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For each person, perhaps the New Year, the most important holiday of the year. Be prepared for it in advance. New Year for pregnant women Рa special line, because this is the first holiday that your family meets with her baby, he still could only stomach. So this holiday you will remember for a lifetime. For this plan all the details: who to invite or to go to visit, what to wear and what to put on the table. Pre-holiday bustle and excitement top it all off you are in an interesting position. It is necessary to think about how to celebrate New Year without causing harm to the unborn child and his health.

We Expect Power

Cooking food for New Year’s table for the mother can lead to fatigue and not very well and instead holiday table, he will have to rest somewhere on the sidelines. To avoid this happening, do not cook a lot of dishes or cooking holiday meals can be involved more.
Before the New Year is traditionally among the economic problems in the first place is always clean. Particularly enthusiastic approach to your future mother. A reason to finally bring it to full order, especially when you consider that since the advent of the orphanage do this while simply will not have enough time. Pregnant women exhibit syndrome, where it begins to build its nest. This is particularly evident in the third trimester of pregnancy. A pregnant woman begins to peremyvaty and clean. She appeared grandiose plans alterations, repairs reshuffle. Thanks to its position as the best in these projects take a leading position, and other family members need to realize these plans, and monitor utility level of stress in pregnant women.

I Want to Shine in a Dress

It’s New Year to celebrate the new holiday clothes bought especially for the occasion, such as pregnancy pant extenders. A pregnant woman wants to look beautiful and elegant. But it must be considered that the garment will be necessary not only to her, but her belly. Do not be afraid to wear good extravagant costume. Do not worry, it acquired evening elegant dress will be wearing only once. But this new year will keep his memory as something extraordinary that happened in your life. Such memorable moments to be happy and equipment, you can select two – have to raise this New Year Eve on your mood.

Hairstyle New Year

After buying clothes for the New Year are accepted by the hair. Hairstyles future mother depends on the bias is to cut hair or painted as toxic substances affect the paint for the unborn child, and the result will be guaranteed a good haircut.
Symbol on the eastern calendar Black Water Snake, so we should try to join the wisdom of this animal and choose the best option hairstyles without putting at risk this baby and not listening to be unjustified affected. A little perseverance and common sense and should be able to ensure that your hair for the New Year is incomparable!

Dealing with Culinary Delights

In an interesting position expectant mother must diet. What foods can afford it with festive table? If anything really want you to eat less. Try to take as little fatty and spicy dishes, salads with mayonnaise and completely abandon synthetic soda when, sprite and others. Try to make sure that some foods just disgusting. And most importantly, do not overeat. If you eat too much pull to sleep and have to leave the festival, picking up on the couch retired overweight. If a pregnant woman prefers eating for two, she runs the risk of weight gain or fetus is too large, leading to complications at birth.

We Need to Celebrate the New Year with Champagne Wine Glasses?

If the approach to planning pregnancy intelligently and knowingly, and all during pregnancy followed all the rules of a healthy lifestyle, alcohol is completely eliminated. It should always remember because as the food that the mother used alcohol will be split with the future baby. Alcohol placenta without much labor are absorbed, causing cramps. Vessels placenta, umbilical cord frantically begin to decline, leading to oxygen starvation of mutations and fetal defects in the development of organs and tissues of the fetus. It is necessary to expose future risk of that child? And no matter how willing the mother drink for a great New Year, do not forget, because the child’s future may depend on it.
Of course, do not expose the fetus to unnecessary risk. But if you drink a glass of champagne on New Year, do not panic.

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