Plus Size Bikinis

A swimsuit top blouson style is perfect for full figured women. This style suits have a top most flexible and shoot that conceals the trunk, making it a flattering choice for those concerned with the stomach.A blouson top can be worn with a skirt bottom, bottom to swim traditional or even a pair of swimming trunks. Blouson dresses come in styles such as:

  • Side Tie Blouson Top: Found a woman inside and designed by Swim 365, is this top priced under $ 50 can be mixed and matched with your choice of ground swimming and is available in sizes 14W to 34W.It has a spacious blouson top with a straight neckline and adjustable side ties. This top is great for those who want extra coverage and a custom fit. This peak comes to the hip and half will hide the torso and hip area to create a figure flattering. This plan is available in your choice of flower print.
  • Fixed Short Low: Found in Woman Inside you associate blouson top with this fund basic swimming.This fund is available in sizes 14W to 32W and is available in solid colors like black, navy and blue. This style is simple and looks good on any figure. The route of this fund will give you support and dieting. It ‘a price of about $ 30.
  • Daydreaming Blouson Top Daydreaming Blouson Top: This blouson top (pictured) sold in swimsuits just for us. It ‘a price below $ 50 and can be paired with your choice of funds. This plan is available in sizes 18W to 32W and is done in a model with lime, blue and black. This top has a soft cup bra added coverage and an adjustable side and tie a rubber band around the base, which allows it to stay in place without saddle up. This style hide the tummy area and is flattering for those with large breasts.
  • Boy Shorts: These boy shorts are on sale on bathing suits only for us and fit perfectly with Dreaming Top. Made in black, these shorts slimming and minimize the hip area. Have a panty built and has a double coating for extra coverage. In addition, life folded or worn on top to hide the belly area. These shorts are available in sizes 1X to 3X and are priced around $ 55.

Bikini Sizes

Bikinis swimwear two-piece designed to show off a woman’s body. The top is usually similar to a bra while the bottom resembles that of a pair of underpants. Bikinis are available in many sizes, including plus size, as well as numerous drawings. While a skimpy string bikini is not the most flattering choice for an older woman, a style with a fuller bottom and a halter top style to be. For those who deal with fuller busts, be careful wearing skimpier styles in water or assets. These styles may be better to relax in the sun.

Ujena Swimwear is one of many retailers with full coverage bikini in plus sizes. Styles include:

  • Santa Fe Halter Slim Suit: This bikini is priced around $ 140 and is available in sizes 1X to 2X. You can order a different size top makes the background for a custom fit. This suit has a top with underwire cups and a fund skyscraper that is fully lined. The halter style top will flatter a fuller bust, while the funds will hide the trunk to create a more subtle look.
  • California Slim Suit: This dress made ​​in an animal print and are finished in black. It is priced at about $ 120 and is available in sizes 1X to 2X. The upper straps around the neck and has an elastic band aid.The fund is made ​​with a full-back and side panels diet to create the illusion of a smaller waist and slimmer midsection. This style can be ordered with a different size top and bottom. Both parts are fully lined, and provides complete coverage.

Style Council

When shopping for swimwear, there are a few things to consider. Spokesman and swimwear expert Jody Schwartz from Free Country says that when you buy a swimsuit, “The most important thing to know when you start searching swimsuit, body shape, your best features and parts you want to hide verses what you want to flatter.”


Schwartz cites looking for brands that offer distinctive lines that are perfect for those who need a further dimension. Explains, “Usually, for most women, a line that separates offer more versatility to find the perfect match for their body type.” He adds: “If you are higher up verses down, or vice versa, have flexibility in different styles and sizes helps.”


Schwartz explains :. “It is important to buy the right size swimsuit not be afraid of real size, it is best to get a bigger size, if necessary, to ensure that the suit does not dig or cut in the wrong places.”


According to Hoticle, flattering features to look for in a bathing suit most sizes include:

  • Shaped cups and jumper: These will provide women with a fuller shape and support the breasts while flattering figure.
  • V-neck styles: These will flatter split, while not exposing too and double straps provide those with large breasts extra support and comfort.
  • Ruche Side: For those with stomach bloating or anyone who needs to hide the belly area, rippling the side helps to hide and conceal the stomach.
  • Fly away style: This style sliding hides belly and the hips which leads to a figure flattering and subtle look.
  • Funds skirts: These help hide hips and thighs, and provide coverage added to these areas.
  • Tummy control panels: This function makes it possible to define the shape and minimize potential belly bulge.


Consider various colors from white base. Plus size women may want to consider buying a dress with a bright color on top, to pay attention to your face, and a solid color, darker in the lower half. This will slim the lower area and create the illusion of a little less than half.


A fun and pretty pattern can show your personality and give you the look you are going for. Schwartz suggests, “The prints can help distract you from your stomach area. The diagonal stripe pattern especially make your waist look smaller.”

Wear With Confidence

Do not miss the fun in the sand and surf or pool. Spend a few minutes to get a great fit on two-piece plus size swimwear. With a little ‘time and money, will you try well in water in summer.

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