Google Developers Show How to Install Ubuntu in Google Glass

In one of the talks of the Google I/O event has been seen how two developers Google showed examples of native Android applications running on Google Glass which get one specific installation of Ubuntu in this versatile device.

As you all know, Google Glass is based on a lightweight version of Android without many of the components of the platform that we found in our terminals, but these programmers they have shown how it is possible to install Ubuntu.

Ubuntu installed, access via SSH on Google Glass!

The process is somewhat cumbersome and consists of sending some inspirational (Launcher, adjustments and Notepad) to the device using ADB, to then match Glass with a keyboard and a trackpad, Bluetooth, from which is possible to unlock the bootloader with fastboot and load a new boot image to gain root access.

From there it is possible to install Ubuntu through two more applications, Android Terminal Emulator and Complete Linux Installer, which allows you to download and boot Linux distributions easily, as it was the case of Ubuntu in your example.

Starting from there and through the activation of the service SSH (or VNC) could go accountable commands that showed the possibilities for this platform as he made it clear the title of the talk, they are completely ‘hackable’.

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