5 Ways to Combine the Leggings


The leggings are born as casual clothing, a path somewhere between the pants and tights. Usually made ​​of stretch fabric, they are especially appreciated for their comfort but they are not a simple head to match. The leggings are not pants, do not have the same coverage and the same shape, so they can not have the same function, especially when we are wearing sweaters that do not exceed in length the waist. With this guide we therefore propose 5 cute ways to combine them in the best way the rest of our clothing. The basic rule to remember concerns the color combination: the colored or patterned leggings are worn with mesh solid, preferably in neutral tones, and vice versa.

With Long Shirts

The first combination that we propose is the one with the long links, both summer and winter. The leggings, being a street somewhere between pants and tights are perfect to wear with that mesh having a length intermediate between the dress and the t-shirt. In this case the leggings will be quite otherwise covering the combination will result in bad taste. In winter we can wear them with long sweaters, combined with a high boot with or without spikes depending on the style of our outfits, while in spring and summer soft light cotton shirts and ballet flats or sandals, according to the temperature.

Leggings Worn with Dresses

A second combination is the one with the clothes. Let us always remember that leggings are born as head of casual wear, therefore, have to be combined with saucy clothes and not too elegant. In this case we could also choose them with coverage lightly, especially if our dress is not particularly short. The ideal shoe is a dancer, even with a little heel, it is important to avoid too elegant shoes that stonerebbero with the overall outfit. They will go well even high boots or ankle (especially for taller).

With the T-Shirt

The combination with the shorter is probably the most daring t-shirts and difficult to wear, because, as already mentioned, the leggings are not real pants.This outfit will thus be understood as only sport and our leggings will necessarily be very opaque, preferably in plain and dark in color. This type of clothing will be fine to go to the gym or for a walk in the open air, the important thing is that it is an informal situation. The ideal shoe will naturally be a sneaker or generally an athletic shoe.

Look Elegant

The leggings are not by their nature an elegant garment, but with some changes may also be worn for more formal occasions. The basic requirement is that they are very opaque, solid color and preferably dark in color (blacks, gray or blue). We could then be combined with a masculine cut shirt or a silk blouse, then wearing a blazer with flared cut. Then we will match the stylish shoes with high heels, such as cleavage, boots or ankle boots. We complete our look with a particular gem.
With the Cardigan

Finally, we propose a combination casual but very comfortable and charming, suitable for both business and leisure. The combination with the cardigan. Even in this case, being a mesh, our leggings should be quite opaque. Along with the cardigan can wear a shirt or a shirt, depending on the style you want to give to our look. The same applies to the jacket, which can be a short coat with belt, a blazer or jacket. Similarly, we could match without a boot heel, a socket, a dancer or a sneaker.

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