How to Wear Bra Step by Step

Who has not dreamed of a wardrobe to be the envy of his entourage? To achieve this, it is important to follow some rules, and it starts with the choice of her bra. Indeed, how to choose her lingerie is not innate, it is learned. To become expert in this field, here are some steps to know well.

Lingerie and Secrets

Many women wonder how do the stars to have a beautiful chest. Yet, the answer is simple: they have a laundry perfectly adapted to their morphology.

It is therefore quite possible for any woman to sublimate her figure. The secret comes in a few steps to everyone. Thus, the fairer sex will find the right product adapted to the morphology which will highlight its forms.

Support Size and Cup Size

For the appropriate model must initially, calculate its size. To do this, simply measure with a tape measure the chest and bust tower. The difference between these two measurements will tell us the cup size. It is possible to determine its size very easily yourself.

However, it is important to measure regularly. Indeed, over time, the body of the woman changes. This is why it is quite possible that breast size varies with age as in the great moments of life (pregnancy for example!)

The Underwear Adapted to His Chest

Every woman has a different morphology. This also applies to her breasts. It is important to know first of all what is its form of chest to find later the underwear cut that will best. Indeed, some forms are more suited to smaller sizes than generous breasts and vice versa.

Furthermore, below have adapted to its morphology, may also prevent health problems that are usually due to poor maintenance of the breasts.

Choose a Comfortable Model

In order to have in a drawer the quality lingerie, we entrust you some tips for buying right sports bra, like underwire bra. Knowing the size and shape is a tremendous asset to hold the  right bra. However there are still some recommendations need to know to be sure to be dressed in the finest lingerie.

It is important that the cut perfectly maintains the breasts. So it is good to ensure that the strip located in the back does not rise or does not subside.

It is also strongly advised not to wear the same bra every day to allow the fabric to rest and preserve its elasticity.

Support Size Guide International Correspondence

Besides knowing his French measurements, it is also to pay attention to matching sizes. These can vary by country. Specifically for England, Italy and the UK.

Chest waist and cap are not the same. At these, there are other countries the double cap system. Thus, the E in France, equivalent to the DD in England and Italy.

Find the Right Product for Perfect Breasts

The innovations continue to grow in lingerie and the choice becomes larger. However, there are several questions that women ask themselves, as men in lingerie.

Thus, many are wondering what is the difference between the basket and balconette, what to do when his underwear is too small or what form will be ideal for enhancing the breasts.

Trash shape will enhance these and the bin will produce a plunging effect. It is therefore wise to know these features to distinguish between different types of bras.

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