Apple Runs from MicroUSB Agreement

Apple has introduced a new plug in iPhone 5, but it is not MicroUSB, thus running from their EU agreement.

Apple was one of the many mobile manufacturers who previously entered into an agreement to supply the MicroUSB standard in their products starting with 1. January 2012.

This agreement, however, does not appear to be complied with in full in the new iPhone 5, which instead has been Apple’s own lightning-Jack, the writing our site.

But Apple, astute as they are, has nevertheless managed to keep their Union agreement, or, more accurately, found a way to circumvent the agreement, and at the same time comply with the.

For in all the EUROPEAN UNION countries where the iPhone 5 is put up for sale in on Apple’s website, there appeared a piece of accessories up that lets you convert a MicroUSB connector, plug for lightning in order to comply with the agreement concluded with the European Union and the other producers.

However, adapter optional accessories, and thus not included in the sales package, the price is expected to be 150 dollars.

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