Sports Bra Padded

A sports bra with pads conjures more bust size – sometimes even a whole cup size. This makes him in many athletes with smaller cups popular and attractive. You feel more comfortable, feminine and confident with accentuated curves. Firstly, the reasons for pads are thus aesthetically pleasing. Nothing wrong with that as long as the sports bra while sitting perfectly and adequately supported. The one excludes the other not, fortunately.

For Whom Is a Padded Sports Bra Still the Right Choice?

For athletes with sensitive skin a padded or slightly padded sports bra is very comfortable, because the pads protect and aufpolstern skin. In this case, as best sporting underwear, padded straps and fasteners are useful. There are also suitable padded bras sports that are suitable for larger cups and more comfortable to wear, as the Panache 5021st

Athletes who want to “nipple Alarm” avoid even go well with pads, because nothing shows through. If everything 1: 1 can be imagined, many see this as unpleasant.

Note: For very sweaty workouts not get any clear with a sports bra, since the padding can absorb moisture.

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