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Facebook on Its Way with Better Android App

Facebook Director Mark Zuckerberg admits now the error by using HTML 5, and promises a better Android app is on the way.

Facebook’s ceo Mark Zuckerberg has met strong opposition since the IPO, and the uncertainty in the future of the mobile platform has also faltered under your feet in some time, he acknowledges.

-“When I look back over the last couple of years, I think the biggest mistake we did, as the company was relying too much on HTML5 as opposed to” native “applications,” says Mark Zuckerberg. Continue reading Facebook on Its Way with Better Android App

Windows Phone 8-Phone on the Way from Huawei

Chinese Huawei is strong on the road with their first Windows Phone-model, which is expected to be presented at the end of this month.

It is expected the Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei before this month’s output will present their first Windows Phone 8-model. According to our site, it should precisely be the 25.September.

When Microsoft presented their Windows Phone 8, it emerged that there were selected a few special partners, aimed at helping Windows Phone 8 to success and China’s Huawei is one of these.
Continue reading Windows Phone 8-Phone on the Way from Huawei

Apple Runs from MicroUSB Agreement

Apple has introduced a new plug in iPhone 5, but it is not MicroUSB, thus running from their EU agreement.

Apple was one of the many mobile manufacturers who previously entered into an agreement to supply the MicroUSB standard in their products starting with 1. January 2012.

This agreement, however, does not appear to be complied with in full in the new iPhone 5, which instead has been Apple’s own lightning-Jack, the writing our site. Continue reading Apple Runs from MicroUSB Agreement

More Powerful Dual-Core Processor in the iPhone 5

Apple has upgraded the hardware of the iPhone 5, it has meant an increase in processor speed, and larger amount of RAM.

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is soon on the way to the first customers, who already has put himself in line to be the first to own the device.

Now new information about the sought-after iPhone surfaced, for deeper cutting specifications shows that processor speed has not increased much since his predecessor. Continue reading More Powerful Dual-Core Processor in the iPhone 5

The Queue Started in Front of the Apple Store in New York

Already on Friday, a week before the sales start, began the queue in front of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York – keeps the hype with the iPhone 5?

The criticism about the lack of support for 4 g network around Europe is completely indifferent to Americans. Already now is the queue in front of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York has begun. It writes our site. Continue reading The Queue Started in Front of the Apple Store in New York

Huawei Invests in United Kingdom

Huawei is well on the way to invest in several markets and that means an investment of around 11.6 bn in the United Kingdom.

The founder and the ceo of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, met last week with the British Prime minister David Cameron to discuss Huaweis investment plans in the United Kingdom.

The goal of mobile giant Huaweis investments of around 11.6 billion kroner in the United Kingdom is that it must provide 700 new jobs over the next five years. It writes our site. Continue reading Huawei Invests in United Kingdom

Here Is the First Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S is on the road with IV, according to the new rumors are already ready in February 2013.

It is only a few months ago, Samsung’s best-selling phone came on the market, but already now is the sequel to Galaxy S III apparently on the way.

It is the Korean news site our site, which now can tell Samsung Galaxy S (IV) already is on its way to the public spectacle during next year’s Mobile World Congress. An event that will be held in the month of February. Continue reading Here Is the First Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumors

3 Not Ready with the 4 G iPhone 5 by Sales Start

Phone company 3 starts to sell iPhone 5 on 28 June. September, but 4 g LTE doesn’t work prior to November.

The phone company sent out a press release recently that referred to the sale of the iPhone 5 and their new 4 g network.

Here was mind drawn to one from the 28. September could use the iPhone 5 on 4 g network from the same day that the phone came out.

But that is not the case, a new press release tells now that the company is ready with first 4 g to the iPhone 5 to November.

This is due to the fact that the company will need time to test the phone on their network before the feature will be supported.

Until then, customers “make do” with the 3 g network, however, which deliver speeds of up to 32 Mbit/sec.

iPhone 5 Is Faster Than the Samsung Galaxy S III

In a so-called benchmarks test scores iPhone 5 better than its major competitor: Samsung Galaxy S III.

In one of the first published benchmarks tests show Apple’s new iPhone 5 great strength and speed.

The test result is published on our site and shows that iPhone 5 scores all 1601 points in the test and thus speeds up significantly compared to its predecessor and the new iPad.

iPhone 4S scored in the same test 631 and the new iPad reached 794 points.

Apple’s claim that the new A6-processor is twice as fast as its predecessors, is thus turned quite fast.

But some of it is surely will interest the Apple fanboys, and irritate the Android fans is that the Samsung Galaxy S III, according to our site, score 1588 in the same test.

Windows Phone 8 Reported as Ready

It has been delayed and Microsoft have fought for, to get Windows Phone 8 finished, but now it is clear to the producers.

After a delay, the Windows Phone 8 finally reached the RTM status (release two manufacturing), which means that it is now ready for the producers. It writes our site.

Windows Phone 7 reached the RTM status of the 1.September 2010 and the first units arrived in stores in November, while Mangoes reached the RTM status of 27. July and the first phones were in stores in October. So are we going to believe the story, so the first units will probably come during the month of November at the earliest.

Reuters has previously been out with an announcement that Nokia Lumia 920 should be to find in stores in the last half of the month of november.

The official Windows Phone 8 launch is expected still to take place on 29 October. October.