Denim Midi Skirt Outfit

Bimbo prerogative of the 1990s as the girl next door of our college years, denim skirt sign a comeback this season. Which is not really good news. Yet they have all re-adopted in the image of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian who fell for his release time destroy . They had even already seen Chloe on the podium and again at Saint Laurent spring-summer 2015 an ultra-long release. It was enough to see it resurrected parts of the nineties we hoped buried forever. But no, we must not yield to the tendency of the skirt in jeans. Why? Demonstration in five points.

She Does Not Forgive Any fault

Tight in faded jeans, stretch or not, high waist and knee length: this denim skirt at any future fashion faux-pas. In short, if you have short legs, hips, buttocks or tummy, it will not be flattering to the silhouette. And if appropriate only a small percentage of women on earth it is that it is better not to adopt it. We prefer her pleated skirt twelve o’clock , more fashion and less risky.

It is The Enemy of Our Daily Marathon

This is an important point, the comfort has become a fashion standard. Unless you have chosen the stretch release (more recommended), this skirt working girl version of “cool” prevents a rise of glamorous stairs and (especially) can catch his bus power. Slotted design on the front, it will be more comfortable, except to sit.

She Quickly “Too-Much”

All in the washout and details. The denim skirt calls for the torn canvas, bleachée embroidered (sometimes nails or rhinestones). Ouch! We forget too artificial whiskers on the front of the thighs. And avoids to associate it with a pair of mules , another ghost of fashion, as to colored shoes.

It Evokes Painful Memories Stylistic

When she reappeared on the fashion shows, the stars, then stores, our blood has a beat. The denim skirt is one of those fashion traumas of adolescence. We had visions cowboy hat and glasses in colorful sunglasses, a flash of dark hours of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in total washed denim look on the red carpet. It also recalled the skirt length version of ankles, embroidered with small Chinese signs, which proudly wore 14 years. What live from in fashion rehab .

If One Wants To Risk It

Tips to limit the damage: it is associated with a light shirt, a white T-shirt classic or minimalist plain top. Otherwise, the line skirt in light jeans buttoned pockets or remains a good alternative. Very seventies  and easy to adopt a fairly rigid version raw blue or black cloth. So many celebrities have added to their dressing room for more or less happy results.

The Love Story (Sometimes Unfortunate) Between The Stars And Their Denim Skirt

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