Amu with the Clinique Black Honey Eyeshadow Palette

Godfrina of Kalter Kaffee has created an interesting DAY. In Let’s do this again  it comes to be nachzuschminken very first blog AMU. The first eye makeup, which I presented on the blog, I made with the Black Honey eyeshadow palette from Clinique and as you can see in the pictures, worlds lie between the photos! The first blog AMU is not so long ago, I showed it to you in January 2012. The products I have largely still all, however, the camera is now a different one and I have a daylight lighted. Also today I have other eyebrushes, which make the makeup a lot more pleasant.

Even today I’m not quite satisfied with my AMU photos. In addition, I still produce a lot of rejects and make per AMU about 100 photos, so that some of them also become something. Most are then blurred or are wrongly focused. In the macro shot I then usually notice the one or the other problem, which I have overlooked in the makeup. At normal distance you can not see them as much as on the photos. In addition, I had to find out which angle of view for AMU photos is particularly advantageous.

The AMU I had originally presented in  January 2012. The photos are a bit dark and the colors very pale. The photos of then and now have somehow not much to do with each other and one might think that I have completely different products used. I have only very late started to show AMUs on my blog, since I initially did not really know in which Direction my blog will evolve. The photos I took with the Canon Ixus 300 HS. Today, for AMU photos, I take the Nikon D60’sreflex camera, which has been a few years on the hump. The RdLYoung eyeshadow base I still have, but now it has become relatively tough. I do not use the Alverde Cream to Powder Concealer any more, as he is getting his hands on the eye and I am very satisfied with theCollection 2000 Concealer that I brought back from London last year. The Essence I ♥ Extreme Volume Mascara I will buy again, which is already very dried up. I am after removing the Manhattan Supersize Mascara and also used a Lashbase. At that time, as I did today, Ipulled the eyeliner with a black eyeshadow from some Sleek palette, which I therefore did not want to take extra to the product photo.

So you can see what different  light conditions  and  another camera can make. Under the daylight the colors shimmer more intensively than in daylight. The  Clinique Black Honey eyeshadow palette I had admitted the last months as well as no longer used and after the make-up I also noticed directly again that there is some fallout. I like the colors of the palette and the pigmentation but very well. Here times Swatches in daylight on a eyeshadow base.

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