Here Is the First Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S is on the road with IV, according to the new rumors are already ready in February 2013.

It is only a few months ago, Samsung’s best-selling phone came on the market, but already now is the sequel to Galaxy S III apparently on the way.

It is the Korean news site our site, which now can tell Samsung Galaxy S (IV) already is on its way to the public spectacle during next year’s Mobile World Congress. An event that will be held in the month of February.

The rumor was going according to the website come from a Samsung spokesperson, whose name is not given.

But according to the person, the product is ready for store shelves no later than one month after the announcement, so in March 2013.
It is reported also that the product will get 4 g-LTE from sales start, and that it will support by far the largest portion of the world’s 4 g LTE network, unlike Apple’s iPhone 5.

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