the censorship, they require?”, says Peter Øvig Knudsen.

The books are, according to Gyldendal, removed during the weekends without that Apple has provided a justification for the Danish Publishing House, Hippie company, which publishes ebook editions. It writes our site.

Windows Phone 8 x by HTC Lands Now for Sale in Denmark

The first Windows Phone 8 smartphone, 8 x by HTC, can now be purchased in Denmark.

HTC will be the first to send a smartphone based on the Windows Phone 8 on the market in Denmark.

Windows Phone 8 x by HTC lands these days with all the major Danish telecommunications companies, as well as in HTC’s concept store on Købmagergade, Copenhagen.

Little sister, Windows Phone HTC, is expected to be only slightly by 8S later. At, we have tested 8 x by HTC, which in many areas is a great smartphone. However, missing system as well as the phone just recently.
According to our site the cheapest cost 8 x around 4,300 dollars, without subscription.

The First Danish Prices on Nexus 4

It is already possible to pre-book LG Nexus 4 at selected retailers, and price, it is attractive.

LG’s Nexus 4 was recently published even if Google had cancelled its Android event, it meant that the new products did not get as much attention, as during a normal launch.

But it has not held the Danish negotiators from, to be ready with presale of the new Nexus device from Google and LG.

The first telecommunications company to have Nexus 4 ready for pre-sale is 3, which is already the same evening as the launch took place had the product ready in their net-store, minimum price with subscription is 4,468 crowns. Continue reading The First Danish Prices on Nexus 4