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Watch the Trailer for “Bad Piggies”-the Sequel to Angry Birds

It is now no longer just the preserve of anger came to fly, in the new game from Rovio gets the Green birds also a flight. Watch the trailer here.

The makers of Angry Birds, Rovio made a lot of games before their biggest success to date, which has just been Angry Birds.

The latest from them is that the Green pigs have now been starring in their very own games, namely Bath Piggies. Continue reading Watch the Trailer for “Bad Piggies”-the Sequel to Angry Birds

When Will Nokia Lumia 920?

Windows Phone 8 top model Nokia Lumia 920 is not yet in stores. But when the product is ready for sale in Denmark? End of November or early in December?

Nokia has a huge interest in the Windows Phone platform to be successful, and in the lightning-fast mobile industry is all about, getting to know her to seize the opportunity, since timing the market, can be make or break for a product.

There has been a large focus in recent months on the top model Lumia 920, and Nokia has not even stayed back, to create a hype about the phone that according to previous information, until now, has been just around the corner. The top model have users on our site also voted as their favourite. Continue reading When Will Nokia Lumia 920?

Nerd Note: Your Phone’s Memory Grows Dramatically

Memory in smartphones now have growing pains, Samsung begins production of new Ram and internal memory modules.

Within the mobile industry is that in recent years, has been a huge development of the technology that lies in smartphones.

Single-core processors have been for quad-core, 4 GB internal storage have been to 64 GB, and screens has grown out of the hands of ordinary people.

Now take the technology another step up the ladder, Samsung has announced that they have commenced production of LPDDR3 Ram which increases the data rate by 50 percent from previous LPDDR2 Ram.

Also the internal memory will now be substantially larger, as Samsung’s production now also includes 128 GB flash modules, it is write our site.

About the next iPhone comes in 32, 64 and 128 GB options is unknown, but it can become a reality.

Android 4.2 Supports Multiple Users

Are you tablet user then you’ve probably wished you a multi-account feature, the desire can Android 4.2 fulfilling for you.

Google’s latest version of Jelly Bean is packed with new functions and features, one of them is the multi-user function.

With Android 4.2 on a tablet, it will be now possible to create multiple accounts for the number of persons you wish to have access to the device. Continue reading Android 4.2 Supports Multiple Users

How to Choose Shoes for Sports

To avoid possible injury and practice a sport in good conditions, it is essential to choose suitable sports shoes. Cindy, Nike sports coach sheds.

Find sport at its foot shoe, it’s not so easy. In shops of sport or on merchant sites, difficult to navigate among the multitude of choices offered to us. Cindy, Nike sports coach advises us on the criteria to consider in order to choose his sneakers.

Continue reading How to Choose Shoes for Sports

This Is the Biggest Security Problem on Android Devices

There is especially a big security problem on Android devices – you can read more about it here.

Criminals who exploit security holes via malicious applications to achieve a complete access to the phone’s operating system, it is argued in a new report from security firm Duo Mobile Security.

Duo Security has based their conclusion on the scans that have been made over the last few months with X-Ray, which is their free tool that assesses the vulnerability on Android. It writes our site. Continue reading This Is the Biggest Security Problem on Android Devices

Microsoft Operations Manager: Windows Phone Is a Small Player

Bet massively on marketing of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, so knowledge of the products could rise.

A gigantic marketing budget should be to get Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface into people’s consciousness. Such was the message from Microsoft’s ceo, Steve Ballmer, under Developer Conference Build 2012. It writes our site.

-“We will do more and better marketing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and Surface, so you will not be able to look in a magazine, go on the net or turn on the tv without seeing our advertising frequently,” said Microsoft ceo. Continue reading Microsoft Operations Manager: Windows Phone Is a Small Player