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The Designer Sunglasses by Michael Kor

Today I’m just an optimist.I see good in all sorts of things.Also in the fact that we have autumn and the days are noticeably shorter.And not every day the sun shines.But there are such wonderful days when the autumn sun spoils us and radiates with all our might to make us forget the dull, gray days.What should not be missing: Our jewelery of the week! Continue reading The Designer Sunglasses by Michael Kor

How to Choose the Right Jeans for Work


One piece of clothing that is a true national passion is the beloved and belovedjeans. It suits any occasion and is perfect in any physical type.

But do you know how to choose the ideal jeans to create incredible office productions ? Today we will leave here for you tips of which washes and models ideal for the work. Check it! Continue reading How to Choose the Right Jeans for Work

Pictures of Quinceanera Dresses

Today the search for pictures of quinceanera dresses is very large, and this happens all year round, since each girl makes her party on a certain date.

And the models are beautiful, charming, sophisticated and full of details that enrich the pieces and leave the girls simply stunning, everything they want for one of the most important days of their lives. Continue reading Pictures of Quinceanera Dresses

Corset in Halloween Costumes

The halloween costumes creative and easy to make are those that can be prepared with items from her own wardrobe. All it takes is a little creativity and good taste to transform basic parts in a perfect look for Halloween. Check out some simple examples of costumes that you can start to prepare now and without spending a lot or very little. In fact, this is the goal of the article, to give you suggestions for you to use and abuse of creativity and also of the parts or are most commonly used as before. I bet there’s a lot of stuff stored in the wardrobe! Continue reading Corset in Halloween Costumes

Hollister Bags – Prices, Models

What are the prices and models of handbags of the brand Hollister?

The brand   hollister has come to be making a lot of success worldwide with many different models, brand hollister make handbags, t-shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, regattas, bikinis among other cold clothes also like cold jackets among others with many models of bags of holliter and different prices you can buy the bags in many places like for example you can buy in virtual sites, shopping in malls, bazaars of clothes and bags, or even in fairs, among other places you can buy the most beautiful and elegant handbags of the hollister who are succeeding worldwide. Continue reading Hollister Bags – Prices, Models

Summer Outfits in the Office

Now he is so finally here, the summer in Germany. For those who have not the opportunity to spend the hottest days in the lake or by the sea, Business attire can be quickly these days to the challenge. Because it is not so easy to dress up summer and still at the desk, in a meeting or at the presentation to make a professional impression. Thanks to the countless summer days, I was allowed to spend in sweltering heat in the Office, client meetings or conferences, I have developed my own strategy over the years as I adjust my Job Outfits . I have summarized this experience for you in 6 fashion tips for hot business days. Continue reading Summer Outfits in the Office

The 10 Key Dresses of Summer

Inspired by collections of international brands, the key pieces of summer 2017 come to Brazil bringing a lot of color, comfort and references from other cultures and times, with more modern and inspiring molds, as well as women of the new generation.

So if you want to stay in tune with the new trends and know what will dominate the streets next season, check out the 10 key pieces of the summer 2017 that you can not go without. Continue reading The 10 Key Dresses of Summer

Tips for High Women’s Handbags

Tips on what are the ideal purses for women who are tall

Tall women always want to be fashionable and always with unique elegance, high women’s handbag tips will help you find the right bag for your look by combining all the looks with a color of at least the purse, women always want to have many bags, always with many different looks The purses have to accompany many women make collections of handbags, of all kinds models and colors even the famous ones like to always be parading with a different and stylish bag, stay tuned in the tips of bags for tall women and start right now making your looks match the bags. Continue reading Tips for High Women’s Handbags

Camila Pitanga Shoots with Bikini Hot Pants

Camila Pitanga did a photo essay for a brand of bags. But of course we, the beach, kept an eye on the Bikini model she wore: Hot Pants.

This model has also been known as “Bikini High Waist” and “Bikini Retro”. That’s because this model was inspired by the pin-ups of the 50’s and with its charming vintage style, it conquered the woman! But it was not only for this reason. Continue reading Camila Pitanga Shoots with Bikini Hot Pants