7 Tips to Have Perfect Eyelashes

amazing eyelashes – tips and tricks

What do you value most in time for a makeup? Many women do not leave home without passing lipstick, other base, or even a shadow, but who does not like to display a powerful look? Pois é, the mascara is also one of the preferred makes lovers.

Some people think that to ensure a good result just spend a camadinha mascara and everything is ready, But not quite. Even with the best products on the market, We need to take some care and use techniques to make the final look even more beautiful and glamorous.

Surely you have heard of facial primer, of course? But the primer and eyelash? Sim, it exists and it’s wonderful. This product has the function of increasing the effects of normal mascara, it lengthens, thickens and helps retain more product on the wires. Some brands knowing the love of women for perfect lashes, It produced a mascara that comes with a primer together. At one end of the primer is, the other black or brown shade. Simple and easy.

There are other things that can be done to have perfect lashes, entre elas:

  1. use eyelash curler, so your lashes are like dolls from the;
  2. Invest in a good quality mask;
  3. Spend many coats of mascara, both above, and below;
  4. Choose the perfect applicator for the result you seek;
  5. Prefer washable masks, let the waterproof formulas for special occasions. They are more complicated and take it daily can damage the cilia, to break them;
  6. Always have a brand new mascara. A hard mask no maximum six months, besides being able to give an allergy it also does not play its role perfectly;
  7. Do not forget to take off the mask every day using a specific remover.

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