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Best School Bags For Your Little One

The releases of school bags for the back-to-school are already here. Your kids can go accompanied by Minions, Batman, iron man, Barbie, Dora or Monster High every day. It is a most beautiful and entertaining option than another, be sure to check!

More and more children’s articles appear with proposals and innovative formats to attract the attention of the children and the school is no different. From pens to school bags, the characters and movies invade the infant universe, together with the little ones and leaving the day-to-day so much more fun. Continue reading Best School Bags For Your Little One

Recycled Toys

It is with great pleasure and pride that today’s blog post is the post that I wrote for the blog of omo SOAP. The post here is a little bit different because I added some images. I hope you enjoy.

Have you ever stopped to think how much trash produced daily in our homes? According to data of IBGE in the year 2012, Brazil produced an average of 228,413 tons of waste per day and another interesting thing is that 40% of the garbage has no appropriate destination and much of it is on the streets without even being collected. Continue reading Recycled Toys

Toys That Came Back

Today we will continue killing the longing of the toys that were sold. Last year, several toy makers have rekindled several toys that have been successful in different age group.

I remember that I selected the ones I liked the most and played too!Let’s continue…

Operand: The game that tests your Skills as a doctor. New board game! Try the two skill levels and see if you are a top surgeon. The game is suitable for children over 6 years, needs a well-developed coordination. Continue reading Toys That Came Back

Model Helicopters Radio Controlled

The reading is a hobby that covers the design, creation and piloting a helicopter in scale. The specimen is similar as both features that as a real airplane, so the handling is quite difficult. Read our guide to find out more.


Model airplanes, model railroading, model cars, car modeling and reading: here are some of the types of modeling, considering only the means of transport. What here now we analyze is the reading. First of all, starting from the shape of these small helicopters, this is very similar to the larger ones have two or four blades arranged at right angles that enable model of com-piere several movements, right, left, up, down and even rotation around the propeller, so that you can move in very small spaces, just as the helicopters. Continue reading Model Helicopters Radio Controlled

Trendy Pants for Ladies 2016

This week it came back happy occasion, when the mail slot popped something more than just bills: new rough June trend. 🙂 If you have already had time to browse the new number, you may spot a familiar face page of the magazine – this month was in fact once again my turn to present one current trend. And whatever so funny that I fell upon my personal favorite vuorolleni this spring craze: short and wide culottes pants.

Culottes-type trousers are made during the spring rushing in joining, as well as the shelves and their wardrobe. I see myself in some ways this trend culottes, a bit like a more refined version of last summer midi skirt-boom: measurement is about the same and a number have something in common, but this version is just a skirt instead of legs. And culottes are no longer the largest part, the spring sartorial favorite for several reasons: they are, above all, real comfortable to wear, waist high and narrow but downward flared model flatters figure little bell skirt ways, housuiksi they are very feminine and ankles revealing leg length (especially high-heeled shoes with) makes the whole light and in spite of the wide model slim trousers. And after all, this is now a lovely welcome change just a damn long-standing whistle legs supremacy.

Continue reading Trendy Pants for Ladies 2016

6 Common Myths about Pregnancy

There are several myths surrounding pregnancy. And these stories circulating around for quite some time, end up leaving many pregnant women confused and uncertain. Some women believe in these fairy tales, while others do not. But, not always all the stories are unreal, because some of them are unfounded. Meet, to follow, six myths about pregnancy.

Myths about Pregnancy

1- Sex During Pregnancy Is Harmful

The sex is forbidden during pregnancy if the doctor finds any change that could undermine the health of the baby. Otherwise, sexual intercourse is completely safe and can be practiced in any stage of pregnancy. However, the woman must feel comfortable and do a medical follow-up to make sure everything’s okay.

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Christmas Shopping and Toys

If you are a good consumer, you much have secured a Merry Christmas.

What to do to be a good consumer: be informed and exercise the rights which, as such, has legally recognized. So, read carefully and remember the following tips:

Draw up a list of purchases that really need to do.

Before you buy, COMPARE prices (which should be visible) and qualities in different establishments. Opt for those who adhered to the Arbitral consumption system.

Beware of advertising! It is not always reliable and it can sometimes be misleading or exaggerated. Decide you freely.

Buy in advance to the “key dates”: avoid crowds and price hikes.

Read labels: according to the type of product which is, you are interested in knowing the date of expiration or preferred consumption, composition and directions for use (which must be in Spanish), etc.

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10 Tips To Dress The Clothes During Pregnancy

It is undeniable: one of the most beautiful stages of the life of a woman is when in pregnancy. But, because of the weight gain and the physical changes that every woman presents in gestation, many do not know what to wear not only look good but to be comfortable and prevent discomfort and diseases in your skin, legs, feet, among others.

Is not just a matter of fashion: for health and hygiene, you should know what dress in those 9 months that you separate from the long-awaited arrival of your baby. In the following article, some tips to pick the right clothes in pregnancy:

  1. The clothing that you use must be preferably constructed in cotton or linen. Wear clothing made of lycra or other materials can cause skin allergies.
  2. Underwear must be the right size, according to the growth of the breasts and hips. Very small lingerie, should be avoided because this favors the appearance of vaginal infections and bad smells.
  3. Do not use strips without the consent of your doctor. Some of them can help you bear the weight of the belly and are only recommended in pregnancy. Ask the specialist if you can use them and what are the specific recommendations to buy them.
  4. As some women have increased their body temperature during pregnancy, the it is recommended to wear light-colored, as these help to decrease the sensation of heat.
  5. Although it seems some outdated, maternity clothing is designed according to the steps that women will be taken according to the progress of your pregnancy. Ask in stores in your city or in clothing stores online for clothing maternity in their fashion collections.
  6. Shoes should be comfortable to avoid kinks in the feet, fallen or perspiration. Although it is not bad to use heels once in a while, the best is to use shoes semi – flat (a maximum three centimetres heel), and with the shape and size to suit you.
  7. Wear leggings, jeans or tight pants can favour the appearance of stretch marks and varicose veins. Avoid using this type of clothing during pregnancy.
  8. Try using the appropriate means and which do not compress your feet and your ankles. Remember that during pregnancy, the feet also can swell and if you use very tight stockings, feel pain and discomfort in your feet.
  9. He prefers long pregnancy dresses and skirts. You will feel more comfortable and free to move.
  10. Do not feel complex forms that takes your body during pregnancy. On the contrary, wear them without fear: your body is witness to a magical transformation and therefore you will be beautiful and radiant despite all changes affecting your body.

Pregnant women should also take care of your wardrobe during pregnancy, as this will provide and protect them during this sweet stage. Choose the suitable according to your size, weight and measures as suggested by

What other advice you could provide to a pregnant woman who doesn’t know what dress? Tell us!