How to Match a Floral Shirt


With the arrival of spring and summer awaken the bright and cheerful colors. What better occasion to wear a flowered shirt of cotton or veiled? However, it is often difficult to find the right match for this boss so special and rich in color and often you are likely to create a combination inadequate and not at all pleasing to the eye. Through this guide, we’ll try to give you some tips on how to combine the best of your beloved shirt, depending on the colors and patterns you own.

Typically in flowers shirts have two different structures: the first is the one printed on the outside, while inside the cotton presents the natural white color, or gives the same color as the background of the outer side; the second instead, has printing on both sides and of the same color.

The substantial difference between these two types of shirts, according to Mensshirtsshop, is therefore in combining correctly. The first fact, especially in long sleeves and white with flowers, it sings great on pants (or skirt ) and shoes black, long-sleeved turning the color is still white, otherwise it could conflict with the choice. Less problems certainly gives the second, as even rolling up the sleeves does not create conflict with the combination, be it black or another dark color, because it takes up the theme of the external side and by a further touch of color and style to your home clothing.

Let us now instead specifically what are the best combinations according to the type of tissue it has been realized your shirt. If in fact we have one where most predominantly white and there are several flowers with many colors, the shirt can be combined with either a skirt or trousers light, such as white, pink, beige or light blue, or with jeans or trousers shorter, like a capri or shorts. If instead the shirt is of another type of fabric such as linen or satin, then the combination requires, to the color there that must be tuned, also a pant that sets forth the same gloss, its characteristic of these types of tissues, while shoes should be smooth, perhaps preferring to those telate skin. Leather shoes because with this type of clothing are more suitable, because they can enhance the value of precious and elegant fabrics such as linen or satin.

A veritable cult of summer is definitely the veiled shirt, especially if white with colorful flowers large scattered patchy, both the front and on the shoulders. Moreover, as a head of very casual clothing, and in most of a jacket, you have to match it with typical light colors of summer and in various pastel shades, from light blue to green water and also red. To go without fail, a white running light jeans and shoes, however, constitute a combination exemplary for this type of shirt.


Never forget:

  • In the event that the day request it, you could also combine a jacket to compliment your clothing.Only fundamental rule is to combine a solid jacket, that brings preferably the color of pants, skirts, shorts, or the background of your shirt, so as not to excessively look away from it and pass it into the background.

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