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Sustainable Backpacks

Have you ever wondered what actually happens with the plastic bottles that you emit at the deposit machines at the grocery store after use? In Germany, around 800 million pieces of these bottles are in circulation. Part of it is thermally processed and used as Feuerungsmittel in waste incineration plants and heat and power plants. Another part is cut, cleaned, and color sorted processed into granules, which is used in the manufacture of new beverage bottles. The valuable plastic made from used PET bottles can be fed but still a very different purpose. Upcycling (English up high, and recycling “recycling”) is the key word. This apparently useless, old products or residual materials learn appreciation. PET for polyester textile fibers can be processed. Such textile fibers are also ideal for the production of sustainable backpacks and bags that are equal to conventional bags and backpacks in design and function. Continue reading Sustainable Backpacks

New Update Improves Chrome for Android

Google has updated their popular browser Google Chrome, it means new features and improvements.

Google’s popular Chrome browser has gotten a major update to the mobile platform, Android.

Chrome for Android has been fixed a part side effects and at the same time got new features that include, among other things, playback of YouTube videos via the browser.

Here, it is now possible to view the control elements in full-screen mode during video playback, as well as playback continues after the unlock of the screen, it should have been turned off along the way. Continue reading New Update Improves Chrome for Android

The Most Popular Rolex Ladies Watches

For over 100 years is known: the Swiss company Rolex around the world finished the best – and most expensive-watches. But most of the time only the watches of the company are well known. It is, however, far less known that Rolex manufactures also exquisite ladies watches, which lag behind their male counterparts in nothing. The company Watchsea presents a great selection of rare luxury watches and is worth a visit for the rare collector models and the great photos.

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Tablecloth for Dining Room Table

Spectacular decorated table and appropriately selected textiles for her are an important element in meeting guests, organizing parties or family gatherings. One of the main sets relevant to the interior comfort of the dining room is the tablecloth. The role of this accessory can be described in several aspects – highlights the thematic idea of the event, contributing to a good appetite and mood, protects the table from stains and scratches. Nowadays variety of covers is vast sea of different textures, shapes and colors. Continue reading Tablecloth for Dining Room Table

Sunglasses in the Retro Style

What do Marilyn Monroe, Scarlet Johansson and Nicole Richie have in common? -Up on the colour of the hair and that all three have a penchant for fancy sunglasses or have had, probably little bit;). The tragically long since deceased, but timeless-immortal Film diva Marylin Monroe made before in the 50 years it all and wore large sun glasses in the style of the cat’s eyes on her small nose bright red lips. Also a style icon Audrey Hepburn wore in breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) a stylish Katezenaugen sunglasses. With two such fashion-conscious style Queens as a trendsetter, the model Cat Eye sunglasses enjoyed in the 60s of then also an enormous popularity.

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Samsung Smartphone Marketshare

As usual in Samsung financial results, share information about mobile devices very on top, so you have to play with so many hundreds of growth and numbers of the past to know how the thing has fared the Koreans.

Fortunately Strategy Analytics take us a hand with reports that after the presentation of results, and with them we can put Samsung as the King of the industry, with 26% of the market share in mobile telephony. Continue reading Samsung Smartphone Marketshare

Rolex vs. Omega

Rolex or Omega …? James Bond has already answered the question for himself: In Casino Royal, the question “Rolex?” Bonds answers negative “Omega”, which is finally acknowledged with a “Beautiful!”. Not even a subtle product placement and at the same time a wide side towards Rolex. Rolex continues to be the undisputed leader in the rankings of watchmaking brands, followed directly by Omega in second place. Not only the leading position of the two industries, but also the similar branding, makes many potential buyers a choice between two Watch brands that have characterized the sporty-elegant men’s watch of today as no other. Continue reading Rolex vs. Omega