Fashion Accessory – Scarf

This post came as a suggestion from a reader sweetheart who moved a few months ago from Recife to Sao Paulo. In addition to any change, say, “occupational”, still has the climate change and, consequently, the wardrobe.

I’m sure many women who move from one region to another, where the climate is different, end up going through it. After all, adapt a collection of clothes is not one of the easiest tasks, do you agree?

So, as I say, bet on accessories is a quick and cost-effective alternative. And, if you’re investing in an option well unanimous, the handkerchiefs and scarves are great choices!

They are wildcards that increase (too warm or protect from heat!) both a winter look, as a. And that’s exactly what I came to show you:different ways to use and combine clothes with handkerchiefs and scarves.

There are an infinite variety of fabrics, colors, prints, which means that they work for the whole year. The good thing about this is that there’s not much rule-all can use without restrictions. Just adapt the fabrics for each station and your style.

In the winter, to me the larger and warmer, the better. Already in the summer skinny tissues can go beyond the clothes and looks fresh, in addition to decorate a bag strap or hair, snapping up the hairstyle of a modern way.

If the look is more sober and dark, a colorful scarf will highlight the production. But if the production is colorful, neutral tones of scarves will balance the look stylishly. Remember that there are no rules! For those who like the patterned scarves can also be ideal for modernizing production. Mixing prints is a trick right to update the look.

And as pictures are worth a thousand words, I selected a photo gallery of street style and full of inspirations at, with fashionistas teaching how to incorporate the scarves in your day to day for an extra dose of style. I love!

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