Outdoor Hooded Jacket

One can say that I have wavered between the two models of Arc’teryx Bergans and long, here you can read about it again. Conceptually, however, however, I had me a bit on it as an hooded jacket. You just looks good, is especially simple in design and yet does not lose its functionality. By a lucky coincidence, in the form of a price reduction, then I have added to it and now can me as the owner of a new Arc’teryx Theta AR  designate.

In many “expensive” jacket encounters such a course incomprehension. Such sayings I heard: “€ 500 for a jacket, for the price I can get me 10 pieces” or “Why do you need so an expensive jacket, that’s a waste of money”. Of course it is a waste of money if I order on Saturday morning when the sun shines 500 meters walk to the bakery and there get two croissants. But it is also a waste of money, if I have 30 kilos on his back, it rains so heavily that streams form, and I’m in the middle of northern Sweden and am already a few kilometers away from the nearest baker? Hardly, I think. For now their functions and the processed material come into play.

Material and processing

This technology is used, well-known in the outdoor Reported by GORE-TEX material. When Arc’teryx jacket is the PRO version. GORE-TEX has recently reduced its products to 3, wherein the PRO are versions suited for climbers, mountaineers and trekkers suitable. All seams are fully sealed, which guarantees that absolutely no water can penetrate. When checking all seams I have no filaments see somewhere hang out, all zippers worked perfectly. The zippers are the manufacturer not waterproof, but only “extremely highly water-resistant.” It is advised not to transport moisture sensitive objects during a rain there “supposedly” rainproof. As with many hooded jackets usual, the material is not soft, but it’s not hard. It is a mixture of a soft, rigid material which is very flexible plus extremely light, therefore is also small packable. Requirements, down well with hikers, trekkers and mountaineers. Sweating you will be in the jacket also, there’s no question, but the jacket supports also helps sweat to wear quickly from the body. As with my GORE-TEX trekking shoes I think even in the hard-shell jacket that a temperature difference is necessary for the material to function properly. A first test on the bike proved positive, the wet sweat was passed from the body through the fleece to the hooded jacket.

Fit and appearance in Action

The Arc’teryx Theta AR sizes bigger and that’s a good thing. One can include a thick fleece sweater or fleece jacket as well as wearing a down jacket. Until now I have always worn a fleece jacket underneath and has always been sufficient. Particularly when cycling the extended hem was back very handy as well as the air vents under the arms.When it was very tiring on the bike and I’m breaking a sweat with a hooded jacket, I simply open the vents. That’s with one hand only when the two zipper slide the arm are, otherwise it becomes more difficult. Also I could wear my helmet with light snow and rain super under the hood. In case of rain and snowfall, the hardshell jacket is actually best. Especially when it rains it sounds in the jacket, as if you were in a tent.
So prove right the jacket this year in the summer, when it goes back to Sweden. Until then, I use them for cycling, be the outside or just to go to the baker.

Some Useful Details That Are Important to me.

The jacket has some clever details that one not always catch the eye. Example, there is the hidden cords for waist. These can be found with a handle in the two side pockets, they can be easily set. That’s good – because there may hang anything. Another great detail is the hood that offers plenty of space for a climbing helmet, bicycle helmet or a cap. With a total of 4 adjustment options, hooded adjust (without headgear) ideally located on the head or a different patch form. The material of the hood is of course the same as the rest of the hard-shell jacket. Only the hood can not be separated from the jacket to which is therefore always present.Equally practical are the two vents under the arms, which can be adjusted with a zipper from both sides. I want to use the jacket with my heavy backpack, which are shoulders and Hüftpartien specially reinforced . The jacket has of course many more details that are wonderful listed on the manufacturer side.

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