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Can Now Print from Android 4.4 Printers Epson

With the arrival of Android 4.4 We saw how Google implemented the possibility of print directly from our printer HP smartphone.

This feature was integrated at the operating system level, and not through the use of any application facilitating print wirelessly from Android. Today is the day in which Epson announces that such functionality becomes compatible with more than 60 printers Epson. Continue reading Can Now Print from Android 4.4 Printers Epson

Nokia 3310 (Mobile)

The anti-mobile


In the test, the new Nokia 3310 rather than cult mobile turns even if it so wished for by Nokia. This retro disaster has only one significant strength: the phone runs four weeks with a battery life… If you don’t use it. Talk time, sound quality, display, camera, handling flunk the test. The 3310 is a PR stunt. Nokia, now let it please, where it belongs: in the mothballs of nostalgic memories. Continue reading Nokia 3310 (Mobile)