A Bug in Android Device to Function Properly no Problem DP Nexus

The preview of Android N Beta has been released just two days ago, and for this reason it is normal within it some bugs that will be corrected as they developers will study carefully the new Google operating system release.

A pretty serious bug seems to be hitting the Nexus range devices, devices that have submitted some malfunctions or errors after installing the preview. It seems that the Developer Preview of Android N installed through the Beta Program can “brickare” the device by blanking them and preventing them from restarting. Moreover, it seems that downloading a factory image and installation using Fastboot have not solved the problem.

On XDA and the Nexus Help Forum was discussed this issue, and at first it seemed that the only solution was the hope that you have already enabled USB debugging on the device in order to riflashare the stock ROM.

“A Council heard, the OTA for Nexus 9 may brickare your device. There are several cases on XDA and it happened to me, “says a Google tablet holder user Nexus 9. “To be sure you enable USB debugging, since it is a prerequisite to Flash the stock ROM. Without this option enabled, you ended up “.

Fortunately, Google has found a solution, releasing the packages link OTA and published a guide to help you perform the operation step by step. Users must download the file, reboot your device in recovery mode and connect it to your computer and then use ADB to make the transfer.

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