How to Wear Sportswear

Since sweatshirts and sneakers have been cleared on the catwalk and invaded the collections of every fashion brand, we are accustomed to the idea of also welcome the more sporty items in our wardrobe. Before we wore t-shirts, leggings and sneakers just for exercise, but now we have learned to sfoggiarli on other occasions.
Excluding days at the office and elegant events, who forbids us to leave the house with the most comfortable garments?For work we are often forced to show off elegant dresses and formal and at least in the free time we can also give us an output with the most comfortable look and practical!

Just have a little ‘good taste to wear sports clothes such as colorful sports bras even outside the gym! How? Take a cue from these 3 look!

1° look

For shopping or a walk you do not need some kind of outfits and also a pair of sweatpants, when combined as they should, they can do their figure. I chose a couple of blacks pants Nike (170€), a sweatshirt with colorful print of Adidas (75€), a purple backpack Decathlon (3.99€), black sneakers of Nike (91€) and a pair of sunglasses with mirrored lenses of Oakley (139€).

2° look

Easier the second outfit consists of white trousers ( Gap40€), gray sweatshirt ( Mango€19.99), black sneakers ( Adidas € 180), pastel blue backpack ( Oysho€25.99) and a hat with a visor ( Nike 30€). It ‘a good alternative for those who do not like the colors too bright!

3° look

The delicate shades instead distinguish the third look that consists of a pair of pink pants (Jardin Des Orangers €229), a white t-shirt ( Mango € 15.99), a black and pink backpack Asos (€21.99 ), a pair of white sneakers ( Converse €85) and socks with soft colors ( Oysho €6.99).

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