How to Make a Band Shirt

One of the best ways to show the world how much you love your favorite group is to do a shirt about it. Of course, you could buy the T-shirts, the Group has to sell. But for an expression more personalized to your allegiance, make your own band shirt. Best of all, if you make your own, you get to determine the design. One-of-a-kind shirts are also stand out from the crowd and special gifts.


  • Outline the design of your band shirt before doing anything else. You don’t have to understand all facets of the art of the shirt. After all, a lot of fun can be had by experimenting on the fly. Think about the colors you use. What is a pink T-shirt with a drawing of money adapt the attitude of the band? A black bowling shirt with patches of fabric allows another type of statement.
  • Measure all the pieces of fabric that you will need to cut and sew.If change you a shirt, understand that you will need to take all the seams.Instead of cutting the tissue it blindly, starting with paper and cut the pieces until they make a model that can be transferred on the fabric with chalk.
  • Sew the shirt with a sewing machine, or do it by hand if you are in the classic way of doing things. Make sure all seams are strong. Try the check shirt to make sure it looks the way that you thought it would. Check MensShirtsShop for more about check shirts for man.
  • Decorate your shirt.Imagination for this part. If you want your shirt for glitter and shine in the light, sew some glitter. Push safety pins into the shirt to get a punk rock look. Afflict the fabric also adds character. Make the door shirt look by rubbing with sandpaper in places, or slice small holes with a razor blade. You can always write the name of the band on the shirt, but you could also just use the logo of the band instead.
  • Wash the shirt before wearing or give it away to make sure that the paint or other colors will not bleed. In addition, shirts sometimes shrink on the first wash, it is therefore a good idea to get that on the way before the first use.

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