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RC Motorcycles

In the previous article, RC motorcycle – part I, we saw some general characteristics of the RC motorcycle. We will now know more interesting details, which may be useful when choosing yours.

We have seen that the Motorcycle RC can be electric or combustion engine. The latter have two possible sets of boot: shooter, or “rotostart”. The handle system is based on a kind of rope, driving the bike. Some users say this system removes some power to the motor. Rotostart system consists of two engines: one electric, 6 batteries, which gives boot to the combustion engine.

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Best Gift for Your Child

The holidays arrive and a lot of people go into despair when it comes to gift-giving children. Children’s day, Christmas, birthdays … The question that always comes up is the same: what present to give to a child? Play is important to the development of a child, in addition to cause the child to learn a variety of skills that can prepare for adult life. So, choose the appropriate gifts mean be educational, creative and fun for the child.

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What does CEO stand for?

The term CEO is an acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-which means chief executive officer, which in Spanish literally with the concept “Chief Executive Officer”.

Definition of CEO

This acronym or its chief executive officer expression definition is: is the person with the highest responsibility of an organization or Corporation Anglo-Saxon. However, before globalization, this term also has begun to be used in countries of Anglo-Saxon.


Its presence in multinational companies and high scale is common. Where the President of the company occupied General strategies, as the chief executive officer or Executive Director of the administration of the company, or from the operation phase which will involve every one of the strategies that are going to take.

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