Louis Vuitton Printed Lambskin Jacket

What he’s up to Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton’s designer, for the women’s wardrobe of next fall-winter 2012/2013? On the final day of fashion shows Paris among the big names that are staged there that’s him with the autumn-winter collection signed by Louis Vuitton. Do you want to discover some gem?

Having just attended the arrival of the parade in Paris for the men’s fashion fall-winter 2012/2013 of Louis Vuitton, today all eyes were not simply focused on the catwalk but look sported by sil especially on beautiful creations that Marc Jacobs has proposed for women’s fashion of the cold season to come. In the parterre sightings of relief, as the beautiful North Face Jackets! And internetdict, indeed as many Louis Vuitton express runs on time, bringing us into a long journey into the past, in contrast with the walkway in the future proposed by Chanel. As travellers of yesteryear, the models prices drop by a large steam train in striking set design proposal on the catwalk within the Cour Carrée du Lovre, equipped with feathered hats, buttons and pants under their skirts in Art Nouveau style, creating an overlap very curious. In their next wonderful young porters carry bags of which we told you about Bags Stylosophy.

The skirts get longer, while the pants stop above the ankles. The double breasted coatsare the 7/8 and cover women up the calves while shoes with high wedges and the tip truncate and double ankle strap the extend.

Black is present but well mixed with high colors, such as mustard, camel, brown and orange, without forgetting red and colors in lurex that shine like details for some big bag.

In particular, the suits are constructed with precious fabrics, inlays and geometric prints.

The skin is processed into squares, joined together by mini silver hooks, which make it look like tunics and skirts of mini armor. The buttons close but embellish, are huge, real jewels that become an integral part of coats and pants, just like the brooches and luminous stones applied on clothes.

The spun ends with an emotional Marc Jacobs, in total black and unfailing skirt that greets everyone, hop on the train and its wonderful goes.

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