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How To Change My Bike Cassette

n Bicilink promote the DIY (Do It Yourself) that is why we offer packs of chain + cassetteso you yourself take renew transmission at the lowest cost, without having to invest time and money to go through the workshop. In addition, savings should be adding satisfaction who repair or maintain your own your own machine, being in the end you and only you who knows it better. Continue reading How To Change My Bike Cassette

The Concert in Bike, Thanks to “You Care Bike”

This is the kind of ideas that we like here in urban cycling!. The dream to go quietly to see a massive musical show at the national stadium of Chile, is now a reality. Tea care bike is a unique initiative in our city in charge of Ema Loyola and Seba Saldaña, a pair of citizens of bike users. Following the post “signs of a growing culture of the bike in Santiago” we got in touch, to thus be able to learn more about this service custody of bicycles, with capacity for more than 60 cletas. Continue reading The Concert in Bike, Thanks to “You Care Bike”