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Tips to Choose the Accessories of the Dress

What I’m going to provide here is very important so that you can have a beautiful image, by which talk about tricks to choose the dress accessories where we have to tell you that these aggregates are the capstone to all your outfit such as a finishing touch to give you a different look that plays an important role in the image of any Lady. Also it depends on the characteristics that can have attachments to get a shocking figure, especially not enough to wear beautiful clothes but must complement your clothes with these annexes that can help you enhance your beauty as a woman. Continue reading Tips to Choose the Accessories of the Dress

Sandals for Summer

Tendency To Sandals-Summer 2013

The cold is recently giving the first signs, but fashion is already keeping an eye on the hottest station of the year, the summer. Started the season of weeks sets is not spoken in anything other than the trends to 2013. In addition to clothes and accessories, you already know what shoes bet? Keep an eye on sandals, use and abuse. Continue reading Sandals for Summer

Christmas Accessories to Wear

In view of Christmas 2014 all the collections are filled with accessories fashion inspired by the festivities, the colors that distinguish them according to tradition and themed shapes. As you can imagine, even the accessories lines excel see the red, as well as gold, silver, emerald green and glitter, adapted from time to time to jewelry, the hair items, to bags and shoes more glamorous to wear on days of festivals. Continue reading Christmas Accessories to Wear

KitchenAid and Nespresso in Sweet Leaf Home

You know we love and are addicted to fresh news, neh? Painted news, here we come! But the hotter (and rewarding!) is hearing from our readers how much Luxury hunch helps and facilitates the life of each one, since this is a place where we share tips for all tastes, styles and budgets. This is priceless … we were too happy every time we know blog readers who give us positive feedback!!! And since our mission is to keep you tuned in tuuudo good that rolls around, today more a super novelty: the arrival of KITCHENAID in Campo Grande (MS) and the launch of the new NESPRESSOcoffeemaker, U Milk, in SWEET LEAF HOME! Continue reading KitchenAid and Nespresso in Sweet Leaf Home