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ACNE After 30?

If you are past adolescence and still suffer from skin problems, especially the dreaded pimples, know that you are not alone. Acnes are appearing more and more in women 30 to 40 years old for the same reasons of acnes formation in young people: hormonal disorders and excess in the production of sebum.

Body and facial aesthetics specialist Blanch Marie explains that sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands and acts as a natural skin lubricant. “When produced in excess, the substance blocks the gut flow channel, inflaming them and causing acne.”

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Frozen Makeup and Hairstyle Tutorial from Elsa

Frozen – A Chilling Adventure, was a great success in the canvases that appealed not only children but also adults from all over the world. The beauty of Elsa is without a doubt extremely notable and there is no woman in the world who do not agree with this.

If you are a fan of cosplay, have a costume party or simply want to copy the character in your hair or makeup from day to day, this post is for you! Continue reading Frozen Makeup and Hairstyle Tutorial from Elsa

Oriental Cosmetics Makeup Tips

Increasingly popular in blogs and sites of beauty, the Oriental Cosmetics produced in China, Japan and South Korea have become the darlings among those who understand.

Something few people know is that the Japanese industry is one of the three giant countries in this area, a long time ago. The difference of Japan cosmetics for Americans or Brazilians, is that they feature high technology and quality, and a low cost. Such products can be purchased in foreign shopping sites with ease. Continue reading Oriental Cosmetics Makeup Tips

Pregnancy Care: Products That Should Be Avoided

The pregnancyis a period of great transformation, mamdo you realize that your entire parent body is changing and with the development of the child, some care with pregnancy are essential.

Doubts arise all the time at that stage, such as:”can I dye my hair? “Or what I can and what I cannot use during pregnancy? Some research says that there are more than 287 substances that may be toxic to the umbilical cord and many times these substances are in beauty products, where we have no idea! Learn to follow the main contraindicados: Continue reading Pregnancy Care: Products That Should Be Avoided

Professional Makeup Tips

The use of makeup is present in everyday life the majority of women in Brazil. In addition to being an act of vanity, many women find in make-up a hobby and even a profession, so professional makeup tips are essential.

Errors in this area are common, both in choice of products as in your storage and use.

To help identify and abandon these failures at the time of make, the Woman selected the best tips on how not to act when it comes to makeup. Continue reading Professional Makeup Tips