Vintage Inspiration

Recently inflecting the era of the 60s of the 20th century. In many different contexts. One of the most interesting cultural sections, it is more emblematic: this time the US started the great social revolution that does to pieces established family resist.

The woman is no longer seen simply a home appliance that can perform several functions in parallel.

It became a symbol of sexuality and Free Thinking. At that time, the younger generation rebelled against the rigid beliefs of their parents against the war and against injustice.

This is the time in which the beliefs and understandings established in the United States strongly shaken and collapse the images: the icon of an entire nation Marilyn Monroe died in unexplained circumstances, and President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed.

But during the 60s is much more: it is the time of the spy genre and James Bond, the time of Superman, at which time the world heard the Beatles for the first time, the time in which man set foot on the moon.

Time classic men and classic beauties time of LSD, the emergence of club culture, of Marlboro of bright colors and shiny fabrics…

I tell you all this because 60s are back rapidly and are happy to live this era, albeit partially, through fashion proposals largest in the industry.

And how are they inspired?

Surely what you will see in the gallery: classic images from the 60s in the illustrations…

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