ASOS Curve Maxi Dress Sale

So, ASOS Curve had its launch day last Friday and I must say that I have a positive attitude. Here there are complaints like never before (I realize the paradox that I, of all people sarcastic about it gnälls too much, but still) and I may well in itself see the point of some of the comments, as that wished for more distinctive garments, patterned dresses and less basics, but I still feel that it is a decent start. Moreover; it is a collection, the garments goes into a common color scheme, I feel not so much to moan about (I assume now prejudiced view that those who bitches about the lack of color of clothing are the type of people who usually use expressions like “lovely bright colors “and they must come not to listen to. It was nude colors we would have on us in the spring, right?

In any case, these garments have been purchased and are now on their way to me to get a new and hopefully loving home in my closet:

Dress with its shape deviates at least a part of all the other black dresses I own. There is a risk that I will look a bit like a seal in it but I hope for the best.

Gray t-shirt with fabric in different structures. Confession timer: I have a secret dream about being able to do something so banal as to “throw me jeans, t-shirt and Converse” and see some wonderfully relaxed, instead of giving the impression that type use snus, be interested in motorsport and work in the forest industry. Seriously, I seethe fucking scabby out when I throw on my jeans, t-shirt and Converse. Not the least relaxed and casual. I do not know what’s wrong with me. But, to return to the matter, I hope that perhaps this t-shirt that will take me a little bit, a little closer to my goal relaxed. Once again, the fingers crossed etc.

Looking ahead (read: next week as earnings come), I can also imagine that hit this shit fancy dress:

I also decided that I like the jacket (I was not sure that it was really my thing to begin with). But yes, it probably would have been able to get a place in what I imagine to be my sailorvår.

In summary: I like it, and hopefully it will be even better in the future (they’ll get a maxi dress!). And furthermore, shipping is cheap, prices are low on Summerdressesstore for maxi summer dresses and you can get the delivery to the job so you do not go to their local post office and pick up the package. Good stuff.

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