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KitchenAid and Nespresso in Sweet Leaf Home

You know we love and are addicted to fresh news, neh? Painted news, here we come! But the hotter (and rewarding!) is hearing from our readers how much Luxury hunch helps and facilitates the life of each one, since this is a place where we share tips for all tastes, styles and budgets. This is priceless … we were too happy every time we know blog readers who give us positive feedback!!! And since our mission is to keep you tuned in tuuudo good that rolls around, today more a super novelty: the arrival of KITCHENAID in Campo Grande (MS) and the launch of the new NESPRESSOcoffeemaker, U Milk, in SWEET LEAF HOME! Continue reading KitchenAid and Nespresso in Sweet Leaf Home

Models of Double Beds: Photos, Tips, Ideas


  1. Models of bed boxes

Almost 70% of the responsibility for a good night’s sleep comes from the bed. Looks pretty? Try sleeping on a bad mattress or a bed with squeaks with every movement. So the purchase must be rethought and sometimes invest a little more is ideal. You can pay more now, but the quality of sleep, have a nicely decorated room and a comfortable space to lie back and relax it’s worth it, isn’t it? A good tip to purchase are the double beds. Continue reading Models of Double Beds: Photos, Tips, Ideas

Fake Nails Decorated

There are many seasons that the nails have done quite successfully. However, the big bet of the nail designers are the nails that come already decorated. Hit of the moment, they are A great alternative for those who don’t have much time or patience – spending hours in the lounge or even for those little savvy to make alone the drawings and nail decorations. Continue reading Fake Nails Decorated

Shower LED Spots

Small bathrooms and bathrooms without windows that need to be informed in several places, including the shower. For lighting in a piece of water without any danger, how well install its spots at the top of a shower?

In the bathroom, it is quite possible toin stall lighting at the top of the shower. We usually meet this need when it comes to a narrow bathroom or bathroom without window where the corners of shadows are

Continue reading Shower LED Spots

8 Ideas for Decoration for Kids Party Mickey Mouse Theme

The Mickey Mouse theme party decoration never goes out of style and pleases many generations ago. And you can improvise several pieces at home, without the need to buy all the items needed for the décor of the entire party. And the best thing is that you can use many pieces that you already have at home, saving so much more in the final budget of the party you want to do for your child. Continue reading 8 Ideas for Decoration for Kids Party Mickey Mouse Theme

Baby Rooms

Time was that every nursery followed a classical décor, with neutral colours and style set. Currently, diversity is the Buzzword. Some people prefer the more traditional based in pastel shades and embroidery; those who surrender to adhesives, colored furniture and more vibrant tones; and even those who opt for the combination of the two standards, combining modernity and tradition. Continue reading Baby Rooms