10 Ways to Wear Denim Jacket

Practical and versatile, the jean jacket has been through the history of fashion, transforming itself from a work head to the wardrobe must-have. Be inspired by the look that we have selected for you!

Linus and fashion icon Cover. The denim jacket encloses itself the quintessence of womanhood: innocence and seduction, simplicity and sophistication, elegance and casual attitude, rebellion and conformity.

A leader timeless truth that for years he has several. The Loco jacket – dedicated to train drivers-was founded in 1889 by an intuition of Henry David Lee. But age matters little, especially when you carry it so well. Between high (many) and low (few), in fact, the denim jacket continues to be a leader of fashion and there is no wardrobe that does not at least one guard.

What are you waiting for to retrieve yours? We UnaDonna suggest you 10 ways to wear it, but the variations on the theme are (almost) endless!


Jacket chic jeans. It seems a contradiction in terms, but it is not. Pair it with a long dress in solid colors with matching clutch and you have a perfect evening look. For an even more elegant result, choose a textured pattern in a darker shade, with side cut at the waist and stylish details such as belts, pockets and frogs.


The denim jacket was a working head and now that past carries with it the comfort and strength, which make it the ideal complement to a casual outfit. For a practical and informal look, take it with a shirt or a soft blouse, along  with a pair of shorts or a short skirt. In the evening, just a couple of heels and a stylish bag to turn it into an outfit aperitif.


What’s better than the denim jacket for a sporty outfits? With a t-shirt print maxi and a pair of soft pants or in ‘(bold) pairing denim on denim is perfect for a trip by car, by train or by plane because it is lightweight and does not fear the “hardships”.


At Coachella Festival is one of the most popular jackets, not only because it is convenient and does not suffer if tied at the waist or used as a “seat”, but also because it fits perfectly with the bohemian style. Osatelo with suede, lace and ethnic prints, maxi dress and skirt ,tunics, white shirts and sandals for a concert or a bonfire on the beach, but also – why not-a city in the evening. The extra touch? A model with peliccia neck (synthetic).


If you’re planning a trip to the countryside, remember to pack your jean jacket. With a short flowered dress and a pair of sneakers or, better yet, cowboy boots, it is perfect for long walks in nature. But you can also bring the country style in the city, for example with a matching denim on denim “broken” by a white knitted crochet.


If you think the “rough” look of the denim jacket from Mensjacketsstore is irreconcilable with a romantic look, you are wrong. Playing with contrasts, in fact, you can create dreamy outfits and etiquette. Try to combine it with a mini dress in light and impalpable fabrics characterized by small patterns and pastel colors, and you immediately feel the protagonist of a story in which the prince is waiting around the corner…


The denim jacket is so versatile that you can use it the same day in the morning for a romantic outfits and evening for a sexy. If you want to make your mark, choose shorts, miniskirts and low-cut tops and dare décolleté or sandals with high heels. For a mischievous look, instead, opt for a crop top and a matching denim on denim.


The denim jacket has gone through the history of fashion and you can use it to create outfits inspired by the most diverse eras. If you love the bon ton style of the 50s, pair it to a wheel to suit the ankle with a pair of court shoes, but if you’re a fan of the 60’s and 70’s bring withsuede or a total denim look with a coat three quarters solid color contrasting and ankle boots with round toe. Since grunge, instead, you can borrow the fashion to wear it with fantasies into large squares or maxi (and if yours is skinny, rubatelo from the wardrobe of him: so cool ).


Blazer Men, skinny pants and pointy loafers are the leaders needed to create a perfect look in rock style with the denim jacket. Alternatively, you can wear a sweatshirt and a pair ofsneakers in canvas, embellishing the whole with an elegant accessory like a clutch.


The denim jacket has lived the years of youth protest and it has been expressed in many different ways. To reiterate your no to gender distinctions, choose it big, men, and pair it with a knee-length skirt and one backpack leather or opt for a chic version, with pants tomboy palace, stiff clutch and stiletto. If punk is your idea of rebellion, customizzatelo with studs, rhinestones, chains, brooches safety pin and sparkling applications!

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