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Jewelry Trend Color Rose Gold

DIE most of you will have already noticed, that Rosé gold still lies in the trend. At home, some will have maybe quite a few jewelry pieces in Rosé gold. Some come but perhaps also just on the taste. The great jewelry designers such as Michael Kors and Tiffany’s are long on this trend became aware and have a wide range of women’s jewelry in Rosé gold on offer of course accordingly. Continue reading Jewelry Trend Color Rose Gold

Layered Look at Jewelry: Layering

What is in the punk and rapper us for years, this is now fully cast off in the trend: chain- layering. The English term “Layering” can be translated with “Layering”. This means common wearing of jewellery – also from jewelry pieces that at first glance may not match or are relatively contradictory. This creates a sexy layered look, especially for chains. Continue reading Layered Look at Jewelry: Layering

Quinn C.C.C.. Rings Now in the 4 Element Edition

They are finally here! The new trendy rings from the House of Quinn in the CCC collection 4-element. In contrast to the classic collection, which we have reported, have already been at the new 4 element the four elements of water, Earth, air and fire design processes. In combination with the classic rings are so nice, summery pieces of jewelry.

You will find high quality, best workmanship, and a wide range of simple and refined elegance to fancier design pieces in striking pop styles, everything in the Quinn CCC collection.

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How to Wear a Brooch Pin

The pin is always a must-have accessory, long disparaged and trivialized it back in fashion on the catwalks. This accessory is a must for those who want to remain chic and class in every circumstance. We show you today how to wear this small accessory trend.

As evidenced by the picture, we might as well wear it as jewelry or associate it with her outfit, it brings a note in class look (parade Lanvin Spring / Summer 2014). Continue reading How to Wear a Brooch Pin

Competition: All Good Rings Are Three

Charms and beads have already established themselves as individual collect jewelry and are indispensable in today’s fashion world. Jewelry manufacturer Quinn has now developed a new, cool ring system, where they can style his rings depending on the feeling and always fits the respective outfit.

Select three individual rings to your style and make her your own 3-ring in three steps.

Collect the individual rings and you can combine them, so that even as you please. The appearance of your 3-ring is always perfectly suited to each of your outfits.

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Diamond Rings – Some of The Most Expensive Rings in History

Legend has it that they bring love and happiness because they reflect and multiply the light of the sun. For the absolute majority of women, especially regardless of any legend, a diamond ring brings a very special shine.

You know that the value of each of these fantastic stones produced by nature and carved by men’s hands depends on size, purity, and stoning, right? But some diamond rings actually extrapolate the right to be extravagant. White, yellow or blue, they have several values, including historical ones, depending on the hands they passed, the time they were used and where they were found. Anyway, they’re worth the record. Here are some of the most expensive diamond rings in history. Continue reading Diamond Rings – Some of The Most Expensive Rings in History

What Jewelry for Wedding

Discover in this article tips to help you make your choice of costume jewelry to wear during an important event: a wedding for example. After selecting your wedding dress, the hairstyle set, and accessories to adopt, has his choice of jewelry and you wonder how to choose the right jewelry? On the day of her wedding all women want to shine like princesses, so here are some tips and tricks for not committing flaws and to help you in selecting your wedding jewelry. So your memories photos can keep in memory, the elegance and refinement of your bridal outfit.

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