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Interactive Sp Exhibition Brings Together Giant Scale Toys

Have you ever thought about being able to remember your childhood and still have the chance to present your children with the toys that were successful in their day? This can be enjoyed at the Brinquedoteka interactive exhibit at the Metrô Boulevard Tatuapé shopping mall in the eastern part of São Paulo. Continue reading Interactive Sp Exhibition Brings Together Giant Scale Toys

The LED Lightings

Furnish with light forms

The choice of the luminaires and their supportive housing is definitely an asset to good aesthetic interior design project. Current forms of furnishings play a lot with contrasting combinations, sizes and shapes of the past recovery, characterized by a clean and simple design, or on the contrary they tip on the sensational and the technological.

The producers, in addition to aesthetics, hold in high regard even saving: there are several solutions that involve the use of Led technology.

Continue reading The LED Lightings

Westwing Guide for Grating Lamp

It is not today that the practice of reusing objects in the decoration has invaded the world of design. With easy steps and methods that do not require great skills, beautiful, original and super creative pieces can be born to give more life and grace to different home environments, such as a grater lamp. Yes, those same kitchen graters, which were once used to create tasty dishes and that new recipe, today serve as a decorative element for any room! Continue reading Westwing Guide for Grating Lamp

Round Tablecloth Models Where to Buy

For those people who live in small places such as apartments and houses with little room or kitchen, an alternative are round tables, which give you a better use of the space you already have. When you have a small environment, we have to know how to use it in the best way, after all, we want to leave our home as comfortable as possible. And for those who live in big houses, in the kitchen, it’s always good to have enough room to move and be able to do your recipes, but in a way that you can receive your guests. Continue reading Round Tablecloth Models Where to Buy

Westwing Guide Forgear Light

In 1936, Charlie Chaplin marked the history of cinema with the movie Modern Times. Anyone who has watched, must remember the scene in which the character Vagabundo is trapped between the gears of a great machine. Beyond the historical facts and its functionality, one piece that has been successful in the world of decoration is the gear lamp. Despite the heavy material it provides a modern look and personalized to any environment. Continue reading Westwing Guide Forgear Light