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Nokia on HTC: There Must Be More Than Colors to Match Lumia 920

Nokia does not provide much of HTC’s presentation of signature-phones together with Microsoft.

At a presentation in New York Wednesday, Microsoft and HTC, launched two new smartphones on the Windows Phone 8 System. There are two signature phone with the names Windows Phone 8 x and 8S by HTC.

The phones are to be marketed by Microsoft. HTC’s share in cooperation is the production of hardware.

But cooperation gives Nokia, who is also a close partner with Microsoft, not much.

In a Tweet writes Chris Weber from Nokia’s sales and marketing: “It takes more than matching color two match the innovation of the Lumia 920”.

His statement be deepened in a comment on The Verge.

-“While others choose tactical to re-brand their products, so Nokia is developing an industry leading smartphone series we call Lumia”.

See the Official Advertising for Windows Phone 8 X and 8S

HTC has published their official commercials for the two new Windows Phone by HTC models.

HTC’s ceo Peter Chou and Microsoft ceo Steve Ballmer has just been onstage in New York, to present two new Microsoft smartphones that HTC produces hardware.

Windows Phone 8 x and 8S are Microsoft’s first signature phones that should display the Windows Phone 8 platform in its pure form – in the same way that Google has their Nexus phones.

Both models come in a choose of colors – you can see all the specifications for Windows Phone 8 x and Windows Phone 8S.

Both Windows Phone 8 x and 8S comes on the Danish market in the fourth quarter of this year.

Great Savings on Road at Our Site

Telecommunications company our site to be out in a larger wielding, by the end of 2015, five billion kroner cut away.

Turnover in our site is hit by the fierce competition on the Nordic mobile market, it means the phone company should be out in a larger wielding. By 2015 to cut five billion dollars in the group. It writes our site.

Earnings at our site fell by 45 per cent last year and this year, it has also been steadily decreasing. It writes our site. Continue reading Great Savings on Road at Our Site

Google Converts Mail Messages to Text Messages

Google has introduced a brand new service in Africa, which makes users can send and receive e-mail as sms text messages.

A large proportion of the African population has a mobile phone, but it is, however, very few people who have access to the e-mail messages from the phone. The Google will change with a new project, which initially launched in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, writes our site. Continue reading Google Converts Mail Messages to Text Messages

American News Channel Cheated of iPhone 5 Concept Video

American television station have been swindled by an iPhone 5 concept video with hologram and game keyboard.

A video showing an ultra thin iPhone 5 with laser keyboard and hologram-projects, would you believe in it?

The question forgot an American journalist to ask themselves about before made her touch to the news.

The tv station Fox 5 News has brought a touch of the first people who have put themselves in line for the iPhone 5 launch, and along the way in the feature comes a brief overview of the iPhone 5, write our site.

The only problem is just that it is not the iPhone 5 they show pictures of, but a concept video that shows that the phone is ultra thin, and with very great features.

View the feature in the video below.

Acer Ready with Jelly Bean Tablet

The manufacturer Acer is ready with a new seven-inch tablet with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Acer has just announced their latest seven-inch Android tablet, the name is Iconia Tab A110.

Under the hood has Iconia Tab A110 a 1.2 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, 2 megapixels front camera, HDMI out, microUSB 2.0 and so supports the microSD card.

The seven-inch large LCD screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and it’s equipped with a 3,420 mAh battery. It writes our site. Continue reading Acer Ready with Jelly Bean Tablet

Samsung Continues Advertising War Against Apple

A new promotional video from Samsung Galaxy S III continues with drillerierne from last year against the loyal Apple customers.

The war between Samsung and Apple takes place in courtrooms, both between the various “fanboys” and, most recently, Samsung has printed advertising with Galaxy S III, which shows which points the iPhone 5 is superior.

There are, however, immediately make from the official Apple camp, but Apple fanboys have given Samsung retort, with their “version” of Samsung’s advertisements. Continue reading Samsung Continues Advertising War Against Apple

Apple Updates a Ton of Apps for iOS 6

After the release of iOS 6 has Apple posted updates of several apps ready for download in the App Store.

The latest version of iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 6, is released to the masses, but Apple has also other software updates in the bag.

A host of applications that are not preloaded on the products, can thus be updated via the App Store. This applies, among other things, Podcasts, iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband.

The latter have, for example, also got a new feature that makes it possible to create ring tones and alarm sounds for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The list of apps, changes and new features is relatively long, but have gathered it all and gives a good overview. You will find their listings by clicking here.

You Can Get Sick of Your Smartphone and Tablet

New research shows how our health is influenced by the many gadgets we surround ourselves with.

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York shows in new research, to be exposed to in just two hours for a backlit computer monitor, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop, then suppresses the body’s natural production of the hormone melatonin. It writes our site.

The hormone melatonin to regulate the body’s internal, and reduced production of melatonin may result in insomnia special about teens and older people. Continue reading You Can Get Sick of Your Smartphone and Tablet