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5 Facts about Chronoswiss

The first glass housing floor and four other special features

First, Gerd-Rüdiger Lang only repaired the watches of IWC. But as customers asked for timepieces with phases of the moon, which did not exist at that time in quartz watches, the watchmaker master began to build his own mechanical watches. So came 1983 the first watch under the name Chronoswiss on the market. The name didn’t come about. He had his workshop in a suburb of Munich, but his works were long related to Swiss manufacturers–and he wanted to make it recognizable. His clocks quickly set in and already 1988 he launched the Watch, which is still the flagship of the collection: the Régulateur. Continue reading 5 Facts about Chronoswiss

5 Swiss Manufactories First Hand Experience – Reader ‘S Journey Chronos

Visit To Omega, TAG Heuer, Zenith And Two Other Brands

The first reader’s journey of the Chronos led 15 watch fans in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel this week. There they visited the watch brands TAG Heuer, Montblanc, Zenith, Girard-Perregaux and Omega under the direction of the Chronos chief editor, Rüdiger Bucher. Each manufactory gave the readers exclusive insights into the development and production of their mechanical watches. The attendees were able to see the watchmakers over the shoulder when they were assembled and also experienced the rigorous testing procedures that the timepieces have to undergo. Continue reading 5 Swiss Manufactories First Hand Experience – Reader ‘S Journey Chronos

Strange Apple Watch Survey: 14 Buyers Don’t Like Smart Watch

With the Apple Watch Apple provided ample discussions – the one they want, others hate it and again others do not know what you should need the smart clock. But even buyers are averse to an admittedly questionable and non-representative poll again by the smart watch and would not recommend it. Continue reading Strange Apple Watch Survey: 14 Buyers Don’t Like Smart Watch

Iwc: Watch Heritage 48 Sihh

Eight-day watch in 48-millimeter format

IWC revised 2016–80 years after the introduction of its “Spezialuhr for fliers”–not only all existing pilot watches, but also introduces completely new models. One of these is the great watch Heritage 48, which IWC calls the modern successor of the Great watch of 1940. The 48 mm Titanium case is held by an extra long calf leather strap with rivets on the arm; It is divided into two parts and sewn together at the end, so that the wearer cannot lose the watch under any circumstances. A second leather strap of normal length is at the same. In the housing floor there is a small circular sapphire glass window which releases the view of a gear reserve display. It belongs to the manufactory caliber 59215 with hand lift and date, which automatically stops after eight days of endurance. The magnetic field protection of the soft-iron inner housing reduces the viewing window according to the IWC by only two to three percent. 1,000 specimens are being built; The price per copy is 14,800 euro.  Continue reading Iwc: Watch Heritage 48 Sihh

Business Watches As a New It-Piece

For some time I have seen more and more women and men with wristwatches .In times of the always present smart phone is the watch on the wrist actually a dispensable accessory and nevertheless this development?I believe that the watch turned more and more from the practical timepiece to the style-piece.The clock is and remains – especially with the man – a business card of his own person.And where in the last few years large, eye-catching watches have been in full swing, business watches are the new it-piece for 2016.But they are not only top-notch in the office, but a business watch is also a must in everyday life with coffee with the best friend. Continue reading Business Watches As a New It-Piece