Christian Louboutin Clutch Bag

Among the clutch of Christian Louboutin, there are models of luxury handbags really outstanding and clutch Palais Royal is just one of these!Christian Louboutin is known in haute couture and very loved by celebrity especially for his very extravagant taste, we often commented patterns more similar to shoe sculpture shoe, but also really quirky bags. With the model Palais Royal, the shoe designer reminds us that French is also able to return to the classic, in an elegant, refined and sophisticated that is the envy of a princess, and do not be surprised if one day you’ll see this little gem right in the hands of celebrities blue blood!

Very often to talk are actually models of accessories that Christian Louboutin thinks in forms and extravagant colors, we have commented in the past 1960s handbags for sale like Artemis models, and if you take a look at the pictures in our items will understand what I mean. In the field of the clutch genius of the shoes has experienced so many styles and inspirations, from the most chic to the most vibrant and youthful as in the case of the different variants of Sweet Charity, but as you can see there also were really lovely models and a unique style. the clutch Palais Royal belongs to collection “classic” of Louboutin in fact, is made ​​of lace with rhinestone detailing and grosgrain.

Has internal metal device and of course in red, imitating the iconic soles of the shoe collection. The price? Nonsense! In the online store on the official website it is about $ 2500 …

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