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Bridal Hairstyles

Trends in hairstyles for brides in 2015

The wedding day is a very important date in a woman’s life, so the biggest wish is that everything happens perfectly, as was planned. For that to happen we must watch with many details of the Organization of the party, but, in addition, also with the visual. The choice of dress, shoe, accessories and makeup is very important, but we can’t forget about the hair. See some trends in hairstyles for brides in 2015: Continue reading Bridal Hairstyles

Tips for Putting Together a Lingerie Closet!

As essential as having a wardrobe with pieces that dress us for any occasion, is having a variety of lingerie pieces that ensure equally well-dressed days and nights. More than being sexy or seducing someone, a lingerie closet serves to leave you ready for any occasion, always feeling safe and confident. To help you with this mission, Zanotti has prepared a guide that will help you put together a lingerie closet for each occasion. Continue reading Tips for Putting Together a Lingerie Closet!

Female Shirt for Winter

2012 Winter-Fashion Shirts For Women

Fashion always elects some parts as the darlings of the seasons, the time or the consuming public. Now, everyone please keep in your closet a shirt, what seemed, until recently, be a piece of clothing compatible with the more mature women and suitable only to go to work, now part of looks in different styles. Do you know what shirt models are having success in winter 2012? Continue reading Female Shirt for Winter

Valentina Marzullo Fashion Blogger

Today bigoconosciamo Valentina Marzullo, Roman fashion blogger since March 2010. Her blog is a very clean and always with interesting trendy ideas. I follow often I ThechicAttitude.combecause I really appreciate the care and passion that pours Valentina in his work and in his look.I ask how would you define her style: “I like to experiment with different looks, following the trends but always interpreting everything in my own way. Continue reading Valentina Marzullo Fashion Blogger

Country Fashion

To Use Parts To Come In Fashionable “Country”

The country music never did as successful as is currently making. And we know that all that music conquers usually will stop also in the fashion world, that’s why the “country” style is strong like you’ve never been before. You know what pieces bet to get in the mood? If you thought in Plaid Shirt, review their concepts. Continue reading Country Fashion

5 Facts about Chronoswiss

The first glass housing floor and four other special features

First, Gerd-Rüdiger Lang only repaired the watches of IWC. But as customers asked for timepieces with phases of the moon, which did not exist at that time in quartz watches, the watchmaker master began to build his own mechanical watches. So came 1983 the first watch under the name Chronoswiss on the market. The name didn’t come about. He had his workshop in a suburb of Munich, but his works were long related to Swiss manufacturers–and he wanted to make it recognizable. His clocks quickly set in and already 1988 he launched the Watch, which is still the flagship of the collection: the Régulateur. Continue reading 5 Facts about Chronoswiss