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Climbing in the Alps: Climb the Pleasure (I)

Climbing In The French Alps

The Alps… all climber comes you your time. Some discover them thanks to that friend traveler eager to discover new landscapes decides to cross beyond the Pyrenees. Others have seen grow in the deepest of his being the desire to know those walls that so many have described in countless journal articles or books. And is to travel, always enriches us. Continue reading Climbing in the Alps: Climb the Pleasure (I)

Check out Tips to Avoid the Weight of School Backpacks

Expert says weight should be 10% to 12% of child’s body mass

It is not easy to put together a student’s backpack: books, notebook, snacks, clothes. Only the basic items that students bring to school may already be of considerable importance to students, which can be harmful to children’s health. In order not to cause discomfort, according to pediatrician Marcelo Reibscheid, the ideal weight of backpacks should be between 10% and 12% of the body mass of each child. Continue reading Check out Tips to Avoid the Weight of School Backpacks

Do You Know What the Bike Polo Is?

Bike Polo is a sport that emerged in Ireland in 1898 when bicycles were used to replace horses in Polo training and to preserve animals.

In the early twentieth century the sport grew so much that it came to be a demonstration at the Olympics in 1908 in London.

After many ups and downs, around 2000, a move in Seattle / USA gave shape to the urban version of the sport – the Hard Court Bike Polo – and since then it has been spreading around the world and gaining more and more fans. Continue reading Do You Know What the Bike Polo Is?

Grade Goggles, to Inspire!

Are you all right? 🙂
Look you have asked too much in the Direct of the urge, for me to talk about male-grade eyeglasses, post inspirations, which had no way to not attend yet this year. I separated the space here on the Blog at this Monday exactly for this, to put tips for male looks for those who wear glasses, various inspirations. So Bora Pro Post now see all this in detail? Simbora! Uuhhuulll Hell Yeahhh

Continue reading Grade Goggles, to Inspire!