Choose the Right Swimwear

With the approach of summer, the new will swimwear collection presented. But all the morphologies are not equal. To improve its silhouette, it is necessary, the swimsuit, knows how to choose in harmony with the curves be.

Morphology “inverted triangle”

Your shoulders are broad and your hips are fine? To balance the silhouette, prefer a bikini top balcony with a push-up feature if you. Do not have a generous bust Select one shorty size. With optical effect, the volume will be increased hip and possible abdominal hidden. The strains closely to improve your drive pool. The monokini and Trikini They look great. A V-shaped neckline enhance the silhouette and give a sexy and glamorous look.

Morphology pear

Your hips are wide and narrow your shoulders? Choose a bikini from a high balcony push upwards to enhance your breasts. Strains Hipster tie help to harmonize your figure. You can be enchanted by a jersey belly. Do not take it tight so that it does not show your pearls. The elastic too tight, you can compress and mark your abdomen or thigh Namely: the monokini tends to emphasize the waist and the illusion of short legs or heavy.

Morphology in H

You do not have size. Your shoulders and hips are the same width? They are quite thin? They carry all types of women bikini set, according to how to buy a monokini. Choose a bikini top with a triangle. This is the swimsuit of the pocket. In this way, the shoulders are highlighted beautifully. The slender legs are sublimated. Side and “square” of the H morphology will be softened. Geometric patterns and polka dots adorn the swimsuit, emphasize the curves and size. Rather pulpy? Prefer a monokini, color mate. Small stomachs and curves will be hidden for the pleasure of women. Especially avoid the shorty pants or notched, square sections or horizontal stripes. They will only make you pay. The goal: to break your rectangular shape with the triangle. It will avoid anything that square as a square neckline or opt for vertical or diagonal stripes is. Pull your size swimsuits with cut corset effect.

Morphology “8”

Your shoulders are the width of the hips and graceful? All kinds of swimwear woman you look great. All forms of bikini and swimsuit will fit you well and fits the Brazilians who Trikini the microkini. Better a monokini offered a unique and cutting trend to improve your curves. Banish too tight at the waist, to prevent the strings, the effect of “roasting”. Note that the top-flat strips generous breasts. Dare any reasons metallized gold, silver and lurex effects.

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