Gamepop Is a New Console with Android That Works Based on Subscription

Since Ouya managed an overwhelming success for great performance at an affordable price offering, many have wanted to continue its success, with major or minor results. Many followed the plan to buy the console and the games would be separate, but today the company responsible of BlueStacks He has decided to change the business model with its new device.

The device in question receives the name of Gamepop and based its business model on a subscription to games, as opposed to the purchase of console and games one by one. The subscription price is 6.99 dollars a month for a catalog of more than 500 games that will be accessible without limit and downloading them in the own console.

The console initially, that works with version 4.2 of Android, will not have a cost, but it is subject to a stay of 12 months, which if broken would have to pay a fee, which can reach the 83 dollars, less than the Ouya. Yet surely interested in many serious gamers who do not have problems to accept the payment of a subscription a large catalog of games.

The promotion of the free console is available only in may, after which happen to cost around $100, so if you are interested in this console, is better not take much to do with it

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