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11 Tips for Decorating a Small Kitchen

Nowadays, due to the high cost of real estate, many people choose to live in smaller sites, which generate greater functionality in everyday life. However, there is nothing more pleasant than to receive friends and family for meetings, lunches and special dinners, you have a small kitchen.

If the environment is more compact, the kitchen will be small too. Formerly, the kitchens were all standardized. Today, they make a lot of difference in the look of the home, and there are various forms of decoration, such as shelves, tile adhesives and many other options that let you more charming and practical. Continue reading 11 Tips for Decorating a Small Kitchen

Meet 10 Vintage Women Tattoos that Marked the History

Currently has been normal to find a girl with tattoos or piercings; one can even say that, for a long time, that it was “different” today can be seen as “natural”, and different is one that doesn’t have a tattoo, because, every day, are born new admirers, well-wishers and supporters to this art. Continue reading Meet 10 Vintage Women Tattoos that Marked the History

Sennheiser Ocx 686i, that Musical As Comfortable Sport Headphones

Sennheiser is a recognized specialist in the headphones. Within its range, we find both nomadic headphones -Bluetoothor not-as some helmets UHF of quality for the home. For the first time we test a brand, the OCX 686i Sennheiser sport headphones. You will see that there is no shortage of assets. Continue reading Sennheiser Ocx 686i, that Musical As Comfortable Sport Headphones

Old Blue Bathroom Ideas

The  bathroom to color old blue is defined as a bathroom that blends tradition and modernity with elegance and sobriety. Inspirations in pictures…

Blue spirit bath holiday home

In a Parisian industrial building of the 19th century, the architect Hervé Vermesch has installed an apartment that looks like a holiday home, playing on the warm materials, the quirky nooks and parties without windows. In the bathroom in the old blue color, the floor and walls were lined with large parquet slats painted in white that hide in closets. The

Continue reading Old Blue Bathroom Ideas

Tips on Looks with Men’s Sweater

Tips for looks with a men’s sweater – Spring is already approaching but, since the days are still with that cold winter air, we can talk about some trends that also accompanied the season of the cold. Today we’ll talk a little more about the men’s sweater ( we talked about it this winter ), which is a very versatile and pleasing to many men. It can be used on very cold days, as well as on cooler days, because even if it is knitted, wool or knitted, it does not usually heat so much. Check out our tips on looks with a men’s sweater and make your look even more stylish! Continue reading Tips on Looks with Men’s Sweater

Olympus Tg Tracker, a Sport 4K for Hostile Terrain Camera

Ultra HD video, stabilization, enhanced design, adjustable screen… Olympus made a grand entrance on the market of the Sports cameras.

A new player, Olympus are the action-cam market. This well known manufacturer in the world of photography sells the TG-Tracker, a rather high-end model, sold for 350 euros. More affordable than the last GoPro Hero5 Black, but a little more expensive than the Hero5 Session, the Olympus model deserves your attention, as our tests confirm it.

Continue reading Olympus Tg Tracker, a Sport 4K for Hostile Terrain Camera

Why Choose Furnishings Polyrattan for Your Garden?

When you have to evaluate the materials for garden furniture choice is always difficult, but if you are not a lover of wooden furniture and you don’t want to engage in routine maintenance of this material, here is the solution for you: the Polyrattan.

There are many uses and the potential of this material, which finds space in their backyard pool, not to mention the recent massive spread of furniture in Polyrattan in bars and clubs.

Discover the features and benefits of using the Polyrattan. Continue reading Why Choose Furnishings Polyrattan for Your Garden?