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Positive Bets on Smart phone Octa

Brazilian company with 1.5% share of the domestic market want to become a local leader in the coming years

National manufacturer of computers and, most recently, smart phones, the Positive launched this Tuesday (24) featured more positive your Octa, octa-core processor device that runs Android 4.4. Made by MediaTek, the MT6592 of 1.4 GHz chipset enables the eight cores working simultaneously. This means that the processor delivers a better performance in activities that require advanced games such as multiprocessing, for example. According to the MediaTek, the True-Core has a “sustainable performance” thanks to CorePilot, who monitors the temperature and energy consumption. Continue reading Positive Bets on Smart phone Octa

Smart watch “Agent”: 1 Million Dollars By Kickstarter

A few hours ago, reader Chris, who belonged to the enthusiastic early adopters who kickstarter financially presented the project “AGENT” presented in 2013 financially. This Smart watch came very close to the Pebble Smar watch in its concept and was therefore only interesting. 100,000 dollars were allegedly sufficient for the device, but over a million dollars was successfully collected via the crowdfunding platform. Continue reading Smart watch “Agent”: 1 Million Dollars By Kickstarter

Tips for a Relaxing Holiday with Mobile Phone

In June 2017, EU roaming charges are to be abolished with reservations. This makes traveling within the Union more pleasant. We have put together a few tips on the subject of mobile and holiday for you, so that you can enjoy your trip in the best mood in the future.

We have already broken down what is going on about EU roaming as of June 15th . Instead of giving you more regulation and an exception to serve, it is now about tips outside the Roaming-topic, which you should consider for a successful vacation with mobile phone. Continue reading Tips for a Relaxing Holiday with Mobile Phone

Smartwatches Review

With the Samsung Galaxy Gear, I had quite timely to the Simvalley-Smartwatch another device, which originates from the new-reviving product category. But many people were disappointed after the presentation of the Galaxy Gear, because a too small functional range with a bad battery time caused also initially with me for displeasure.

And now, confirm the first rather moderate impressions? This I could test the last 2-3 weeks in detail, because to the Galaxy Gear I have also a Galaxy Note 3 in the house. By the way, this is already the first minor disturbing factor, at least if one is against these one-company product strategies, because only with various Samsung devices is the Galaxy Gear compatible. So I had to make the huge Galaxy Note 3 to my Daily Driver, but in a different report later. Continue reading Smartwatches Review

My Favorite Jewelery for the Wrist

Today, I am back in line with my current favorites.Jewelery is such an incredibly great area that I always discover new treasures.And sometimes quite honest girls, can you ever have enough jewelry?Be honest with you now.N / A?I think, no!With jewelry it is like with shoes.What is so good, looks great and always smiles at us, must be taken with us.For me this is currently also so with watches .I’ve been looking for a watch that I really like.I admit, I am vain and really ambitious.With the trend toward these qietschig colorful clocks from rubber could and I can not really begin something.Also, if I really like jewelry and accessories in colorful colors.But this trend did not irritate me.All the more fortunate I am when I discover such great wristwatches with metallic details.For my heart beats.High time to bring you closer to my favorites. Continue reading My Favorite Jewelery for the Wrist

The Designer Sunglasses by Michael Kor

Today I’m just an optimist.I see good in all sorts of things.Also in the fact that we have autumn and the days are noticeably shorter.And not every day the sun shines.But there are such wonderful days when the autumn sun spoils us and radiates with all our might to make us forget the dull, gray days.What should not be missing: Our jewelery of the week! Continue reading The Designer Sunglasses by Michael Kor

How to Choose the Right Jeans for Work


One piece of clothing that is a true national passion is the beloved and belovedjeans. It suits any occasion and is perfect in any physical type.

But do you know how to choose the ideal jeans to create incredible office productions ? Today we will leave here for you tips of which washes and models ideal for the work. Check it! Continue reading How to Choose the Right Jeans for Work

Necklace with Smoke Quartz by Eva Slotta

Our jewelery of the week is this time a particularly noble necklace, designed by jewelery designer Eva Slotta. She brought the innovative jewelry collection “Colored Balloons” to the market, where the name program is.Because this collection is feather-light and offers colors, which are made, for the autumn.Delicate, earthy and yet with a very clever design, which brings the important aspects of the jewelery to the fore. Continue reading Necklace with Smoke Quartz by Eva Slotta