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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-Still a Long Way to the Top (Web-TV)

Web TV: Note 10.1 is Samsung’s best Android tablet so far. But there is still a long way to topproduktet on the tablet market.

Samsung can something with TV and mobile screens. They have shown on several occasions.

On their latest tablet computer, the Galaxy Note 10.1, is sensible, but 10 inch screen (1280 x 800 pixels) in LCD format, is not the only thing needed to win customers. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-Still a Long Way to the Top (Web-TV)

There Will Be More Stock of Nexus 4 in The ‘Weeks’

The talk of the day was certainly the disaster that Google Play has been mounted this morning when Mountain View boys have opened the Nexus 7 stock to the public. Is there where Google has to improve, and how to connect with the end user. Meanwhile, they have published a statement on the matter.

And how it could be otherwise, they celebrate it as a brutal success. In the end is it, albeit at the cost of thousands of users annoyed to see how they could not acquire your terminal even when assets in those first 20 minutes of stock, and many others that finally they will be obliged to take home a few Nexus 4. Continue reading There Will Be More Stock of Nexus 4 in The ‘Weeks’

Here You Can Follow the New iPhone 5 Event

LIVE CHAT: join here when Apple Announces the next iPhone. Wednesday, 12. September 23:00.18.30 we sit ready at the keys.

Now it is here, almost. “It’s almost here”, writes the Apple in the invitation to the press conference Wednesday, 12. September 19:00 p.m. Danish time.

Our site puts all sails to and covers the event intensely. We do this because, in the case of this year’s biggest single news conference in the mobile industry. Continue reading Here You Can Follow the New iPhone 5 Event

Google The Lia: Little Information and Many Errors in The Presentation of The Nexus

Today we have seen a show that does not own the 21st century or a company like Google. The Nexus went on sale (4-Nexus and Nexus 10) but in a way completely disorganized and replete with errors, something we had not expected. The chronology of this chaos already have seen you live, both here and on twitter. It is the time to reflect.

And this reflection does not leave anything good. Google has badly mismanaged the situation. First, because it does not accept bookings, only orders confirmed, and it is not normal to do that when the stock is exhausted in half an hour and this time Google Play did not work well, with a flood that have not been able to handle. And all this without announcing the hour at which would begin to sell the new Nexus. Continue reading Google The Lia: Little Information and Many Errors in The Presentation of The Nexus

iOS 6 from Apple Is Available for Download on September 19

The latest version of Apple’s operating system iOS is available for download from 19 September.

Apple’s operating system iOS 6 has long been out in beta version, but now it is soon ready for download for all iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, the new iPad, iPad 2 and fourth generation iPod Touch.

Users worldwide can look forward to iOS software released the 19 6. September.

With iOS 6 you get a number of new features, among other things, Apple do not disturb feature Maps and Passbook, however, seems all the new features not on all devices. But only to the extent that the hardware supports it.

iPhone 4, 3GS, 4S, the new iPad and iPad 2 as well as the fourth generation of iPod Touch will be able to be upgraded to iOS 6.

Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus Begin Receiving Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

Google has begun to upgrade its range of Nexus devices to the latest version of Android. By now being updated via OTA Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) Nexus 7 and some versions of the Galaxy Nexus.

With Android 4.2 we will enjoy your new speedy adjustments, your keyboard Gesture Typing bar Swype-style, support to Miracast to connect wirelessly, screensavers, widgets on the unlock screen monitors, support multiuser for tablets and Photo Sphere to take photos at 360 degrees. Continue reading Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus Begin Receiving Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

Plain Speaking from Apple: iPhone 5 will Have HD Voice

The new iPhone 5 will have three microphones and HD voice built.

HD Voice is not exactly a new invention, but the feature had been missed by many Apple users. Fortunately, the new iPhone 5 comes with all three microphones and HD voice.

Using sound processors and the three built-in microphones can be via HD Voice transfer talk in a much larger frequency spectrum, which makes the conversation more comfortable and natural.

At the same time, the background noise will be filtered out more efficiently, which also provides better voice quality.

HD Voice require, however, that one’s telcos supports this feature. Currently, only the TDC, which supports HD voice, but both Telenor/Vodafone and 3 are expected to launch HD-voice at some point in the future.

Chaos Invades Play Store and Google Runs The Nexus 4 in Half an Hour [Updated]

Today has been an important day for the Android platform and for Google, and we have not only lived the release in Europe of Google Play Music, but also a Tuesday and 13 as today was the day chosen for the launch of the new Nexus devices: Nexus 4, Nexus-10 and Nexus 7 HSDPA.

However, and although everything might seem rosy for the Mountain View giant and its users, the reality has been quite different, and already in the early hours we have seen the chaos that had become Play Store. Continue reading Chaos Invades Play Store and Google Runs The Nexus 4 in Half an Hour [Updated]

New Connectors on the iPhone 5

The new iPhone is coming with many new things-Also a new ladertilslutning in the bottom of the phone.

iPhone 5 will get new connectivity option for barns and data. The new connection in the bottom of the phone becomes smaller and thus users must get used to a new charger.

The old 30-pin connector will now be replaced by a smaller connector named “Lightning.”

It also means that older docks and Chargers cannot be used without an adaptor. This adapter is not included in the package with the new iPhone, but must be purchased separately.

Apple announces that they have replaced the let connection in order to create more space into the phone.

Sharp Shows Its New Aquos SH930 Live

Not even a week ago that we met it with a filtered benchmark, but little has taken Sharp in show it in live, and it is to the next Smartphone with display FullHD of Sharp, SH930 Aquos, shown as teaching a pretty attractive design.

Although hard we’ll see in our stores, it is a terminal with cutting-edge specifications that are cropped at the high end of 2013, with a huge 5 inch screen and resolution FullHD (1920 × 1080 pixels) that will delight anyone with an IPS panel with 443ppp pixel density. Continue reading Sharp Shows Its New Aquos SH930 Live