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Metallic Nails

How to Make 2018 Metallic Nails?

Today is the day to check the Metallic Nails 2018 that have everything in the fashion trends.In fact when it comes to modern and different nails we are talking about fashion nails, especially since there are so many models currently appearing, and each one more different than the other.Now the trend is to innovate, to use never-before-seen models, to try to bring more modernity to the female nails as well. Continue reading Metallic Nails

Learn More About the Concept of ACNE

Founders Tomas Skoging and Jonny Johansson ACNE the first Office of the company was opened before Christmas 1996. It was the beginning of a journey that would take two of the four directors of ACNE Johansson and Skoging in very different ways. In the early days, the small design projects kept the heat, and the founders modestly saw the company as a starting point for developing their own products and projects. When talking about the company’s ACNE philosophy, the term “democratic” is what sets between the partners. Continue reading Learn More About the Concept of ACNE

Enamels Colorama: Photos, Tips, Colors, Collections, New Release

Enamels made ​​in Brazil present on the shelves, the best known and without question the most purchased are Risqué and Colorama. Both have an equal quality, good length and affordable price, which makes nail professionals and fans enamels lovers of the two brands. The Estaltes Colorama are very dear and has reasons: they are great! Continue reading Enamels Colorama: Photos, Tips, Colors, Collections, New Release

Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye Palette (Collection Voyage)

Flying is not just because the fly is great – no, there is still the Duty Free Shop. And I at ‘Bargain’ yes no slouch myself let I’ve found free shop prior to departure on Sunday in the Düsseldorf duty even after cosmetic. I was looking for at Dior. And opted for the following sweetheart… Continue reading Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye Palette (Collection Voyage)

DAY: Eyeshadow 1 × 1 “Turquoise And Yellow”

Today I show you for a change once a particularly colorful eye makeup. I recently won Pinky Sally the colorful Sleek Curacao eyeshadow palette, which I was very happy. So slowly my Sleek collection grows quite nice. When the pallet arrived with me and the colorful colors so I laughed, I tried the palette immediately once and made an eye make-up for the “eyeshadow 1 × 1” tag. The dear SaLa tagged me with the daring color combination turquoise and yellow. Thank you again, it was a lot of fun to grab more powerful in the color pot Continue reading DAY: Eyeshadow 1 × 1 “Turquoise And Yellow”

ACNE After 30?

If you are past adolescence and still suffer from skin problems, especially the dreaded pimples, know that you are not alone. Acnes are appearing more and more in women 30 to 40 years old for the same reasons of acnes formation in young people: hormonal disorders and excess in the production of sebum.

Body and facial aesthetics specialist Blanch Marie explains that sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands and acts as a natural skin lubricant. “When produced in excess, the substance blocks the gut flow channel, inflaming them and causing acne.”

Continue reading ACNE After 30?